Posted by: Mr. M | April 22, 2016

Beflating Berniebots



  1. Very good. He was correct in the primary/election being a “circle'” and you described the vortex of thesis-anti-thesis, michael…..124578 with 3-6-9 dialectic and process.

    Now we watch 5 candidates with the 8 being the sixth or unknown at the GOP contest. As the triad moves forward in 3, they monitor the 6 which is the population, and the unseen 9 will pull the strings and ultimately the trigger for our next “change”

    That’s how vortex science and the universe operate. From GOD to Sun Tzu to Tesla down to the atom, the power of three operates in high efficiency in any dual paradigm.

    Here’s something to consider: is the whole election being run solely on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY?

    THE POWERS THAT BE (9) use the wealth of IT to run the knowledge management system (the Grid) The entire social media experiment has managed to dossier the bulk of the voter.

    We remember the OBAMA phenomenon. And you covered the omissions of subjects in the cycle now. Obama was anti-status quo in his mysterious arrival.
    And as we witnessed he made his bones on transparency as he fronted the Islamic doctrine into the already anti-semitic front we got from the Bush doctrine and his final job was to reverse Kyoto while the status-quo never changed at all.

    Now a Clinton – XXX – Trump election will bring another change back to another cycle that will likely end either christianity or muslim religion for good while still incorporating the islamic sharia law into global world order.

    I laugh at the progression of this farce. The whole illusion works perception.
    we see the rise of the Babylon Whore, the anti-establishment movement. Sure the establishment are whores, but a global UN will be a vicious slut.

    Are really moving forward or returning to BC?


    • I hate to disagree with you because half the time I have no idea what in the hell you’re saying. But I do always understand what you’re saying before I get to the end.

      So the answer is “yes.” I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all just characters in some giant cosmic SIMS-game, being played by some out-of-out comedian, in a galaxy far, far away, that happens to also be a stark-raving fucking lunatic. Or whatever those numbers add-up too.

      And MJ those moves from me.

      There was a time …

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