Posted by: Mr. M | April 16, 2016

End of the World

Well,  you know it’s close.

Larry Nichols says within the next two-weeks.

Apparently Obama and a bunch of others are thinking the same. Martial Law is no longer some “conspiracy theory.” It’s kicking in our teeth.

UPDATED APRIL 13 AT 12:03 AM EDT —- (BOTTOM)   RUMORS swirling say “Martial Law discussions over a banking system failure” are the reasons President Obama and Vice President Biden are to meet with Fed. Chair Janet Yellen today after the Federal Reserve’s Emergency Meeting this morning.  In the history of the United States, it has never before taken place that both the President AND Vice President meet “unexpectedly” with the Federal Reserve.  Speculation is already flowing all over Washington, DC that it may have something to do with “the survival of the government.”

Members of the House and Senate are said to have been “up all night” in discussions and meetings; with floods of phone calls back and forth.

More:  Tuesday and Wednesday the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meet in DC and on Thursday the IMF and World Bank meet in DC as well.

All the leading bankers in the world will be in DC this week. 

Something wicked this way comes and it is coming very, very soon; within days we suspect.

Next Tuesday: The Chinese are scheduled to announce their switch from dollar to yuan on Tuesday, April 19th; which will send about two TRILLION in cash back to the US and send inflation skyrocketing overnight.

If you are not prepared, you have run out of time.

You need to have emergency cash to live on in case banks close for a couple weeks and shut down credit, debit cards and ATM’s;  not cash to pay your bills, but rather cash to SURVIVE with for food, fuel, medicine.

Stores may have to close, so you’d better have food,  the shelf-stable type that doesn’t go bad:  50lb Bag(s) of rice, Boxes of various Pasta, canned meats, jarred sauces.  Butter, sugar, salt etc.  Enough to survive for awhile just in case.

I’m not prepared. I’m stuck in a house with delusional maniacs. If I were somewhere two-tank fulls out of the city, I could survive on my own. As it is I don’t give myself a month. At best.

But I have two new cameras now. So I’ll be able to a least video the end of the world.

Somewhere in there is some humor. It’s a dark-humor. It’s always been a dark-humor. Now it looks to get a lot darker. So I thought I’d pop-in to say “Hi!”

Oops … more of that damn dark-humor shit again. Wish I could stop.

Does anyone think  it is a coincidence that at the same time these cretins are resurrecting the Temple of Baal that they would collapse the economy?

Oh-wee folks are we in for a fight or what? The unholy hoards along with the holy-war sleeper-cells, what fun!

Anyway, I wanted to say my “hello’s” and “good-byes.” I would like to think that there is going to be a best-case scenario, but even at this point, even a best case scenario is going to cost tens-of-millions of lives.

Or maybe not? Maybe there are those that are not sleep-walking over the abyss, that are in positions to stop this from happening? Recently I talked to a Major that confirmed the FEMA-camps were prepared, but did not get from him what he was going to do when ordered to put us in them. I got the sense that he wouldn’t.

You know that they have to do something to derail the awakening. Love him or hate him, Trump has spearheaded the populace-uprising the Ruling Aristocrat Tyrannical Society (RATS) have always feared. And they are behind in their plans. Or so they have said. But getting the people’s idea that they may actually have some say in upsetting the power-structure? Well, we all know that isn’t going to happen without the RATS doing something to take everyone’s mind off some silly election. Now what better way to do that then starvation? I still say we won’t see an election.

What can we expect? A military-coup? This seems like the most logical, but not without perils of its own. Disruption of services is guaranteed for several months.

So I don’t know folks? Are the RATS going to unleash Hell on Earth? Are all the prophesies and warnings going to come true? In the end the Bible says we win. Or at least those of us that can make it through a worst-case scenario.

Pray for peace. Prepare for war. God bless you all.

And would someone PLEASE tell me what happens to all the nuclear reactors that are going to go unattended?




  1. Well with all the utter madness that has befallen the entire civilized world what are we to expect? I would think that besides having food, water & medicines, we had also better have weapons and a lot of ammo to hold back the marauding street punks and Illegal dregs that have been coming into our country in droves. IF you live in a BIG House, you had better get to a place that is not as high profile, as “they’ will come these houses first. As for the rest of us … get your neighborhoods together as none of us can stand alone. That’s a “FACT”. Remember .. “United We Stand .. Divided We Will Fall”. Share what you have and stand together in numbers. “WE ARE ALL WE HAVE”. Then sit back and watch all the RATS run !


    • Hasn’t madness always existed? Isn’t it only now that this time the weapons are so much more dangerous?

      O my soul, do not aspire to
      immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible.
      — Pindar, Pythian iii

  2. As we heard the news of the emergency meeting G7, FED, IMF and the scorecard of 5 too big to fail. The results indicate that MSM and their brethren in the finance world are still acting nonchalant. That’s not a flaw but a confirmation.

    Ask what the Trump is there for. The final touches on the divide-n-conquer strategy. A parting of the red sea. They will cross without incident but WHAM! we will be swept away when it clashes.

    The “Flying Economy” is the best term I ever invented. It is so apropos for how this has been orchestrated. As long as it remains airborne no ones the wiser. But when it finally lands, the vessel will be empty. No pilots,no crew, no passengers and no cargo. Just a shell (memory)

    Aside from Armageddon, (which is always possible) what follows. Can you imagine the strategies possible from Agenda 21 to Zebranomics? Every executive order for the last fifty years and beyond have been driving towards this transformation. World War III seems on the brink but it may be all show by the leaders and collaborators of the axis.

    Ask yourself what the Saudi’s are up to while Israel cozy’s up. The hundreds of Temple Bel arches going up worldwide while the watchers wait for Solomons Temple. The new jerusalem? As much as I swear to Project Bluebeam the new temple will land from the sky. Likely just as the flying economy crash lands or implodes in midair. Remember fellow tribesmen and Tribeswomen, we no not the time, but we know.

    Hey Michael can we agree no matter who wins the ticket, they just get worse and worse? Does the Bern or El Trumpo make any difference? Once we take the mark will be look fondly on Nixon or Carter or even Magog H. W.? The good ol daze.

    • Patrick,

      In a perfect world we wouldn’t need politicians. In-between there and here we have certain situations and people that bridge those gaps.

      Galileo, Washington, Einstein, Dylan and many others have given us what we know and strive to understand. You, and all the others of COTO have each carved-out a contribution.

      Can Trump be for real? Would it make a difference at this point? If we suffer just 10% of what could happen there’s still only a slim chance our species would survive.

      But what would you do with all Trumps money? I look at my feeble efforts with the resources I have. If I had Trumps money, what might I do? Run for President? Hire assassins? Dig an underground-bunker?

      Right now I’m doing what I have always done. Marvel at the disconnect between what is going on inside my head and what I see around me. And I marvel that it seems that I’m here, along with you and everyone else to be at the end to end all endings.

  3. P.S. Answer to your rhetorical? – Nuke cores melt down and we glow like tritium watches. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they too glowed before turning to ash and salt. I’d say right now we are just about to enter Damascus on the road to Jerusalem. 135 miles out. Time frame??? I guess it depends on what me encounter on the remainder of the trip.

    • I’ve glowed a few times in my past. For different reasons. Can’t remember any of them making me sick though. Guess there’s a first time for everything.

  4. I just predicted the Peru-Chilean trench for the next quake and 23 minutes ago this one just hit.

    Preliminary Magnitude-7.8 Earthquake Strikes Near Ecuador’s Coast: USGS

    QUITO, Ecuador — A powerful, 7.8-magnitude earthquake has hit Ecuador’s central coast, with the temblor being felt as far away as the capital, where people fled shaking buildings.

    The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was centered 17 miles south-southeast of Muisne, Ecuador, in a touristic area of fishing ports. The USGS initially estimated it at 7.4 magnitude, but later upgraded to 7.8.

    The earthquake shook buildings in the capital Quito for about 40 seconds, and many people ran to the streets in fear. Quito is located about 107 miles from the quake’s epicenter.

    There were no immediate reports of major damage Saturday.

    • hi Puddy,
      lotta damage, quite a few dead and the nearby volcano started up.

      • People ask me what do I think will happen? I often try to put things into perspective for them, and for me, but it would be easier to simply answer; “everything.”

        Of course they wouldn’t understand, but that’s really how I feel. All of it. Slip-sliding away. And exploding. And imploding. Why not? Why not economic collapse, WWIII, or IV depending on your interpretation, space-aliens landing, real or imagined, Plant X and all its attended horror, along with whatever natural disasters Mother Nature has waiting for us?

        I’m just amazed that I’ve been given, along with you, and the rest of COTO-minded people, a ring-side seat and questioning – why?

      • Hey Oz. I can’t believe it’s you. I’m so glad to see you. I hope you are well and surviving the onslaught there down under. It’s been active in your neck of the woods but not unusual until the subduction and convergence bury NZ Vanatu Christchurch or other venue.

        I hear that over 250 dead so far and climbing. Haven’t updated it for awhile. Good to see ya. Be well.

  5. Michael, the NPPs are the real Armageddon. The amount of radioactivity they put out dwarfs anything a limited nuclear exchange would (don’t know about an all-out exchange of everything in the arsenals, but it was nuclear power that provided us those arsenals), and as we have seen in Fukushima, it just keeps going on and on and on. To the degree that you are not in the immediate path of fresh fallout, as an older person, you are not likely to suffer the worst of it. A radioactive environment accelerates aging. The younger people deal with all the cancers; the yet-to-be-born, the deformities. The successful battle of a powerful minority in Japan to turn the nukes back on flies in the face of everything that country learned as a result of the catastrophe. They are either delusional about their abilities, or just plain suicidal.

    And can’t you just hitchhike outta there? Who are these idiots making you stay?

    • Ah, it’s me keeping me here. Fact is I have no place to go. I’ve had some vague invitations to some so-called otherwise “safe places,” but nothing firm.

      I can be outta here in 30-mins if pushed. And just head for someplace remote. And I’m going to look seriously at getting out of here soon.

      • M, you know you have a bed here anytime, if you don’t mind teepee living. Hell or high water head this way. GPS and all.

  6. Pope Francis Takes 12 Refugees Back to Vatican After Trip to Greece

    Don’t these refugees look like young boys???

  7. TROOPS CALLED IN IN JAPAN: Soft Martial Law?

  8. Everyone needs a water supply. The first step in prepping.

    Quantum of survival. The Water War is real.

    Storms leave three million without water in Chile capital Storm

    • The unavailability of drinking water has been a feature of the Kumamoto earthquake swarm, too, though they got doused overnight by a whopper of a spring storm.

      • I saw the photos of the mud and storm damage. I wonder what tritium and other cocktails can find their way into the runoff?
        I hope you are prepped well Pat.

  9. At least the Pope is “SET” with his little harem or so it appears. Japan is “SET” with Nuclear fallout rain and We are left to question who, what, when, where and why. Does it really matter anymore? We’ve gone far beyond the tipping point and anybody looking for a “Safe” Place to run and hide are delusional. WHY would a man such as Trump with his Billions feel a need to be President? Hire assassins for What ?”OR” to build an underground bunker? Most likely he already has quite a few of those in place, although as President, I’m sure the bunkers would be bigger and badder than any he could ever imagine. The question is … just how many are going to make it into the Presidential bunkers? The House? The Senate? Perhaps that’s “why” they’ve sold their souls so easily. Just for a few seats in the bunkers? I think the Last laugh will be on “them” as the doors close in front of their noses. Have any of them even considered how an underground bunker is going to protect them from a massive earthquake? Mankind must finally face the inevitable. You can Not hide from death, It comes to every living thing and it comes when it’s ready, Not when men decide to play God. The top 1% have “special” seats reserved for them in Hell. They’ve taken a beautiful planet with so many beautiful things on it and turned it into something that “Ugly” humans like them will never know. IF the End is truly upon us, I suggest that instead of scurrying around looking for hiding places we all need to just stop and take a little extra time to smell the roses that remain and protect our souls from the evil that has surrounded us for so long now. Is Trump for Real? I guess that’s something only time will tell.


    • They can make their own kids in the lab after the SHTF. I can’t believe the MSM would even provide that picture of Bergoglio with that headline. It goes to show they have no care, shame, fear or discretion. I attribute this to it being a psy-op and strategy of tension device and the fact that they appear to be auditioning for a very important role. Holyrood east had hollywood west beat to hell. What comes is a production by Ba’al and directed by Moloch. My concern is that it is another silent film.



    All the meetings, Yellen the felon and the LaGarde team are fronting with Obama central bankers as we move toward Brexit and Chinese gold yuan.

    All the seismic chaos and volcanic activity are leading up to the summer swelter as we begin to see the economy land and the dollar depart. This is the year of the monkey and fire is the element. Rome burns!!!

  11. From the technocracy center and global warming ENMOD team….

    Mon 18 2016:
    SCIENTISTS fear a monster earthquake could be about to strike after a seventh quake in just 96 hours struck the Pacific region, killing hundreds of people.

    (keep in mind I said the week of 17th and specifically the 19th is the date)

    If it’s Tuesday, It must be Belgium in the USA!

    • It’s surreal. It’s frightening. It’s exhilarating. And in a very strange way a relief.

      And what am I doing today? I’m going to go buy some mind-altering substances. Try to fix the camper-top. Say a few prays. Thank God for all that He’s given me and wonder why it’s all being kicked into the shit-hole.

    • I got this from a friend this morning. (Kyuden is the Kyushu version of the sinister TEPCO, and NRA is the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority.)

      “As for Kumamoto . . . I feel the government, Kyuden and NRA are insane.
      NHK shows the message of “Sendai reactors are up and running” too often!
      The broadcaster controlled by a friend of Abe’s excludes Kagoshima in
      their Kyushu quake maps.
      I sent messages to NRA and Kyuden, and responded to a signature
      collection campaign by someone from Kyushu who wants to have the
      reactors turned off.
      The Sendai reactors may be in good shape now, but if something happens,
      people would not be able to evacuate because of the quake-hit roads and
      Shinkansen lines.
      Oh well . . .”

      Yes, the big fault line miraculously ends right at the Kagoshima Prefecture border, nh hnh! Anybody check the fuel for the emergency generators? Oh never mind! They’re really not designed to run very long anyway. That’ll be all of Japan that gets fallout from these cleverly placed nukes, so try swimming for Korea.

      Abe is becoming as well hated as Hillary. The Japanese don’t question election results at all. They just assume somebody likes him.

      • Sane folk should consider the simplest explanation. Psychopathy. The G7 leaders meet and it’s got to be like a scene of the seven in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

        That area of the last 5.5 was in an area not known for activity I think. What say you Pat? Is it a strange sort of series and venue?

        I’m a 10 on the CT meter and you know I believe any strike over 6 and under 100 km is from the ENMOD team at the Navy-NaSA-NOAA-NIST team.

        For 11th straight month, globe was record warm

        Large SOlar winds, 11 year cycling, geomagnetism, flares, oceanic and terra volcanic activity, and an exponential increase in microwave transmission and experimentation have nothing to do with it, right? It’s all about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow who has a flatulence problem like the Mrs. herself. The solution for any psychopath is to terminate this methane problem.

  12. M6.2 Equador – 15km HAARPING

    The latest big tremor, which followed several hundred aftershocks from Saturday’s 7.8 quake, hit 25 km (15 miles) off the island of Muisne on the northwest coast at a depth of 15 km (9 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey said.

    Ecuador disaster toll tops 500, big new quake shakes coast

    • On Tuesday I was too busy to follow events in Kyushu, but on Wednesday it seemed to be settling down. I looked into the fault that was set in motion, called the Chuo Kozosen (Median Tectonic Line). They have an entire museum devoted to it not far from us–and look! My goodness, they even have an English Wikipedia page:

      Yesterday’s news was that they built two nukes on this incredibly visible well studied fault line. I’m not sure if that even includes the Sendai reactors, the only ones operating at this time in Japan, which are very close to the southwestern end of the line as Wikipedia shows it (no doubt to be edited), just south of Kumamoto.

      The Hamaoka nuke, the other one I can think of immediately, is not on this fault, but is directly over the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line, which marks the western boundary of the Fossa Magna, a zone between the North American plate and the Eurasian plate. They are not running now, but we occasionally see advertisements on how they are making them nice and safe for use again.

      Since 3/11, we have maintained the ability to get outta here given 15 min. to jam all the food in the refrigerator into the back of the car, and backpacks in good order in case the car thing doesn’t work out. (Our area would be one of the most heavily contaminated.)

      • Can’t be by accident. Civilization was by design. The Alien agenda They know what they are doing whoever, whatever the power may be.

        There’s another prediction I made in 2015 BRICS and Drones and it was Tragedy in Mexico City. I have not let this one go.

        There is a unique fault subduction there that lays uniquely floating on the strike-slip. Watch the news on Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico) update: strong eruption with lava fountains and tall ash plume during 18 April.

        Like Pavlof and some in Japan they play a huge role in pressure of an already overheated planet thanks to the terror boys at with the “N” group.

        Look at the Antarctic facility and all the other ion heating facilities and see how they are working on the Pacific Rim which represents the industrial center of the TPP.

        SO I expect the prediction I made in 2012 about the largest migration in history. How you bring in a NWO is to create the environmental and conflict to dilute the cultures and bring them all back to babylon. Everyone is a refugee when the big event happens or at least those who survive.

        Never discount the Guidestone’s in Georgia. 500 million!!!

  13. TODAY >= M.4.0

    Wednesday, 20 April 2016
    Wed, 20 Apr 17:31:20 UTC M 4.7 / 64.0km – [info] Southern Sumatra, Indonesia – [I felt it] – -2.0700 / 100.6700 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 16:30:52 UTC M 4.8 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – -0.1400 / -80.5300 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 16:20:36 UTC M 4.8 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – 0.7000 / -80.3200 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 16:03:30 UTC M 4.7 / 100.0km – [info] Mindanao, Philippines – [I felt it] – 5.6700 / 126.6700 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 17:03:00 UTC M 4.8 / 76.0km – [info] 148 km S 77? E of Governor Generoso (Davao Oriental) – [I felt it] 5.1400 / 126.7700 PHILVOLCS
    Wed, 20 Apr 15:39:07 UTC M 4.6 / 0.0km – [info] Off Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – 1.8700 / -82.8400 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 15:09:22 UTC M 4.6 / 42.0km – [info] Banda Sea – [I felt it] -5.9200 / 130.5500 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 12:19:43 UTC M 5.6 / 46.4km – [info] E OFF FUKUSHIMA PREF – [I felt it] – [reports] 37.7590 / 141.7130 NIED
    Wed, 20 Apr 12:13:44 UTC M 5.1 / 0.0km – [info] Galapagos Islands Region – [I felt it] – 1.6100 / -91.3900 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 11:33:30 UTC M 5.4 / 354.0km – [info] Fiji Islands Region – [I felt it] – -19.1600 / -177.3200 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 11:23:22 UTC M 4.8 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – -0.1100 / -80.4800 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 11:02:50 UTC M 4.5 / 88.0km – [info] HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN – [I felt it] – 36.2200 / 71.2200 EMSC
    Wed, 20 Apr 10:55:46 UTC M 5.4 / 698.4km – [info] Nicaragua – [I felt it] – 12.7700 / -79.8800 INETER
    Wed, 20 Apr 10:52:37 UTC M 4.3 / 11.0km – [info] EASTERN KAZAKHSTAN – [I felt it] 43.0600 / 78.1700 EMSC
    Wed, 20 Apr 10:51:39 UTC M 5.7 / 10.0km – [info] North Atlantic Ocean – [I felt it] – [reports] – 13.2000 / -55.9900 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 10:41:56 UTC M 5.0 / 47.0km – [info] New Ireland Region, P.N.G. – [I felt it] – -5.1900 / 153.2300 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 09:35:41 UTC M 4.4 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – -0.0200 / -80.1600 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 09:13:13 UTC M 4.9 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – 0.6900 / -80.4000 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:56:51 UTC M 4.4 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.5100 / -79.9600 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:53:40 UTC M 4.5 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] 0.6000 / -79.9500 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:50:54 UTC M 4.3 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – 0.5500 / -79.9400 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:49:41 UTC M 4.4 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] 0.3000 / -80.0400 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:46:02 UTC M 4.8 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – 0.6400 / -80.1400 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:40:26 UTC M 4.4 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.5100 / -79.7700 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:35:23 UTC M 5.9 / 0.0km – [info] Ecuador – Esmeraldas – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.4300 / -79.2400 IGEPN

    Wed, 20 Apr 08:35:08 UTC M 6.2 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.6700 / -80.2500 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 08:33:42 UTC M 6.2 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.8300 / -80.5300 IGEPN

    Wed, 20 Apr 08:25:05 UTC M 4.8 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.7200 / -80.2700 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 07:12:30 UTC M 5.2 / 10.0km – [info] Vanuatu Islands – [I felt it] – -14.5200 / 166.1200 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 06:55:21 UTC M 4.3 / 0.0km – [info] Off Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – -0.4100 / -84.0400 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 05:40:41 UTC M 4.6 / 106.0km – [info] Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands – [I felt it] 51.8000 / 178.7000 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 05:35:26 UTC M 4.3 / 140.0km – [info] NORTHERN COLOMBIA – [I felt it] – [reports] – 6.8100 / -73.1700 EMSC
    Wed, 20 Apr 04:07:05 UTC M 4.3 / 56.0km – [info] E OFF MIYAGI PREF – [I felt it] 38.5020 / 141.9330 NIED
    Wed, 20 Apr 03:28:27 UTC M 4.5 / 222.0km – [info] Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan – [I felt it] – [reports] – 36.5000 / 70.2900 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 01:50:38 UTC M 4.4 / 0.0km – [info] Near Coast of Ecuador – [I felt it] – [reports] – 0.7000 / -80.1300 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 01:25:08 UTC M 4.9 / 0.0km – [info] Galapagos Islands Region – [I felt it] – 0.5000 / -87.9000 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 01:11:34 UTC M 4.7 / 0.0km – [info] Galapagos Islands Region – [I felt it] – 1.5900 / -86.6600 IGEPN
    Wed, 20 Apr 01:05:41 UTC M 4.8 / 177.0km – [info] Vanuatu Islands – [I felt it] – -16.1400 / 167.8700 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 00:51:00 UTC M 4.3 / 240.0km – [info] NORTHWEST OF KURIL ISLANDS – [I felt it] – 49.1500 / 152.0000 EMSC
    Wed, 20 Apr 00:19:49 UTC M 4.6 / 625.0km – [info] Fiji Islands Region – [I felt it] – -18.0500 / -178.5800 GFZ
    Wed, 20 Apr 01:00:51 UTC M 5.0 / 10.0km – [info] Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan – [I felt it] 40.2800 / 147.0400 GFZ

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