Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 28, 2016

Americans Have Protected Criminal Elites…Why?!

If They were not “protected” would They not be investigated and held accountable?
COTO asks if the following article does not illuminate “Conspiracies” as a methodology of the elites?  Policies and legislation fuel an entire politically driven INDUSTRY owned and operated by oligarchs seen and unseen.  Of this there is no doubt, and We the People are Witness to it.  Just stating the facts.  A virulent web of Corporations feed off of the profits and power created and excreted by this lying leviathan.  How do we know?  We simply have watched as war after war are conducted in far away countries.  Conveniently, gigantic corporations tied into the war profit matrix secure no-bid contracts (Halliburton, KBR, etc.) and elite stock holders make off like bandits.  It is beyond imagination the Billions-Trillions pumped into the coffers of the war materiel companies like Raytheon and such ilk.
But, it is ALL built on Lies, Deception, and lust for power, control, and money.
Americans, trudging to their puny jobs day-after-day, have taken note of the egregious crimes committed with zero accountability.  This is why Americans are so pissed, and have had it with the Status Quo!  Where WE ARE right now is directly a result of the individuals and those like them highlighted in the important article below.
WE will Never forget it.  Because We cannot “un-know” that which is Obvious.
Please read the article at the link above as it is laid out nicely.  The Clinton’s and Obama are not pictured above, but we are familiar with an entire host of operatives who have sold out ALL Americans.  And still they walk free?!  We shall also mention the PNAC signers, and the Zionist connections as deep-seated players as well.  We also note the duplicitous, lying, “candidates” shoved in Americans’ faces in the selection circus.  That tells us what They think of us.  A 2 party system, crammed with crap, like a distended colon.
Have a Great Week, and consider Whom you are paying your taxes to, and note that they are collected by a non-federal institution based in Puerto Rico, of parasitical bankers and their flunkies.
A deeper explanation of the elite’s deception is discussed in this piece linked here:


  1. And they suck you in to the organization with bobbles and trinkets.

    [Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.]

    How transparent. They will get you into the system and use it to their advantage. Those with stock in the private-prison system may be upset but the greater gain for Dominance is there. Such a crock of shit, there is none more obvious than this Holder of the key, Loretta Lynch. Look at the Chatham House rules for the real power shaping the global order.


  2. Hillary Clinton is career criminal, clinical psychopath: Analyst

    Tell us what we do not know!

  3. Pentagon Cannot Account for $223Mln in Anti-Daesh Operation Orders

    Geeee…what a shocker! Sure it’s not 322Mln?


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