Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 21, 2016

Amazing Video Technology That Can Be Used to Fool You!

Something else from Jim Stone Freelance — Video Technology that was available in the 1990’s according to him.  Things are seldom as they are seen on the digitubes.  Imagine the fabrications that have been played upon us all as real?!

March 21 2016  One of the most important videos you will ever see

“This technology existed in the 1990´s but all evidence was apparently buried until this video surfaced. This video proves that all you need is a picture or video of someone’s face, and you can use it to fake that individual saying anything you want.

Back in the 90’s the technology was good enough to take a still photograph, a short sample of a person’s voice, and from that you could type anything you wanted and the picture, would talk, move, and say anything you typed in that person’s voice. The example they used was Kennedy, they sampled the “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” quote and used it as the sample base to produce a video of Kennedy saying the words “I did not inhale”, and he said it in his own voice and it looked like he really said it.

This video here which I have linked proves they can take any video of Trump and make him say whatever they want, and it will look real. Ditto for everyone else, this is a MUST WATCH.

All videos posted on this web site can be saved by right clicking the link. This one will probably get buried again, so I suggest you save it because it proves that anyone you meet online could be completely and totally fake, and look real, anyone on TV can be completely fake and look real, WATCH THIS.

This video is more than critical, it is vital info, to watch it click this link, to both save it and watch it, right click this link and save it. Then you will have it to watch and show people, or re-post to your youtube channel”.




  1. I played with this back in 2006 with a virgin program. I like the way they used TRUMP. …..I can now call him MIN HEADROOM and along with Bush they still do not achieve MAX.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen the tip of the iceberg of the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network [E.V.A.N.]

    When the bluebeam event cometh we will see incredibly elaborate visual/audio spectrum theatre. As Russia/China/EUSA move the ISS earthraker forward, the TIME is rapidly approaching.

    If you monitor the electrical grid, it is a chaotic as the Market right now.

    * China is attacking Pro-Trump sites. Mexico and UWEX-16 are gearing up for Summertime event. Border chatter is at a high now.

    * Barry’s CUBA trip is a total scam. Expect Scarface to come ashore soon. El Chapo is a hoax. Our boatlift is on.

    * TPP Trade minister: TPP dead and ‘buried’ if Trump becomes US president
    DONT BELIEVE IT!!! We are dead if Trump becomes President.,…That is why the volitility will remain until election(rigging) The plan is to implode the two party system into war and then ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. It’s to hard to continue to convince the people there is any difference in the ruling two parties.
    Clinton says no to TPP, until CHINA gets it’s large piece of the Pi.

    ALPHABET SOUP INC> – SO now all my GOOGLEPLEX unbelievers from the Y2K call me and say you were right. Googleplex Alphabet = CIA, NSA, MOSSAD, MI6

    If you want the future, download ROLLERBALL (1975) because we have arrived in the global Corporate Border Wars. If you think Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia and China have been getting hammered and pounded into SWISS STEAK, the fun has only begun. Get ready for the Summer Games.

    THe Corporations are playing the NWO game. VERSEBALL!

    The TRIAD is simple. Let three duke it out and kill millions while the Trilateral corporate raiders of the world steal it all.

    The RISK board is three colors. Please note we are about on our backs. A few Supreme decisions and a TPP WMD stroke of the Pen and it is done.

    WAR??? Certainly. You can’t usher in a global authority without a war first. Back after 911 I wrote the screenplay “The Assent” in which two people in 2003 come back from time travel past to future time 2017 to find WWIII in progress. In 2003 I proposed it as;

    1. China vs US-Japan with North Korea/South Korea
    2. Russia – EU with Afghanistan (my mistake as it is now apparent SYRIA)
    3. India-Pakistan (where it will all begin)

    Merely another eugenics based war but with chemical and MR weapons to aid in civilian death tolls. ISIS skirmishes could never achieve the cleansing that the corporations can unleash in environmental warfare. Adding the most powerful weapon that of psychological, propaganda and false flag/disinfo, they could walk huge amount of the masses to concentration camps/extermination centers. Also begin the targeted program. Drone based/ISS based single targets aided by the corporate ENTERPRISE system, hidden in the cloud of DoDaf/MoDaf and the unified global googleplex. 1000 ways to die. (and no one will be the wiser)

    BRICS and Drones covers the spectrum of the transference of traditional CW to UW. By convention and invention the power is the corporations (banks and patents)

    TPP (GATT) will kill more people that all wars to date since the industrial age by the time they reach their 2030 agenda mark. But 2017 is the year the CONPLAN 2017. TRUMP/CLINTON want the TPP, they just differ on BRICS or Drones and Jesuits or Joos. The biggest piece of the Pi is at stake. We should see the Targeted Program actively take out soe key players. Scalia was big but there are none bigger than those in the Petrozone.

    The BRICS summit this year in October should bring us some real games from the Olympians. Trump should as well. Buckle up as Googleplex and the corporates make some risky moves.

  2. Brussels attacks: Zaventem and Maelbeek bombs kill many

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