Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 11, 2016

god is coming to Austin, Tx. and you can’t look at him. OBEY YOUR VIRTUAL LEADERS!

This subject here is RIPE for the picking.  Apart, that is.

This is where we have arrived in Obama’s “America”.  Can’t see nothin!  All the way to the TPP and everything in between.  OBEY YOUR VIRTUAL “LEADERS”, OR ELSE!


Stay Off Your Balconies or Talk to “The Man”

Some in the comments section of the article have proposed — Would be awesome to see mass civil disobedience on those balconies”.

That would be interesting indeed.



  1. 1. For someone who is supposedly so concerned about Climate Change, “Him” & “Her” sure do leave Big Carbon Footprints by taking 2 Separate Planes to Austin ! “THEY” do this practically everywhere they go. (even on vacations) They must really hate each other to Never take the Same Plane to the Exact Same Places “OR” “They’re” having “Huge” parties with all their friends on these planes at Tax Payer’s Expense. So what else is new? Remember When ” MOO took 40 women (including Oprah) to the Taj Mahal ? Besides racking up “Millions” on the plane alone … Moo rented out an entire floor/wing for her “Girl Party”. 2. This is just 1 reason “WHY” we must elect Donald J. Trump as our next president.


    • If I was her, I’d hate him too. Probably stay married for the same reason as Billary.

  2. “WHO” want s to look at those “UGLY” Faces anyway? We have enough problems as Americans, let alone having to see those 2 everywhere we look.


  3. Michelle may be a transsexual. Obama is Gay. I think they compete for everything including wardrobe. War of the Hoses. 🙂

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