Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 10, 2016

No friggin in the riggin

Clinton Gold Bull Market

Can NAFTA Explain the Mystery Gold Shipments Across the US/ Mexican Border?

The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold (clip: Bill Clinton Gold Bull Market 1993)

Here’s What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like

The Case Strengthens For A New Bull Market In Gold


There are a number of indicators here. From all the data, add the election and whether Trump or Clinton take control there are reasons either will be a boost to metals. Whether the trade deals, Mexico and China  have to eat Trump’s shit or Hillary comes in to inflate the problems, you can see the short and long term benefit to buy and buy now while it’s greatly manipulated and undervalued. Silver can be a better investment and more affordable while still being a commodity most necessary to industry. The PM Market may be rigged and the election too, but there may be no friggin in the riggin of a boom bull market coming.






  1. Live Markets lose faith in the ECB as mass stimulus measures falter

    Swiss bank Credit Suisse warns the eurozone could collapse in case of a European recession

    ECB cuts eurozone interest rate to zero to jump-start economy

    European Central Bank also ramps up quantatitive easing programme in attempt to fend off deflation……

    Unbelievable, QE3 and a half.

    US dollar falls against euro before ECB meeting

    Vote now, all you bears

  2. “Deals” cut in the dark, in Secret, are typically Very Bad for outsiders (read — population).

    Like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, or the creation of the IRS same year, WE feel the pain. The insiders grub the profits. Obvious ain’t it?!

  3. What we will NOT see this year through 2017 is the financial liquidation of all debt under the 1933 bankrupt USA, Inc. and the new global debt-based economy as they water down the west and complete the largest migration that I predicted in 2012.

    It’s more obvious in the Eurozone and we can see everyday that the BRICS nations are getting hammered. Brazil is about to collapse (being held together by duct tape) Makes me believe it was doomed to start.

    I wonder now if China isn’t a player in the scheme, but anyway you should all prepare for a new strawman identity for yourselves. This one to be globally bound by UCC and maritime.

    Time to opt out.

  4. Got Chemtrails? Yeah. Rain supposed to be coming over the weekend. Gotta blot out the blue baby and lay that poisonous pall.

    Thought provoking story boards here by Bro Nathaniel. Kinda cool little flip app…


    Fascinating response. That Dice Dude could hardly do better getting dumbasses to sell out their very own liberty.

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