Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 23, 2016

Orwellian “Political Correctness” Mental Illness Exposed

Bush Jr Duct Tape Mouth

Muzzle an individual’s Right to Free Expression, to Free Speech; and the next step in this “Rights Removal Process” is to go after every individual’s Right to Self Defense, Right to Assemble, the Right to Think, etc.  The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is being face-stomped by Communist/Marxist administrative plants operating in the shadows behind the push.  Even a lame research effort, or a look around you will tell you this “reality” is true.

There’s a virulent sickness being spread abroad within the United States, and it is highly contagious to Sheeple.  It dehumanizes those who are “shut down”, rather than the super weak excuses floated by PC advocates.

The trash canning of American’s Unalienable Rights by forces of evil intent is Obvious.  Realize the proponents Endgame.  History has already shown us PC is a “control mechanism” which was used by many of the most despotic regimes to ever slither across the planet.  It is a Pre-Game warm-up to communist genocides.

So, understand WHY? it is all the rage in Amerika at this point in time?! 

“Political Correctness” and all of its insane ideologies and nuances is Anti-Human.  It is not “protecting” anybody from anything more than snubbed feelings.  What it really does and is intended for is to squelch “politically” the “ruled” populations — dissent (ergo:  Constructive Criticism).

A KEY TAKEAWAY on this subject is to notice this is again a psy-op tactic used by “governments” to limit the negative images Their Own policies generate among a thinking population.  When corruption on a grand scale is rampant at the top, They don’t want the middle or bottom squawking about the inequities which become Obvious.  So They start mucking up the minds of the populace by creating fear and mental confusion, and loading up folks brains with asinine concepts.

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute (Dedicated to the Defense of Civil Liberties and Human Rights) discusses the dangerous ground the Neocons are treading.



  1. So MARS Co. recalled Snickers from 56 countries and ISIS just stopped receiving their Snickers.

    Make you want to snicker, doesn’t it?

    Mars and Snickers bars recalled in 56 countries

    ISIS Stops Handing Out Snickers Bars, Gatorade As Cash Crunch Deepens

    You can’t make this stuff up…Oh wait…yes you can.

  2. Hmmm. Only your comment and mine on this thread, Puddy? I guess folks must not mind the PC Thing too much! Conspiracies & Propaganda — The Battle Rolls On between these conceptual demonizations. My observation, is a PC Nation is a creature created by authoritarian regimes to cover their crimes, by throwing the scent off their trail right onto those whom have noticed their crimes. If you get my drift.

    And They change the “rules” along the way by a stealthily dosed regimen of Key legislation changes. Voila!!! After some time — they have turned and turned the meanings of things 180 degrees so that the entrapped and entrained populace ends up with the Upside Down, Inverted & Twisted “reality” we see around us. You know how long this list is getting now?

    Paul Craig Roberts has penned a succinct message around 9/11 and False Flags with this piece of 2/24/16:

  3. Your chemtrail post received 1700 views. Thats nearly a record for a days viiewing. Nice!

    • Well then, that’s encouraging! There is no Slowkill method more vast, MORE OBVIOUS, and requiring such a coordinated and expensive operation — than World-wide chemtrail geoengineering psychochemical murder. They fuck with the freaking air to what? To control it and weoponize it. And they live here too. Insane.

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