Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 19, 2016

Wayne Madsen on Scalia Death Weirdness


IMPORTANT:  Brother Nathaniel on Scalia’s death and the Jewish backstory for his replacement:




  1. As each day passes I am more convinced of an attempt for the third term for Barry. He’d love to knock off “Pube Man” and stack the courts with the commie joo-joo-bees like the steel magnolias. Much like FDR did during his socialist moves and taxing years. It wasn’t hard for his team to take over during the war. Truman was a zionist and he had a packed court. It got so bad even insider Ike had to blow the lid.

    Not that “El Trumpo” couldn’t do Barry’s third term just like Hillary.

    Trump: When I said we should go to war in Iraq, I ‘wasn’t a politician’

    But now I can LIE with the best of them!!!

    It’s stunning to watch Alex Jones swoon and pretend to cry over this schmuck. Infowars is dead!!!! What a con artist promoting a con artist. You can’t get better entertainment anywhere.

    So as Jones won’t address the real culprits behind 911 (always pushing the Saudi’s) who don’t have a hundredth of the intel needed to mastermind it) now we have Trump bloviating a “limited hangout” on the Saudis as well.

    Keep in mind the fake Saudi invasion of Syria is nothing more than Gladio Free Zone in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It’s all western democracy forces (CIA-MOSSAD-MI6) and the stay behinds paid by our taxes and the drug trade run by the basterds.

    If you are not nauseated while watching this freak show, you must have a stomach of steel. Here’s the top story of the day.

    Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Believe’ I Have Ever Lied to the American People”

    GO HK, GO!!!

  2. Ypur tax dollars to pay Obama-ites to perpetuate the Fraud and Global Agenda and the financial ponzi which rules the entire system.

    What do the possible Supreme Court nominees have in their wallets?

    no direct stock, DIRECT being the key word is direct. Spouse, Children, Private Equity….

    How about stock in

    Private Prisons
    TPP Global Fortune 500: Pfizer Inc., General Electric Co. and Citigroup Inc. etc.
    Climate Change

    be careful of the revolving door, it moves real fast.

  3. DSM-5 says COTO is not partisan. Explain that WaPo! Seems the polls most believe in monkey business. (Obamacare)

    The psychology behind why people believe conspiracy theories about Scalia’s death

  4. Still lagging behind Bush

    • Thanks to Patrick and Boom! I don’t think the Japanese TV covered Scalia’s death at all. No one would know who he is!
      They still have those ancient TVs in Russia..guess they must have avoided digitalization.
      Sort of blue over here. Too much rain!

  5. Rumormillnews has up some threads on Scalia’s death that go off in a completely different direction from the speculation so far…into pedophilia. Reality often is more bizarre and horrendous than fiction, so we’ll wait and see:

    And see —

  6. He was without question somewhere he should not have been. With Chaney? OMG ! What was he thinking?


  7. I don’t doubt it was foul play. That said, the pillow over the head thing makes me laugh. If you suffocate someone with a pillow, you really going to leave it over their head if the goal is to make it look natural? Uh, no. The pillow over the head if anything says it may have been natural. Although given the way the world is lately, I highly doubt it.

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