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  1. You have seen my 6 world goals for the committee posted here a hundred times

    Adopted by the communist manifesto’s and Joo-joo-bee elder protocols, you can see this plan has been on the march since when? Here’s 1924 News worth a look from the Show Me state Joplin Globe in Missouri (circa 1924)

    First, the abolition of government.
    Second, the abolition of patriotism.
    Third, the abolition of private property rights.
    Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance.
    Fifth, the abolition of religion.

    — and finally —

    Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.

    Which one of these are they lagging on?

    1. There is no government (completed)
    2. Open the borders then chaos to order
    3. Ooooooooh Oregon! And everywhere else.
    4. Death and Taxes and your god given inheritance….poof.
    5. Religion=Terrorism, Thank you ISIS!
    6. They are one vaccination and an abortion short.

    You just can’t map it any better than day to day transformation. It is slow like the hour hand but the hour is at hand.

  2. Skywriter??? What idiot would use that explanation? The Flying Circus and unfriendly skies are the economy in every sense. Had they been able to run the climate and ENMOD with EMR alone, we’d never know what was hitting us.

    Appears that those who call it contrails or skywriting have been breathing it far too long. Skywriter, it just too bizarre for words.

  3. As predicted in December we are going to start seeing the massive assault of NOAH’s REVENGE. With the shift in EL HAARPO NINO and the weathermen at ENMOD, we can expect another wild year with flooding in the West and severe trpopical weather returning to Florida and the Gulf States

    Goodbye to the Blob and Hello Pineapple Express
    Record rainfall lashes Pacific Northwest, US, more precipitation on the way

  4. NSA chief: ‘Paris would not have happened’ without encrypted apps

    Translated: We would not have had to staged a false flag if people would just accept full spectrum surveillance.

  5. Google CEO backs Apple in its battle with the FBI

    Apple and Google already run the backdoors and share the encryption with FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, INTERPOL etc.

    This is a limited hangout to make you think it has not already happened. This disclosure just another big fat psy-op.

  6. P … As If the chem trails aren’t bad enough. It’s really CREEPY to know that MOO/MICHAEL is a Tranny. After all, that’s why they killed Joan RIVERS. They shut her up once and for all. Didn’t they? The W.H. is Filled with killers who won’t think twice about killing all of us.

    TRUMP … TRUMP ! BUT, he’s in so much danger. Pray for him … we need him desperately!



  7. ISIS Stops Handing Out Snickers Bars, Gatorade As Cash Crunch Deepens

    Uh oh! They are going to get real cranky now.

  8. This arrogance and bad timing coming yesterday, following the recent Scalia death —

  9. In Wisconsin, trashing Constitutional Rights —

    What’s the meaning of “is”? Parsing our Rights away is easy with double-speak and PC.

    Brother Nathaniel knows Jews, and views the death of Scalia:

    “Scalia Dies…Jew Control Arises:

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