Posted by: Mr. M | February 3, 2016

Capital HitMan


Meet Albert “Bert” Caswell. I did. In the usual way. On the streets. Last Saturday night. During a parade on Frenchman St.

I was on my way home with my rig after a super busy day of trying to save the world from its inevitable destruction when a Margi Gras parade blocked my path home. As I was talking to a man about said destruction, as this spectacular was going on next to us, Bert comes in extremely amp-ed up and takes over the conversation dropping the most powerful names in politics as if he knows them on a 1st-name basis. He does.

I finally asked him, “who in the fuck are you?” And when I asked him what he does he gave me the old “if I told you I’d have to kill you,” meme.

Bert in the the Congressional Guide and a prolific poet, author and speaker. He has letters of tribute from Congressman and Presidents. His story has been written-up in POLITICO and other publications. His poems have often been read and quoted on the floor of Congress by said representatives. His demeanor is on of someone that is completely sure of himself, yet without being overly cocky.

Bert hung around for about 30-minutes as we went back and forth. He finally said that he agreed with everything I was on about but 9/11. So I schooled him. Having the screen on the rig is golden. When I showed him WTC-7 he was stumped.

I made him promise he’d research it more and get back too me. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Maybe I will see him again, and he’ll kill me.



  1. I love the way you write, M! And I recall at OEN there were lurkers who would speak up in your favor when the threats to “ban certain troublemakers” got too noticeable, going “Don’t ban Mr. M!!!” You’re doing what has to be done to break through the media inanity. It seems as slow as building a stalactite, one itty-bitty drop at a time leaving its deposit that can accrete, except there’s more synergy involved here, you never know when you might set off a spark that burns a swath of dense undergrowth. “Bert” might very well be one of “them” sent to snoop on you, but now maybe he has new information. He’s got a choice of “pills” now, to use a cliche beyond its pull date. I can never remember which one was which. What happens when you take both?
    Greetings to Patrick and Boom and everyone! I was out of range for a month, and these two weeks I’ve been trying to catch up. Highest regards to you all.

  2. Is he like a Larry Nichols, Michael?

    Larry Nichols: I Was A Hitman For Bill And Hillary Clinton

    Was there supposed to be a picture or video???

    Ted Cruz and his Mafia family are part of a hit squad. His dad is a hitman for certain. After Iowa, I am convinced that the polls are a complete rigging. It is apparent now that the Diebold E-systems can be accessed through the X-band digitally and from space no less.

    Time is short now. So short I can hardly invest time posting. We have well over three thousand here now and that is quite a volume. I am packing batteries, radios, food, seeds, survival meds and EMR countermeasures.

    Please note that if your internet connection has froze or broadcast/videos drop that the Chinese are on a big campaign for their new year. More manipulation of the oil markets and PM to PMI markets are nothing short of war to them. There are going to be some real GRID events coming soon. February for sure.

    SUPERBOWL 50 is Cam. a Muslim who will wipe the floor with the Christian Manning. Out with the old and in with the new. The Vortex GM says Cam is a 9 -9
    while Manning is 11. both are 8 in the zionist GM. A perfect 811!

    I’m hoping for a halftime blackout or event, just to confirm the ides of March. The financial end. Cashless Zero-sum, Zero-interest, Capital Controls, a real Winter Freeze and Seize.

    Stay loose buddy.

    • Yup, that’s Bert.

      Can you tell me why the link and picture I have of him didn’t post?

      This guy is something else, do a search of his name. From what I gauged he’s a cross between Larry Nichols and Steve Piecznik. Congressional Guide with letters of commendation and tribute’s from Congressman and Presidents, as well as being a prolific poet.

      He wouldn’t allow me to video our conversation. Which is too bad. It had been a long day, and with the parade next to us it would of helped for me to recall much of what he had to say.

      Mostly he talked in generalizations about people in power and their personalities. He wouldn’t go into specifics other than to bring up location of a certain events and where he was in relation to them.

      He was engaging in a way that made me leery. I kept on asking myself, why is this guy wasting his time on me in the middle of Mardi Gras? Or maybe I was the only thing he saw that he could relate to in this sea on insanity?

      He seemed genuine enough and sincere. When I told him I had interviewed a man from Flint that told me that people’s children were being taken away because the parents wouldn’t pay for the poisoned water he dropped the names of the Congressman and Senators that could see that would look into this, that he would see.

      I don’t know. Maybe he is one of the “good-guys,” who is just naive enough not see the corruption that he’s amerced in. But I can’t see how that can be possible. But then again, my bother-in-law is ex-Navy intel and he refuses to see.

      That particular day was jammed with interesting people. My head was already spinning before Bert came along. It would be interesting if he does indeed contact me. But they rarely do.


        Here’s his poem for the Sandy Hook Hoax:


        Mr. LIEBERMAN. Mr. President, I rise in honor of the innocent lives
        that were lost in Newtown, CT, on December 14, when a madman murdered
        26 students, teachers, and administrators, as well as his own mother.
        The terrible act of violence that occurred that day has left the whole
        Nation wounded and shaken. In the wake of this tragedy, Mr. Albert
        Caswell penned the following poem:

        We Now So Weep

        in memory of all the lost lives and the tragedy at sandy hook
        elementary school

        (By Albert Carey Caswell)

        We Now So Weep
        We . . .
        We now so weep . . .
        All in our hearts so very deep!
        All in this pain to so repeat!
        Forever now so to keep!
        We now so weep!
        And from all of this heartache!
        What must we now so take!
        And what sense from all of this,
        must we now so make?
        All so very deep,
        deep down inside all of our souls to so create . . .
        That there is a battle!
        And there is a fight!
        That which but so rages on this very night!
        Of Good Vs. Evil . . .
        Of wrong or so right!
        And that hate is hard,
        as it makes me weep!
        It makes me cry!
        When, I so see those tears in your parent’s eyes!
        And that our moments together upon this earth,
        are such so very short ones there so first!
        So hold your families close,
        and always remember what but means the most!
        All in your hearts so very deep!
        As all across this nation,
        we now so weep . . .
        As the tears run down our faces so deep!
        At this evil our souls so tries to defeat!
        All in these our darkest hours of heartbreak,
        which now so beat . . .
        As it’s for them we now so weep!
        And for all of those love ones,
        who so lost their most precious daughters and sons . . .
        Thy Kingdom Come,
        for heaven but lies for each of them!
        Their parent’s most precious children so to keep!
        And for all of those educators,
        who were so slain so all in such grief!
        Knowing full well,
        all of the pain that their loved ones must now so keep!
        The kind of pain,
        that which only Heaven can bring such relief!
        For a child!
        Is but the very hope of the world!
        So very innocent and so very precious,
        oh such beautiful little boys and so girls . . .
        With their sweet little smiles unto us as so unfurled . . .
        As all around them such happiness so swirls . . .
        Touching all of our hearts,
        as was their part,
        these most precious boys and so girls!
        With their little voices and so little curls . . .
        And who could so cast out such vile evil upon as so hurled?
        Because, a child is but The Brightest of All Lights!
        The Brightest of all Bright!
        So listen on the wind,
        and you will hear this my friend . . .
        our Lord crying for all of them!
        To take a child’s life,
        but stands at the very top of evil’s darkest of all heights!
        With all of their futures so up ahead,
        so very shinny and bright!
        As it’s for all of them,
        we now so weep!
        And for all of those dedicated teachers,
        whose very being was to so nurture our true heart’s delights!
        Who so heroically towards evil so ran,
        “lock the doors, look the doors”,
        as she so cried out all in her most courageous fight!
        As all of their children are but so now motherless now!
        As a young teacher who so hid her children,
        to so escape past a door,
        as the evil came in she so fooled and so lured . . .
        sacrificing herself . . .
        All so they could escape,
        why now up in heaven she’s so adored!
        Our children,
        are but our most precious of all gifts from above!
        For these are our greatest gifts to our world,
        of our true loves!
        Such shear delights!
        As no more joyful Christmas mornings,
        will they so see so in sight . . .
        Or Hanukkah’s,
        so surrounded by their families with such smiles so very
        Not to grow up to be so very tall!
        Not to have children at all . . .
        Oh but the sad shame of it all!
        No Weddings, No Birthdays, No Proms, or Graduations for one
        and all!
        As a parent’s greatest of all nightmares,
        has now come to call!
        To bury our children,
        with tears in eyes to their knees they now fall!
        As out across this nation,
        we so try to so make sense of it all . . .
        But, the answer is so very clear,
        as it’s as old as time is so here!
        It’s The Struggle!
        It’s The Fight!
        As out across this great nation . . .
        I bid to you to so hold your families close . . .
        On this very night!
        And remember our love and time together,
        but means the most!
        And that this battle is not over,
        so wrap your hearts all in this clover,
        of all of those teachers love and courage so showed!
        All in that selfless sacrifice!
        Because, the darkness is no match . . .
        for the light in our hearts that which evil ignites!
        Those brave hearts who evil must fight!
        Who bring their light!
        As against the darkest of all evils,
        as onward we fight!
        Rise Up To Heaven My Child,
        with but tears in your eyes!
        As our Lord’s Littlest of Angels now so fill the skies!
        And do not so worry because in our Lord’s arms you now lie!
        I’m already in Heaven so don’t you so cry!
        Up here, there are candy canes to so taste,
        and Christmas trains to so ride!
        And there are puppies up in heaven,
        and the most beautiful of all butterflies . . .
        And because you won’t ever turn seven it now makes me so cry!
        And when their comes a gentle rain,
        your tear drops shall wash down upon your parents to so ease
        their pain . . .
        Until, one day up in Heaven you shall all so meet again . . .
        And you won’t have to cry anymore!
        Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Grand Parents and all
        the others . . .
        Find the strength on this day!
        All in what their short live’s so had to say!
        And so try!
        To so carry them all in your hearts out on your way!
        As you so wipe all of those tears from your eyes . . .
        And from out of all of this heartache you must so realize,
        that your children and your loved ones are Angels now up in
        Heaven on high!
        And isn’t that but where we all so wish to wake, so you and
        Those brave hearts who evil must fight!
        Together in enjoined,
        as we battle on into the darkest of all nights!
        And now we so weep!

  3. Hello Patricia, M, and Puddy.

    Good offbeat piece off the “beat”, M!

    Puddy, how much can you prep? And, where are you obtaining meds that will be necessary in SHTF/TEOTW?

    Got major wound dressings?

    QuikClot® Combat Gauze (Military) $48.40
    Celox Products

    You need dirt, water, sun to grow your seeds. Need a chemtrail “abater” for your neck of states.

    • Not enough. Vitamins, Minerals, Boric Acid, Bicarbonate, Iodine, H2O2, First Aid, Edible plant, radio (SW/HF) Defense, and most important, a plan.

      Watch the news. Cash, Capital controls, TPP, Market volatility, jobless claims and China. Our infrastructure is a joke. We lag behind every industrial nation.

      The reason Obama went on his campaign to sell us all guns is so we can kill each other. Why anyone thinks he wants to disarm us is ridiculously ‘sheeple’ propaganda. We do not have to worry about the martial law but the law of darwin.

      They didn’t have to send the military into New Orleans. They did to see what was going on. What they did was not show up. So when the shit hits the fan, the troops will be gone and we will fend for ourselves. Better know your neighbors.

      • I would imagine you had all those items a long time ago. I just figured out my pack won’t hold all the stuff I’ve got for it. Bummer! Bigger pack or less stuff?

  4. -the two minute warning-

    What we know about the fictional USA is pretty well fact. We are a fiction, a fraudulent entity in the societal system and commerce arena. The entire structure is based upon us opting in and contracting on a regular basis.

    I have said over the last eight years, we are on our own. That’s how you escape the system. Reverse the principal-agent relationship. Though the law is only for fictional entities like us, government officials know how to game the system. Sovereign know as well. Your goal is to become persona non grata to the system that enslaves you by your own consent.

    So Bundy is all about this and the modern militia movement. That is what they fear and why “Change” is coming.


    The old one allows too much space for us to navigate and too much freedom when we know what is what. When Lois Lerner took the fifth, the IRS lost all credibility. So goes the rest of the FEDS. That is why they have the ammunition.

    Not a billion rounds of ammo, but the ammo in technology to finally destroy the evidence and settle the ledgers. 99% of the people have no clue how the program will evolve. It will evolve with bluebeam and opting into a new system not of GOD, country or man. As any fiction represents, it’s about your consent. The Mark is your consent. You will never see it coming if you don’t know what you are looking for.

    When the sky turns green and the land turns blue, will the oceans turn red? So it is revealed. Meanwhile we can all order dominos and sit in front of wifi and watch the games. The Mormons can instigate the misfortune, but we can either opt out or give in. It’s a brave new world.

  5. So begins the 2016-2017 conversion. It starts with a stroke from Barry and his pen. The real weapon of mass destruction.

  6. More Flying Economy Bullshit:


    I bet he just wanted some fried chicken.

  7. Went to find some topographic maps and found this:

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Google Maps Engine has been discontinued. We want to thank all our loyal Google Maps Engine customers.


    The Google Maps Engine team
    Frequently-asked questions

    What will happen to my Google Maps Engine data?

    All data stored with Google Maps Engine will be systematically deleted from Google servers.
    Will there be any way to retrieve my subscription data from Google in the future?

    No — all data stored in Google Maps Engine will be permanently and irrevocably deleted. Google will not be able to recover any Google Maps Engine data for any user after February 1st, 2016.

    Wonder Why?

  8. The Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth just sent out an e-mail asking for big ideas on how to spread the message, so I sent them a link here and described M’s efforts, including shouting out his car window that 911 was an inside job.

    Hope someone emulates you!! Hope we’re not too far down the toilet for it to do any good.

    • Not only are we too far down the toilet we’ve been sitting in the septic tank for years.

      Truth be told all of us have simply been going through the motions. Whistling past the graveyard as it where.

      There was a man about 2-months ago that came by my rig with his wife who claimed to be Reagan’s personal bodyguard. During our conversation about coming events he had this answer for several of my questions. “You can not stop an avalanche.” His contention being that there is no way we can stop the destruction that is coming.

      I believe him.

      • He’s right. And this particular sh*tstorm is so big that there is no place you can go to get out of its way. All we have are hunkering techniques being discussed in various corners of the web. Japan just signed the TPP, which will bring Monsanto to our backyard with its motley crew of lawyers when Japan takes the next logical step and gets an IMF loan, gives the payola to the usual gang, and leaves the citizens holding the bag. A really bad sign of things to come is biomass energy people scavenging for wood. That foretells a future of bald mountaintops with severe flooding and erosion.

        For the time, living rurally and quietly like Patrick is probably the safest bet. They can’t detail someone to follow you without the entire county talking about it. Nonetheless, if I could still tolerate the environment (my immune system crashes wherever wifi is too strong), I’d go to Tokyo more frequently and talk to folks. I have to hear the results of that sort of thing second-hand.

        A lot of folks that are aware of the impending collapse of modern society have taken the step of moving to the orient. It’s not going to be that great over here either, smiling, rendition-friendly Thailand for example, but Buddhism and Confucianism have certain ameliorating virtues. China and India have been around long enough to know a lot about pathocracy and collapses.

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