Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 29, 2016

Davos, Le Revenant, Malheur and 2016






Ranching Standoff

– This photo taken from an FBI video shows Robert “LaVoy” Finicum after he was fatally shot by police Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 near Burns, Ore. A video released Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 by the FBI of the shooting death of a spokesman for the armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge shows the man reaching into his jacket before he fell into the snow. The FBI said the man had a gun in his pocket. (FBI via AP)








  1. It’s just way too obvious that this is Jade Helm and UWEX16. It smacks of the French Connection. From Charlie Hebdo to Bataclan to UMPQUA and MALHEUR, Le Cercle revolves around the Tavistockian Mind Control and Hollywood magic kingdom.

    The Oregon trail to NWO is pretty well defined by what we are assaulted with by these Oscar Winners. So why don’t we all tune out of the awards this year. Since Black Lives matter and the Ferguson MO experiment and expedition for the New World we have been played time and time again by the freaks of Holyrood.

    Hail Caesar!

  2. Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

  3. Zika Guillen-Barre: USAMRID / FT. DETRICK BIOWEAPON?

  4. Stage Props confiscated

    Paris: Fake bombs bound for US embassy cause huge scare at Charles de Gaulle Airport

  5. Go look at this morning’s lineup of articles at They cover a number of current events and look interesting.

  6. The ZIKA scam is about water wars. Me thinks that Brazils long drought and equadors disappearing lakes is all about Quantum Corp. Code for the illuminati committee and elites, the FLINT and OHIO contaminations may also contain these special compounds or changes.

    People should get to know Dr. Winn Parker and his work on this. He has a radio show on Saturdays on RBN. Parker Pathways. It’s the best of talk radio.


    Parker’s Pathways Program presentations cover as many as five separate disciplines that vary from each program tied together in knowledge and information that can be translated into survival knowledge and for making decisions for clinical laboratory medicine to following trends that have been invested by markets. Futurist implications are given from peer-reviewed science, medicine and law inclusive of water law, health law, genetic engineering and research, testing and development and evaluations (RDT and E) made for projects that are changing our lives and environments. Advanced work is discussed concerning the Brain Project and the future world war for water. Decisions from Government Agencies are given which can have revelations that are of great value for building new working knowledge for future jobs in the new world that include United Nations sustainability paradigms.

  7. The videos I’ve seen show Mr. Finicum was shot in the abdomen first by the “agent” in front of him, as he had his arms in the air. It is likely a different “agent” than the one they almost plowed over near the eight front of the vehicle. By driving hard left into the snow bank they saved that “agent” from serious injury.

    You can imagine the “agents” screaming at him to keep his arms up, as they shot him in the abdomen. He reaches quickly to the area of the wound. With commands continuing to be screamed to “keep your hands up”, he tries, but is either shot again in the guts or winces/genuflects at pain from the initial gut shot reaching again to his left side (photos have shown he carried a revolver on his right hip (never went for the gun). The “agent” coming from behind and to the left delivers the killing head shot from extremely close range, while Finicum tries to comply with commands to keep his hands up. Execution of “Patriot” completed.

    Observation — Nobody can keep their hands aloft when gut shot. That was a “strategy” used to create the scenario of “he went for his gun”…which he did not. A center mass chest shot would have taken him down. So, we can assume the gut shot was planned. The “agents cannot be that poor of aim at that range. By shooting Mr. Finicum 6 times we can call that overkill; or exactly what was planned.

    Why they shot up the vehicle when no shots were fired should be examined.

    How the people in the vehicle lived when over 130 reported shots were fired into it, is a mystery. The future does not bode well for the remaining holed up 4 individuals, unless 10’s of thousands, or many thousands of citizens show up soon at Malheur.

    How the videos from an FBI plane got released so quickly says not everyone on the “agencies/guv” side are with the “program”.

    Mr. Finicum? Murdered. Posed no threat at the scene.


    Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?

  9. On Zika:

    Jim Stone’s “Report on Zika” erased off of his website at He is putting it back.

    Very Good!:

  10. Jim Stone’s information on Zika is back up at

  11. Autopsy shows unarmed Lavoy Finnicum shot 9 times. Now, there’s no denying this was a planned “execution”; and with 120 shots on the vehicle, that looks like a botched “execution” of the rest of the “Patriots”.

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