Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 25, 2016

“While You Were Sleeping, They Were Conspiring & Acting”

The Thinker in the Gates of Hell by Rodin

Rodin’s “The Thinker” at the Gates of Hell

Evil never sleeps.

2016 Davos Summit

Davos 2016 Netanyahu

Melinda Gates at Davos 2016

CHOOSE NOW!Skeleton Thinker.jpgThe Thinker Under Chemtrail Skies

“The Thinker” under chemtrailed skies.  What are YOU thinking and planning?  What are YOU talking about with your fellow travelers in this war torn, polluted, inhumane world?  Others are planning for your future, whether you act or not.  You know this, right?  Davos & the TPP, & Executive Actions, & Bureaucrat Bungling Will determine Your future and Your children’s — or will You have a say in Your Destiny and the Destiny of the World around Us?

Countries and their people in despair are all around us.  The opposite of psychopathy is required at this time.  It does not happen organically, but with use.  Billions of small actions and determinations made rightly create a positive “wave” that cannot be stopped.

When “The People” decide to Act Together to defend themselves, to create positive actions in the world that do not harm others or the earth and environment itself, only Then will the “will” of a small minority elite become as nothing but dust in the wind.

The iron bands of 10,000 means of “control” are as straw when the majority determines on an individual basis to “not comply” to rules they would never imagine to place upon themselves or humanity to keep it down.  COTO KNOWS…









  1. I never watch network TV, but due to the blizzard I was hunkered under the blankets and scanned for something boring to help me drop off. I tuned into 666FOX and caught the new improved X-Files and what a crock of disclosure.

    If you were lucky to catch this pile of crap you caught one of the better examples of diffusion, deflection, bluebeam and the globalist disclosure I have seen.

    ‘The X-Files’ Season 10 Premiere: A Crazier Mulder Than Usual

    Crazy Mulder and 911. Crazier than ever.

    “Scully was still sporting her small gold cross and improbable heels. Mulder was still cocooned in the Kaczynski-esque existence in which we last saw him in “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” the grim 2008 movie that focused on a clairvoyant pedophile priest. ”

    Kaczynski-esque? Oh most certainly. And according to the DSM-5 manual, he should not own a gun and should be Baker-acted into a full spectrum meds program.

    Saturday, January 23, 2016
    New X-files Series to Reveal: 9/11 Conspiracy, Global Warming, NSA Spying, Chem-trails, Police Militarization, FEMA Camps, and a “takeover of America” by a UN-like group of “multinational elites.”

    Mulder goes on a rant explaining all the CT’s in a one minute babble. Makes him look crazy, medicated and dangerous, just like Theodore Kaczynski. FOX is by far the most pathetically obvious of all the network mind-controllers. Nothing to see there.

  2. Good post by WillyLoman on crappy X-Files.

    The GOP would love to ride this wave to the polls. Such a crock!

  3. So take note of the article that came out right at the time of the X-Files episode

    Letters from a serial killer: Inside the Unabomber archive–inside-the-unabomber-archive-234543736.html

  4. Zika virus set to spread across Americas, spurring vaccine hunt

  5. “Letters” from this purported “Judge” have been cropping up on alt-news sites. Wondering what readers think about this/her:

    “Is the FBI Assembling Death Squads?”

    “2 important letters from Judge Anna to Joint Chiefs and Pope”

    Also, see

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