Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 22, 2016

Did You Think They’d Stop? History says they won’t. The Dick Act Provides “The Stopper”.


“Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell is attempting to fast track a “war powers” bill that will allow President Obama nearly unlimited power to deploy the military anywhere in the world for any length of time – including on U.S. soil.

“The Authorization for Use of Military Force put for­ward by Mc­Con­nell would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy,” Defense One reported.

In other words, the authorization allows the president to deploy the military anywhere at his discretion – both foreign and domestic – for as long as he wants.

Several senators, including Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Whip John Cornyn, were surprised by McDonnell’s decision to fast-track the bill after a year of deep in-fighting over similar measures in the Senate.

“He did?” he asked the Na­tion­al Journ­al on Thursday morn­ing when reporters informed him about the bill.

Even some Senate Democrats have an issue with a new authorization without geographical restrictions placed on the president.

“I’m for the Con­gress vot­ing on an AUMF; of course it de­pends what the AUMF looks like,” Sen. Robert Men­en­dez said Thursday. “I don’t want a blank check.”

It’s also interesting to note McConnell is trying to push through the bill on a Friday as an unprecedented blizzard slams the northeast U.S., including Washington, D.C.” ~ a post by Watchman, at

Interesting Timing to be trying to pass anything with the confluence of chaos cascading around us all.  And, while articles like this are being sent up the Alt. News flagpoles —

ALSO, articles detailing THE DICK ACT OF 1902 are appearing in the altverse  —

Don’t know about the DICK ACT?  Better read it, friend.  Then, you’ll understand why regular ole Americans laugh in scorn at the raft of Unconstitutional “legislation” that is papered about, but which has no force of law, only of threats of force, fines, and fomentation.  Should “obeying the law” be bandied about, it would certainly be provable that political “law-breaking” should come with a price and accountability?

It hasn’t.  But, WE THE PEOPLE believe it will.





    • It would indicate Martial Law this year or a very clever psyop for instigating a rebellion. This I predict comes on the heels of the “Great Bank Bail In” for the USA.

      DAVOS must be a real bizarre place to be. Imagine the DiCaprios and other Holyrood idiots who have no idea their wealth is about to disappear. How is the RESET to happen? CONFISCATION!!!

      Bernie Sanders is praying for it and he is an atheist. 1776 and our vortex 240 years has expired. Unlike the FED RES act, the constitution has played out. No one is going to challenge the global establishment. Not even Rand Paul.

      Ted Cruz exposed

  2. Knowledge Alert! “Deep State” Dark Entity of Bankers in the U.S. described and discussed:

  3. Unfathomable it is to watch the left-right paradigm at it’s apex this year. How can Iowans really play this game anymore. Is Iowa the center of the universe? Is it all aliens living there?

    How can anybody believe we are actually going to have an election? I did not think they could actually manage a national mind-control program but each day I see they have. I find myself often thinking about eugenics and see why they want idiots to stop procreating. Sad but true I fight this mindset everyday now.

    THe two videos you posted here are great info Boomer.

    This is definitely where the West Coast event will take place Juan De Fuca Cascadia and the Semidi Island – Aleutian subduction zone.

    A combo event would be catastrophic

    BRICS and Drones predicted the largest event since 2001 (911)

    This year I predict three events. Indonesia, Iran and China for seismic events and end of change event for Oregon and surrounding shores (the blob works 24/7). What happens in Africa will mean the return of Atlantic storms to Gulf. The diminishing el nino and increasing gulf vortex will give us severe weather in east throughout the year. Florida and Texas are back on the Hurricane Map.

    Time for another major FF for Southeast. Atlanta would be warned to avoid air travel as much as possible. I think the ISIS team has their eye (i) on (9) or Disney Orlando would make a good venue as well. This will sleigh Trump
    and the vortex shift to the established candidate Hillary. I am still predicting no formal election but a quasi-anointment.

    waiting for the Obama moment when he announces it in his cryptic speech just like Bush did with the “Park in Botswana” gaffe. What a queer one, he was.

  4. FOLLOW THE VORTEX and DO THE MATH 3-9-6 and 6-9-3

    Watch and connect Oregon for the Seismic event. Consider the shooting at UMPCC and the Ammon Bundy agenda. Consider the FBI psyop and the bogus or useful idiot alternate media.
    Consider the TRIPLE CROSS and wait for the JADE HELM psyop to manifest itself.

    Remember that the alternative media is largely operated and funded by the hoaxers of the hoax.

    It’s a congame like the Waco Event. All infiltrated to determine how the event will play out. WARGAMING!

    Do you think this is a real event, natural or is it a glorious scam. I choose the latter.

  5. Pete Santilli: FBI Informant/Asset


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