Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 18, 2016

Alt News Headlines Tell “The Story” You’re Not Supposed to Know

Daily Sheeple

Reading around the Alternative News “reality sphere” provides an entirely different reality than that sold by the (MSM) Main Street Media propaganda toilets.  Want to get a more truthful explanation, and grasp of “What’s Going On?!” around the world?  All you’ve gotta do is frequently surf the Alt News Wave, and you’ll be smarter by 10K times than the programmed masses.  Why is everything collapsing in varied countries around the world?  The answer is not complicated.  You may wonder why NO PLACE seems to offer safety economically, physically, or otherwise?  This is a fascinating fact when you consider the extreme expense of nations on surveillance, war materiel, the creation of alphabet “agencies” to “protect” some “thing”.  You’ve probably grasped this has nothing to do with benefiting or protecting “The People”.  How do we know this?  The OBVIOUSNESS of their actions, and the OBVIOUS RESULTS.

What kind of louses must the Big Banks and their management be to end up Bankrupt when they create money out of thin air?  How do you fuck that scam up, the real working people want to know?!   Illegal Bail outs, Bail ins.  Nope, those aren’t going to float no more than they did historically.  So, the elite want the masses to “believe” they can fix things, manage things, when ALL WE SEE is their continuous EPIC FAILURES?!  They’re FIRED!

Tired of LIES?  Try the Truth, or something much closer to it for a breath of fresh air.

Everything must be proven as best you can, by diverse study and careful contemplation if you are going to track the real reasons why everything around us is going to shit.  Today’s sampling below provides some fare explaining what’s behind the curtain.


Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse:

Why the U.S. problems?  Choices, Agendas, Stupidity, and Corruption WE propose as part of the answer.

A fraud calling a fraud…interesting:

Don’t understand the import of this thread?  Read the following articles:

“Week End Rant — New World Order: Public Be Damned, Preferably Dead”  (An article on 9/11 & other planned destructions):

Electile Dysfunction is a psychological condition afflicting too many US citizens. It is the irrational belief that voting matters:

Go HERE for some U.S. financial “off-grid” information:




  1. The Flying Economy has landed and the treachery has begun. The quake map shows that the target of Indonesia Malaysia in wake of TPP is key to the NAU and the south american holdouts.

    Brazil is tanking, India and indonesia too. Follow the BRICS and see the assaults of the dollar on on Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa. The whole economy has just froze other than the Agenda 21 projects. Healthcare, PHarma, ARMS mfg. and weather programs NASA etc. are where the investment is. Survival, in other words, is the game now. I see the commodities sinking even deeper as the Brent Wars continue to bring Import/Export to a stall.

    I am waiting for the China bomb this year. Then real war. Food shortages could be a real possibility and our government has been stockpiling it for five years. If you want any of it it’ll cost you blood and treasure and likely a vaccination.

    If you are not building your survival locker now you are missing the dawn of Armageddon and the eighth harbinger. “The BRICS have fallen”

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