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“GET SHORTY” Excerpts from the script


Who is Sean Penn, Andres Granados, Kate  del Castillo and Shorty Guzman?

translated from GOOGLE INC. at

8:10:38 PM.- M: Forgotten: It’s me, sir.
PM.- 8:15:26 Dad: Hello, friend, what pleasure to greet even for this medium. How have you been?
8:17:25 PM.- M: Forgotten: Okay, how about you?
PM.- 8:19:14 Dad: Forgotten: Well, thank you, eager to personally greet friend. How many days will be
over here?

8:22:06 PM.- M: Forgotten: Well I, the truth, and platicarle in person to our project.
PM.- 8:24:03 Dad: Forgotten: Yes, my friend, how many days you come on vacation?
8:26:45 PM.- M: Forgotten: holidays are not exactly, but I would love to! I have my back on Sunday.
PM.- 8:32:44 Dad: Forgotten: Amiga, really fast: I’m in Sinaloa, will not reach on time, just that you had
to Mazatlan flight because there is nothing else in the morning you can get to my ranch, because it’s
raining every day. What vibe. Make a little room and then you come to Mazatlan. You go to the hotel and
7am you go through and I’ll wait for breakfast, and you go back to another day to Mazatlan. You need
three days to live 24 hours to reach time friend.
PM.- 9:55:16 Dad: Forgotten: Amiga, so if you bring the wine, I’ll take yours too, because I like tequila
and Bucana, but I’ll take you bring the tequila and champagne. I tell you that I am not the policyholder, but
as your presence is going to be something beautiful, because I have really wanted to meet you and
become very good friends. You’re the best of this world. We will be good friends. You agree when you
can return.May it be soon, it’s all waiting for us to prepare in one week. I’ll have everything for super not
going to have any details, I would feel very bad.Have faith that you will be comfortable. I take care rather
than my eyes.
10:11:41 PM.- M: Forgotten: I move too much to tell me you take care of me, no one has ever cared for
me, thanks! And I have free the next weekend!
10:15:38 PM.- M: Forgotten Friend, I have a meeting. I would like to keep in touch.
PM.- 10:16:42 Dad: Forgotten: meeting you right now.
PM.- 10:18:17 Dad: Forgotten: Well, friend, you’re right. ({})
10:20:50 PM.- M: Forgotten: Yes, right now I have to go, but remember that the next weekend I’m
free! Let me know if we can meet then.
PM.- 10:33:50 Dad: Forgotten: I went to his commitment Kati.
10:35:56 PM.- M: Forgotten: Yes sir, is already committed it.
PM.- 10:36:28 Dad: Forgotten: What you said?
10:37:40 PM.- M: Forgotten: Very excited. Surprised.
10:37:54 PM.- M: Forgotten: I do not think so.
PM.- 10:38:12 Dad: Forgotten: Who are the others?
PM.- 10:38:34 Dad: Forgotten: What you said ?, explain.
10:39:44 PM.- M: Forgotten: Co-workers of her, mechudos.
PM.- 10:43:41 Dad: Forgotten: mechudos also come …
10:46:56 PM.- M: Forgotten: No, listen, the mechudos not come.
PM.- 10:48:48 Dad: Forgotten: Ah, as you mention the mechudos …
10:49:21 PM.- M: Forgotten: But she wants to bring the actor Sean Penn.
10:49:45 PM.- M: Forgotten: One of the most famous Hollywood actors.
10:49:45 PM.- M: Forgotten: One of the most famous Hollywood actors.
10:54:56 PM.- M: Forgotten: It says the actor Sean Penn has a very important message and I want to
discuss this in person. This actor, as a curiosity, is the most recognized in the United States.
PM.- 10:56:35 Dad: Forgotten: bring it next week for organizing and either coming up here with me.
10:58:33 PM.- M: Forgotten: So yes bring the girl to the actor?
PM.- 11:02:49 Dad: Forgotten: That brings the actor, and if she sees that you need to bring more
people, bring them, as she likes.
11:06:46 PM.- M: Forgotten: Okay. I think that according to the talk of themselves right now accompany
the van. At least she and two others.The lady is fascinated.
PM.- 11:08:06 Dad: Forgotten: Since it is vacated speak with her.Already got Oscar?
11:09:23 PM.- M: Forgotten: Oscar is here.
PM.- 11:10:24 Dad: Forgotten: pasamelo.
11:11:15 PM.- M: Forgotten: The lady accompanied her to the meeting and is going for long. He was
waiting for a table of 20 people, and tomorrow is another meeting with them. See if you give us a space
for us to attend.
11:12:19 PM.- M: Forgotten: Good evening, at your service.
PM.- 11:14:03 Dad: Mr. Oscar: Good evening. And greet you touched Kati.
PM.- 11:17:31 Dad: Oscar: It is for the Forgotten, or send him directly to Mr. Oscar, see if you answer.
PM.- 11:17:53 Dad: Forgotten: Give priority to Mr. Oscar.
11:18:06 PM.- M: Forgotten: Just answer, there you go.
11:20:05 PM.- M: Forgotten: Yes, there I was with her as a half hour talking, and saying that projects
have very good friends and one of them will drool for coming to talk to G, and has other superbuenas
other things, but that is nothing more to G, and the actor and Kate will know because it says are a
buenisimas supercosas.
PM.- 11:23:22 Dad: Oscar: I wish to agree with her to come these people. So the mechudos longer?
11:29:17 PM.- M: forgotten, along with actor Sean Penn Yes, also mechudos. That is beyond the
Argentine-migo mop. On Tuesday were the lady, the mop and that Sean Penn. The latter has done very
good movies, this is because that will drool coming.
PM.- 11:30:12 Dad: Forgotten: What is the name that actor?
11:34:39 PM.- M: Forgotten: Sean Penn.
11:35:23 PM.- M: Forgotten: The film did 21 grams.
PM.- 11:36:20 Dad: Forgotten: 21 grams, what year did it?
11:41:23 PM.- M: Forgotten: I’m checking the data to give you the exact figure.
PM.- 11:41:40 Dad: Forgotten: Ok.
11:47:47 PM.- M: Forgotten: In 2003 was 21 grams.
11:48:29 PM.- M: Forgotten: Apart is a political activist.
11:49:45 PM.- M: Forgotten: That has been critical of the Bush administration.
PM.- 11:50:37 Dad: Forgotten: That film is the latest.
11:50:44 PM.- M: Forgotten: He now almost does not act. Now it produces films.
11:51:20 PM.- M: Forgotten: and meet almost all Hollywood directors and producers.
11:51:20 PM.- M: Forgotten: and meet almost all Hollywood directors and producers.
PM.- 11:51:27 Dad: Forgotten: What will the new that has occurred?
11:53:30 PM.- Pope: Forgotten: Okay come to speak personally licensed. The accompanying you
convince the lady but it’s the other weekend.
PM.- 11:53:57 Dad: Forgotten: O weekday, no matter the day. Tell.
PM.- 11:54:07 Dad: For forgotten.
11:56:53 PM.- M: Forgotten: I think it was the last because now produces. He went from actor to
producer. Okay, we will reach an agreement with the lady.
PM.- 11:59:59 Dad: Forgotten: They agreed with her. They have breakfast to keep talking about what
are the best Black. Much are the nicest to command early for you to give and chat with her.
0:03:54 AM: Dad: Forgotten: What are those who go out of style?
0:05:58 AM: M: Forgotten: debut as a producer on the film The Indian Runner in 1991 after giving The
Clousing guard in 1995 and 2001. The pledge on both starring Jack Nicholson.
0:08:46 AM: M: Forgotten: I know what I’m checking, please allow me, as I send the data of the
0:10:27 AM: Dad: Forgotten: O iPhone or tablet, a new phone but iPhone tablet.
0:18:47 AM: M: Forgot Blackberry Leap is the latest, and is the size of aminilap. Their system is the
most sophisticated in the business area. Its battery guarantees 25 hours duration. IPhone 6 Plus is the
best and the latest.
0:21:12 AM: M: Forgotten: The Samsung 6 Edge is the most sophisticated of all telephony
platforms. Your system is Android and features the latest in technology.
0:21:28 AM: M: Forgotten: Black Your costs do not appear to me.
0:22:44 AM: M: Forgotten: The iPhone 6 is from $ 14 to $ 16,000, depending on capacity.
0:23:23 AM: M: Forgotten: The Edge Samsung May costs about $ 16,000.
0:23:28 AM: Dad: Forgotten: And the Galaxi?
0:24:19 AM: Dad: Forgotten: What will be the sight is more beautiful?
0:24:29 AM: Father: For forgotten.
0:26:46 AM: M: Forgotten: The Galaxi and was, at the time was one of the best. In my humble opinion,
the Samsung 6 Edge.
0:27:05 AM: Dad: Forgotten: The future look at what hours? I imagine that when it comes to food, and
who knows what time Kate lie.
0:28:13 AM: M: Forgotten: But if you’re going to have better liaison I say the Blackberry Leap. But as you
0:28:57 AM: Dad: Forgotten: That Black, what’s it worth?
. 0:32:18 AM M: Forgotten: I do not know what time is vacated because he had a mass about 11 am,
and then a meal. And I have the Blackberry price data. But tomorrow is the quote in Telcel.
0:37:07 AM: Dad: Forgotten: Rest, and 9 pass me the price please. And you give it. Since you buy
it. Rather, let us give surprise because if he is told before not going to say next, and so convince her
because you take it with you. We will see what colors are there to buy a colored woman. May they rest
until morning. On the other hand, you who have experience, what do you think, how to solve the unit?
11:29:47 AM: Dad: Lic: Forgot / or Mr. Oscar: Good morning, how are you?
11:29:47 AM: Dad: Lic: Forgot / or Mr. Oscar: Good morning, how are you?
11:30:06 AM: Dad: Preference to lic …
11:32:17 AM: M: Lic. Óscar: Good morning. Here we walk, looking for a good team.
11:39:11 AM: Pope: Lic. Oscar: Okay. Money, what number you put it to buy it right now? The lady, and
today have not seen it, what did they?When they become to see?
11:44:00 AM: M: Lic. Oscar: Yes, today. There we are, and right now we give the account number.
11:44:39 AM: Dad: Lic. Oscar: Okay.
11:45:01 AM: Dad: Lic. Oscar: But you gave me no response from the lady …
11:45:13 AM: Dad: Response
11:47:09 AM: M: Lic. Oscar: The lady is resting. He went to bed at about 6 in the morning. He sent a pin,
that just would retire to rest.
11:51:06 AM: M: Lic. Oscar: 5204 1646 9276 3094. Banamex, the name of Javier Granados Flores. $
11:54:13 AM: Dad: Lic. Oscar: What Black will buy?
11:55:49 AM: M: Lic. Oscar: BB Z30.
11:56:24 AM: Dad: Lic. Oscar: It is the most modern.
PM.- 12:31:13 Dad: Mr. Oscar: How much it costs for depositarte right now?
PM.- 12:31:26 Dad: Lic. Oscar: What color there?
12:33:11 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: It costs 13,000 pesos. There is nothing black and gray.
PM.- 12:34:24 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Rosita no ?, because if there Rosita, you buy silver.
12:39:23 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: No, no roses, hear.
PM.- 12:46:35 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Buy gray, if no rosette. Ask at the store in what colors came out, and
other colors looking at another store please. Since you spend so buy me the pin so you deliver
PM.- 12:52:51 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Talks to the midwife who is beloved. I appreciate that, and the husband,
but did not discuss it we’re going to see, since she was the DEA has seized all the equipment, and the
house has cameras DEA to see who the visit. That you will do the reviews.
12:53:59 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: I asked four customer service centers, and only came in black and
gray. Because they were put protectors and change color.
12:57:15 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Okay. Listen, I tell you right now that of Oxxo.
PM.- 12:57:28 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Okay. In 15 to check the Forgotten to take out the money.
PM.- 12:58:09 Dad: Lic. Oscar: It is Kati, not for the Oxxo.
1:15:06 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Okay. In a little while I inform you that to the Oxxo. Right now we are already
heading to the K lady, because she woke up and we will deliver the BB gray.
PM.- 1:16:24 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Pass the pin number for you to deliver connected.
2:25:17 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Since the lady retired.
2:26:16 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: That maybe today is emptied at night, morning and return to their place of
PM.- 2:26:24 Dad: Lic. Oscar: A Mass?
PM.- 2:27:18 Dad: Lic. Oscar: And he was given the Black?
PM.- 2:27:18 Dad: Lic. Oscar: And he was given the Black?
2:31:31 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Well, I think it goes to a meal, and hence does not know, but I think today is
unoccupied. Yes we’ll take it, nothing but bring not charge the battery, and while chatting the was loading
but occupies 20 percent of the stack and only takes 14 percent, but would load on the road to food and
when I have that amount it will accept.
PM.- 2:41:02 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Okay, to send the invitation. And do not pass also tell you Chente woman.
2:48:36 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: I told him and say yes, no care, anyway she did not believe convenient to
talk because when it was the mischief the lady was with some friends and went out and went with her
godmother, and she began taking tequila the midwife and she, and started dancing the two.
PM.- 2:51:07 Dad: Lic. Oscar: The midwife is cheerful.
PM.- 2:52:54 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Since the load grip you say, avisas to send the invitation. You tell the lady
what time I’ll be able to send message and I do not want to send message without her authorization time.
PM.- 2:59:48 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Kate Tell tequila when we will come and dance, as well comentale.
3:53:02 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: The lady says the day 2 is available for cuddle. They are two and she, 3.
PM.- 3:57:44 Dad: Lic. Oscar: That very well. Tell him I’ll gladly waiting.
3:59:42 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Ok, earrings. I report.
PM.- 4:00:16 Dad: Lic. Oscar: How do you call the director to come to the lady?
4:02:44 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Sean Penn, and Argentina is called José.
PM.- 4:09:55 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Here I am seeing Sean Penn internet …
4:14:46 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Yes, that man before I was an actor, and now a writer and producer. The
lady who is more than chingón made The Godfather says.
4:14:59 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Ok. Let asked.
PM.- 4:15:50 Dad: Mr. Oscar: Okay.
8:08:36 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Hey, another thing: the lady … will both go mechudos, the Penn and she, a
total of 4. To be aware, and go to the pharmacy on the 2nd, it’s Friday.
10:20:29 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: The lady and we will not see, hear, because when he left and went to see
their commitments, and if early out would change his flight to leave as soon as possible to settle their
outstanding things because then told us that were already waiting for their friends to plan the coming, and
that is next Friday.
10:23:12 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: She already said goodbye to us as at about 2 pm.
PM.- 10:25:06 Dad: Lic. Oscar: Okay. On Friday you’ll Black. You return you home today.
10:36:38 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: Yes, I walk around here. Hey, the berry and what it brings. Already
loaded. If you would like to send the invitation again.
10:36:58 PM.- M: Lic. Oscar: I send it back, hear, and I received it appears that yes, we just need to
PM.- 10:38:24 Dad: Lic. Oscar: I just need to accept the invitation as it was received.
PM.- 10:52:33 Dad: Lic. Oscar: accept When you warn me beautiful to chat with her.
10:52:46 PM.- M: He says, hey.
10:54:05 PM.- M: I accepted, let him hear.
10:54:13 PM.- M: I accepted.
PM.- 11:00:36 Dad: Pretty Hi, friend, how are you? What a pleasure to greet you, even for this medium.
11:06:11 PM.- M: Guapa: Finally. I could not connect. Please send me sooo modern appliance! How are
PM.- 11:08:46 Dad: Guapa: Good friend, thank you. How good that you liked. I say you graduate you fired
them, you’ll be on Friday with friends. What good, I am happy to greet you personally. I finally will.Thanks
PM.- 11:10:11 Dad: Give preference to Guapa.
11:23:44 PM.- M: Guapa: Thanks to you I will meet you, and do not know the emotion I feel. Thanks for
your confidence. I’ve been trying to make an important team with real people, respected in Hollywood. I
want you to listen … But regardless of our project, I get very excited to see you in the eye, in
person. THANKS. For me the most important is that you feel comfortable without any compromise at all,
and I tell me what you think after our meeting. I suppose that I will receive instructions about where to go
and all the details.
PM.- 11:28:57 Dad: Guapa: Amiga, go to Sinaloa. Have confidence that all is well, if not, do not invite. I’ll
take care, that you’ll see when you come, I will touch you take your tequila. As I mentioned, I am not the
policyholder, but you take for the sake of be living with you. Thank you very much for being such a fine
person. How beautiful you are, friend, in all aspects.
11:46:52 PM.- M: Guapa: I confess that I feel protected first. Already you know my story when we have
time to talk, but for some reason I feel safe and I know you know who I am, not as an actress or public
person but as a woman, as a person. I take my tequila to share with you, because it is a dream that I
was playing comply. And thank you. See you soon, buddy. Blessings.
PM.- 11:51:38 Dad: Guapa: Thank you, friend. One question: please tell me at what time I can send you
message to not distract from your busy schedule you have. Please you tell me, I do not feel bad, I know
of commitments, so you tell me what time do not interrupt.
12:13:23 AM: M: Guapa: I leave tomorrow to Los Angeles at 9:00 am and I will be alone all day at
home. You can write me anytime after 11 am ET LA, which is two hours behind Mexico. At that time I’ll be
landing, but as quiet and lonely. In the week I’m very quiet too. Except on 1 October, I’ll be filming all
day. If you write me and did not answer soon, it’s safe because I’m in something, but will answer as soon
as possible.
12:18:23 AM: Dad: Guapa: Thanks friend, it will. I’ll mark it on the schedule that you tell me, friend. Thank
you for being such a good person. I wish you a good trip. You’re well today and always. See you soon
12:38:13 AM: M: Guapa: soon;)
10 OCTOBER 2015
10:25:59 AM: 1: Hello, friend, sorry, was asleep. Good trip, I wish with all my heart. We are waiting. I love
3:54:07 PM.- Ermoza: very tired, but already here, working 🙂
3:54:34 PM.- Ermoza: What about you, how are you?
4:15:44 PM.- 1: Okay, friend, then came to rest, relax, friend.
4:18:37 PM.- Ermoza: lol, I love it, but have to eat = ‘(.
4:22:00 PM.- Ermoza: and do not sleep much since I saw you, I’m excited about our history … is the
truth. It’s the only thing I think …
truth. It’s the only thing I think …
4:29:42 PM.- 1: I tell you I’m more excited about you that in history, friend.
4:35:07 PM.- Ermoza: lol, I love to know.
Ermoza PM.- 4:54:19: I chiveaste, friend;).
5:10:18 PM.- 1: It’s the truth, friend. What you tell me your partner?What are those men doing?
5:27:51 PM.- Ermoza: !, are excited waiting for what follows, just like me!
5:40:25 PM.- Ermoza: and ended Makeover me, now I’m going to open a film festival here … I do not want
to take me because it seems risky, since my other devices I have to take on. .. For if you see me
Ermoza PM.- 5:40:53: I hope not finish so late today …
5:41:10 PM.- 1: Here hope when you like. You told me that the first week of November, here will be on the
lookout for them and will have the tequila ready to take it, friend, I will give much pleasure to serve them,
5:45:28 PM.- Ermoza: yes, we want, but first my companion wants to go to Washington and New York
with what you’re going to send news to bring.
Ermoza PM.- 5:54:38: I write if not late at night when you return = – *
6:03:26 PM.- 1: We’ll see how to make them arrive this week. You go to work, you abandon it as we chat,
friend. Be fine.
23 OCTOBER 2015
11:41:27 AM: 1: V good morning. Happy Birthday wishes you who appreciates you and loves you: your
friend. I hope you’re having a great time in company of your own. I wish you well today and always.
3:46:20 PM.- Ermoza: what good birthday !!! Thank you! We embrace and soon.
24 OCTOBER 2015
1:58:45 PM.- 1: Good afternoon, how is the good of this world and the most intelligent woman, I admire a
lot? I handed the phone to the lawyer you talk to him you tell him who gives memory of the photos,
friend. This is the phone 5565173626.
2:03:10 PM.- Ermoza: lol, thanks !!! Hello, beautiful friend, I call him, will be a number of USA, I call
today! Take care! And thanks = – *
2:10:32 PM.- 1: Thank you, friend, for your good wishes. Be fine. Your friend wants you. Bye.
Ermoza PM.- 2:13:59: I love my friend, bye.
29 OCTOBER 2015
10:15:23 PM.- 1: Dude, you have to see us. Everything will be quiet if he was not sure would not invite
you. I want you to interview lords and ladies of my ranch. I tell my mom wants to meet you. I told you. Do
not be discouraged, nothing happens. All I have to 100.
31 OCTOBER 2015
3:44:16 PM.- Ermoza: a lawyer who would favor a large signing bonus if what you proposed my
companion can be done, that’s him and I think back on Wednesday.
4:04:30 PM.- 1: I hear you, and if you tell me that this is better, go ahead, I have every confidence in you
and what you counsel me know what is right.
4:13:20 PM.- Ermoza: thanks for the confidence, I hope that this second proposal can be done! I’m
warning you.
4:19:26 PM.- 1: It’s fine. Then on Wednesday already you know something about your friend, both of the
4:19:26 PM.- 1: It’s fine. Then on Wednesday already you know something about your friend, both of the
firm as it was to do with the memory that made you get. That you tell me how it went, by fa.
4:23:31 PM.- Ermoza: Of course! If I know something before I’ll let you know, okay?
4:34:45 PM.- 1: Thanks friend. Would you come then to assist, so tell me what you like to eat to get you
ready to meet my friend, the good of this world and the most beautiful. We are waiting. I love and admire
2:43:01 PM.- Ermoza: hello, friend.
9:53:02 PM.- Ermoza: great! And you? I have very good news! I’m very happy. My companion did
something super! The lawyer did not answer me, but I want to search this name: Joshua Dratel, this
man accepted without charge represent pro bono !!!
10:07:16 PM.- 1: How good friend. That is very good news for me and my children. When will it be
me? Tell me, Turn around and talk personally.
10:09:21 PM.- Ermoza: Yes! We need a number where this man can communicate with whom you ask,
the lawyer or someone else, and give forth 🙂
10:24:02 PM.- 1: Yes, tomorrow I will talk to a licensed for mandártelo, to talk personally. Would you
come and to which the lawyer is me speaking personally, my friend. Now come on in, I have too eager to
assist you as it should be, friend. You’re the best of this world. I have to pay you what you’re doing for me
and my children.
NOVEMBER 9, 2015
8:57:21 PM.- Ermoza: Or maybe if I took this photo Blackberry article and you command here? Tell me
what you think of this, please.
8:57:21 PM.- Ermoza: passenger and wrote the article and has secured the cover we spoke, you just
have to approve it before it goes live! I’ll see how to send him to Mexico with someone with several
questions we want to answer and you record telling you what you want to know the world, we must begin
so until we see how it is arranged about the second part, why urges number!
8:57:21 PM.- Ermoza: my companion told me I have good tire and expect me to take you. I can not risk
you now, it is too dangerous, even though we both want to see and fulfill the mission you ordered me.
8:57:21 PM.- Ermoza: friend, is very important, the person will need help a number in Mexico.



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