Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 14, 2016

BREAKING: Harney County Fire Chief Resigns. FBI Caught Posing As Militia At Local Armory

Really?  The FBI caught posing as militia in the Oregon “escapade”?

Are Americans surprised?  Hardly.

Good video of an honest man spotlighting the dishonest perpetrators of lawlessness.


BONUS:  Gerald Celente commenting on Obama’s SOTU:

Some info on the Iranian “capture” of U.S. boat {Bullshit being called}:

From William Mount:

Here is definitive proof that US Forces attempted to initiate a Bombing Campaign on Iran to initiate WW3 this very day”.  2 Men in a Rowboat “capture” 2 heavily armed U.S. boats and their crews.  STUNNING & EMBARRASSING!  Except it is another *FAKE* propaganda report.




  1. 1994, the Agenda 21 team went to work planning the takeover of the wet and wildlands as part of the project. Just as the ICLEI has invaded states, so has the corrupt three letter agencies. BLM, FBI, FCC, FDA, EPA, ATF, DOT etc and then they merged with the MSM. When this occurred it brought the psyop and disinfo factor, which now we see on a regular basis.

    Project “ROSEBUD” is the real killer of truth. We can no longer accept anything from main stream or alternate currents of information are true. It has to come down to a truth media militia. Thousands of reporters to be on site with phones, cameras and eye-witnesses to provide the real story.

    This stupid Sean Penn CHAPO and Charlie Sheen crappo are just media and holyrood prefabs to divert the idiot masses away from the real program.

    1. abolish family
    2. abolish private property
    3. abolish inheritance
    4. abolish religion
    5. abolish independence (sovereignty)
    6. abolish patriotism

    The Bundy/Hammond has all six in full display. Since Waco we must assume all militia has agencies in the ranks. These global criminals would not miss or pass over the movement without their agents inside. When the cra hit the fan as planned in WACO, the only dead were the ones not in the production. Bubba Clinton and Reno were good but Barry Soetoro and his lover Eric Holder were better.

    P.S. You could see the chemtrail effects in the fire chief’s statement. I am having those brain-farts more and more lately.

  2. We can expect another 3-69 death in the near future

    First David Bowie – 69
    and now
    Alan Richman – 69

    whos 69 or going to be 69 in the next week?

    Alan Rickman, Actor Known for ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Die Hard,’ Dies at 69

    This is the economy sacrifice by illuminati. 1946

    WHO was born in 1946???

    Place your bets! DONALD TRUMP is 69….hmmmm?

    Probable a woman I expect.

  3. Mardi Gras is coming-up.

    The FBI has been going door-to-door here giving the “if you see something say something” routine. This is a 1st.

    The Gras has always been a soft-target. Perhaps this year they sacrifice one of their gods? Will it be REX? Comus? Muses?

    The longer I live the more amazed I am that we’ve made it this far.

    • My only Gras and intersect with it was in 1979 Michael. I spent the whole time watching. I suspected it was as advertised. Sacrifice to Mars on Tuesday. But Monday is for the Lunatics. Wednesday is for healing.

      After a year of living in GODS world the option for one day of hellion havoc helped exorcize the demons and keep them at bay. Nowadays, they operated 360 days a year. It’s the coming 11th anniversary of Katrina that makes me wonder what they have ‘in store’

      nawlins is one of the best beta cities for the NWO and you are in primetime my friend. As always take care with the loonies that may be crawling from Barry’s behind as we speak. Falling on 2-9 this year makes me suspect.

      Love the Hammond!

  4. As predicted, the weaponization of Cannabis is going on. Never leave the French out of this.


    French drug trial leaves one brain dead and five critically ill

    Have you ever wondered how formidable the I$I$ killers will be when they attack? Superhuman?

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