Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 9, 2016

Throwdown and Showdown

Obama and company have thrown down the Gauntlet

Philly cop shooter: “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. That is why I did what I did.”

That’s why I did what I was brainwashed to do. Gangstalked and drugged, given a gun, alleged to be stolen from a cop.

He fired 11 shots reportedly but never hit the target. Many at point blank range. What I like about the Joo-joo-bees and this obvious staged event is the utterly fantastic circumstances that come with these Freemason Fraternal Order of International global police stagings.  This one is really out there.

I expected a much larger event in Philly after the Black Pope Bergoglio came to sanctify the city of Freemason Love in the cradle of freedom. Right after Obama’s ridiculously  obvious town hall staged ‘invitation only’ Delphi Event, the MK-Delta’s are crawling out of their hives with their handlers and running amok.

While not classifying the shooting as a terrorist attack, police said Friday the man arrested after shooting and wounding a police officer in an ambush in West Philadelphia Thursday night confessed he acted “in the name of Islam.”

Police Commissioner Richard Ross at the same time revealed the weapon used to wound Officer Jesse Hartnett was a police 9mm semiautomatic pistol stolen in 2013 from an officer’s home.

Really?   This guy broke into a cops house to get the gun? A real neat little fiction for this narrative. Lets get those “smart guns” in the books huh?  If a DSM-5 looney can walk into the home of a cop and get his gun we had better put them all in a safe.  It is likely the gun was bought, given to him and reported stolen by one of the thousands of bad cops in the Freemason Fraternal Order. Philly is loaded with these criminals in blue. When I was an investigator, we used to call that a ‘throw down.’ The cop would report it stolen then sometime later it would get into the hands of a patsy or used by a murder for hire to kill another cops wife to save money in a divorce.

Edward Archer Jesse Hartnett ISIS Islamic State Shooting Philadelphia Cop Terrorism

You gotta love smiling Archer and this poor doughboy


2. Archer’s Mother Says Her Son Has Been ‘Hearing Voices in His Head’

Delco mom of suspected cop shooter tells The Inquirer’s @MariSchaefer: “He’s been hearing voices in his head.”



  1. Hillary now a confirmed criminal: Whoa: Hillary e-mail instructs aide to transmit classified data without markings.

  2. Finally had a chance to watch this. Excellent!

  3. Hillary and Benghazi: Working for the Global Crime Syndicate

    Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.


    This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French. franc (CFA).

    My prediction for Gaddafi’s death march 2011

    Operation Gladio-B and the stay behinds. Why the SATO counter to NATO was a major risk. Why the African Union and Gaddafi’s plan to kcik the west out was a risk. And why the redistribution of wealth was always a factor.

    Clinton Bush Crime Syndicate: They are all killers!!!

  4. Jeffrey Epstein is a dead man. Now that “investigators” are opening up on Mr. Clinton’s multiple dalliances at the “orgy island” of Epsteins, and Rush Limbaugh just discussed this issue on Friday — I wouldn’t give Mr. Epstein, the convicted pedophile, a plugged nickel for his life. It as intimated on Limburger’s show, that Epstein might implicate “bigger fish” like Mr. Bill. That’s a death sentence from the Clinton cabal. Watch and see how long Epstein keeps breathing. Hillary and Bill’s continued freedom from jail and worse may very well hinge on Epstein staying “silent” on Bill’s multiple excursions (over 10 recorded) via Epstein’s private jet to the island.

    Epstein has a sweet deal for his jail sentence, serving 8 hrs a day in a “private wing”, then going home and staying overnight in his multi-million dollar mansion. New charges of pedophilia may be brought. All this, discussed in the open by Limbaugh. Limbaugh might also be putting a target on himself by discussing these things on air, at this time.

    • We might think in the abstract here Boomer.

      Bill Clinton’s life may not be worth a nickel. Epstein is a kabbalist and if others like Alan Dershowitz were there for games, then maybe it’s Bill who dies and re-jumpstarts Hillary’s numbers.

      Maybe Epstein was a Clinton killer by design. We know that Lewinski was a Mossad honeypot and that may give them some options for the election. The cold war layer says that Israel would not like Trump and rather see Hillary or Bush, maybe Rubio or Christy, but I suspect all have wailed at the wall except the Park Avenue Hillbillies.

      It’s amazing that every politician in DC is now under blackmail and extortion. That’s the prerequisite for joining the Pac. You have to wonder how many of them went to Fantasy Island?

      May 2014 Header – Little Saint Jeffrey Island

      • Yes, that is a probable take on the situation to consider.

    • The World’s Leading Kabbalist, Guru to Billionaires, Is Going to Jail
      Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto was once the powerful head of a multimillion-dollar empire and spiritual adviser to the likes of LeBron James. Now he’s going to prison for bribery.

  5. Here’s a story of another insane “lone wolf” “terrorist”…


    • A perfect TRIAD huh? Big Pharma gets his money then Obama and the FEDS get his guns. What a racket this DSM-5 is going to net. The MSM gets their payday and the USA INC. Prison Institution and stakeholders get a stock bump. Such a deal!

      Lunesta and Cymbalta


      THis could shed some light on why the system and FEDS “targeted” Stackert. Seems he knew his shit on legal case when he lost custody of kids and was going after the criminal judge and state.

  6. If it’s “SMART” it’s surveillance!

    Researchers In Japan Develop Sensor That May Detect Cancer From Breath

    In the future, it may become possible for an individual to easily check their health by connecting a sensor to a smartphone or other device. There are also hopes that the nation’s growing medical expenditures could be curbed by the early detection of disease.

    They can’t cure it, but they sure know how to spread and detect it.

  7. My article on Guzman comes back to bite me. A Holyrood spectacle.

    Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Gave Interview to Sean Penn

    El Chapo to El Trumpo. It’s all theater from behind the blue door.

    Chatham House Tavistock – The Royal Theater for International Affairs.

  8. A sampling of today’s reading around at sites such as rense, rumormillnews, blacklistednews, beforeitsnews, etc. provides a pretty clear picture of the corruption/lying/& worse accusations swirling around candidates for the next pResidency. Like Charlie Brown’s “Pig Pen’s” dirt cloud that follows and envelopes him everywhere he goes, we might start calling this 2016 Selection the “Super Bowl of Corruption” in Amerika.

    From agency plants to czars, to “consultants” like Kissinger, Zbig Brezinski, the PNAC crowd, and on & on the toilet bowl swirls with criminality. Corporate Politiks resembles a mafia association with deep roots into some of the darkest spots on earth.

    And, Americans are told to “vote” for creatures inhabiting this stratum of policy-making which in no way whatsoever resembles or reflects The People’s Interests. You can only get turds out of toilet bowl when fishing, so we have all been sold out by these toilet swirl surfing treasonous filth.

    As many folks have come to the same conclusion; burning it all down, and starting over with commonsense lawful principles that work “for” and protect Americans is the only solution. Tossing all of the onerous scams like the Federal Reserve, 2 party voting, TSA, HLS, IRS, and on & on into the dustbin of history would be the only viable solution to purge and cleanse the collective colon of this former Republic.

    Its way past time to stop empowering this system-of-control. Flush, repeat, flush, repeat, add lye, scrape the bowl, flush, repeat, toss entire repugnant mass into burn pit. Light afire, stand back, raise hands into air, and watch generations of corruption go up in smoke. Celebrate true freedom from oppression. Start over, with rules to exclude corruption tainted individuals. Hold to a much higher standard of Truth, Honesty, Representation of the People’s Will, with goals for improvement of humanity’s daily existence. Remove “money” from the process.

    What a bunch of Idiots Americans have dithered down to, to accept such a decrepit, criminal, dark “system” as that which parades daily on the controlled MSM stages.

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