Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 5, 2016

Dancing with Hypocrisy in the Land-of-the-Free?

Whilst contemplating Mr. Obama’s decision to flank the U.S. Constitution and Bill-of-Rights for the umpteenth time, the following question quickly pops into mind — “Isn’t the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION the largest exporter of guns, death, and destruction on the planet?”

THE FACTS answering this question are found in the following article, and will hit you like a Pie-Chart to the face:


Making the assumption in the first paragraph of this thread, using the descriptive adjective, “umpteenth”, is also found to be right-on-the-money straight-shooting when you read the following:

“This would not be the first time Obama has taken executive action on guns. In 2013, after Congress failed to pass gun control legislation following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama signed 23 executive actions and then a few follow-up actions that generally tightened the background check system”.

Quote above found at this link:

Hey!?  “Sandy Hook” has been debunked to death.  Prior to its death, this False Flag of Fiction was seen leaking like a sieve, and couldn’t hold water at all when torpedoed by the Alt-Net-Sleuths who cut through propaganda like a .357 magnum round through ballistic gelatin!  See example here:

O.K., 23 + U.S. Constitution/Bill-of-Rights flanking “executive actions”.

Is more than 1 (1) Illegal, Treasonous (2) inappropriate (3) par for the course (4) impeachable?

We also have to ask the question, “Is an opaque teflon pResident with No History ‘The One’ who can sell sea shells by the seashore?”  In other words, does this guy and this administration have the currency to mystify a majority of Americans, and ultimately render them defenseless in the face of a fascist/communist flavored police state coup-born government?

The People are asking questions.  As they should.  With recent pResidents far surpassing the “legal lie limit” imposed by The People on “The People’s Representatives”, the landscape has long gone surreal.

America blatantly sells other nations more than 3 times the amount of Death Dealing Armaments than their closest competitor (Russia) — then reveals the psychopathic gall to bust another unconstitutional move on The People with carefully considered “executive actions”.

To “MAKE US SAFE”?…really…Bwaah ha ha ha ha!

Its almost “Too illegit to quit!”  Too Big to Jail?  Why, its downright GANGnam STYLE!

(cue MC Hammer & PSY)  Have fun with the video, and consider we’ve been watching a scripted “show” all along.  When all YOUR guns are gone, what have you got?  That’s right.  A recipe for tyranny and genocide.





  1. Regarding the performance by Obama, it is his BEST oscar performance by far.

    FROM 2012 SANDY HOAX – Same crocodile tears

    It was obvious, that the huge SH revelations has Obama & Company worried.

    So let me tell everyone what is ACTUALLY going on.

    THE BIG SHORT!!!!!!

    Selling Trump long. Obama is playing the ridiculous game of gun legislation and while playing the strategy of tension to the hilt. All this is to bring the moral majority to the brink. This is the perfect setup for EL TRUMPO.

    If everyone hasn’t at this point, seen the fix, well it’s just tragic. This is a perfect setup for the “house” Watch what happens as I$I$, Team Obama(Soros) and the Warmonger Right move in the ‘danse Macabre ‘ They are joined so tight at the hip they are in a tango.

    Then sometime in Spring, maybe Summer we get a major fake Islamic (Joo) slaughter of a classroom of pre-teens where they get beheaded, raped, blown away and then we get the next eight years of Bush-Clinton III. A NATO sweep on the middle east and the final regime changes for NWO.

    Watching the theatre of SAUDI A and IRAN is laughable. Birds of a feather like Putin and Obama. Trump can take the helm and be as Bush-like as Hillary, but I bet he blows it for Hillary at the end. If this whole fake drama has any fact, it is that Daddy Bush and Cheney would rather have Hillary than Trump. It’s the bloodline thing.

    It’s humorous to watch the liberals throw the softballs at Trump trying to dunk the clown, but it’s all a stage for Trump to obviate the political correctness that has us all stressed out. Sure we like what he says. I’d say worse if I were in front of the mic but really folks can’t you see how they are setting you up.

    I heard James Kelso call Trump an intellectual giant. WTF? Are you kidding me. That would make Obama, Einstein and Bubba Clinton, Albert Schweitzer.

    This time Obama breaks a capsule in his mouth to bring the tears, where he used an onion substance or irritant on his finger. This dignified morally vacuous whore couldn’t muster a tear for human beings if his life depended on it. But it was a superb performance and worthy of oscar. Sandy Hook, the gift that just keeps giving. Too bad it is just a big box of screws.

    A Rare Moment of Love from Barry

  2. The ‘unhinged’ Oregon protester that the FBI has been tracking for months

    DSM-5 Unhinging the freedom movement. Guns are the tip of the iceberg.

  3. I think “freedom” isn’t a movement. More like a state-of-mind, based on knowledge, true historical knowledge, experience, thoughtful consideration, AND, the antithesis of those those things — trauma, poverty, robbery, defrauded at the hands of “the man”, etc. Veterans might have some insights into freedom versus non-freedom at all.

    No doubt on the tip of the iceberg. The entire container load of schemes and scams being ran on the American Public, and foreign peoples as well, are brutal, full spectrum, and constitute the true terrorism du jour.

    The vast hosts of those that have reached an individual determination (state-of-mind) to choose freedom over slavery and tyranny would constitute a “movement” should they “choose” to “move”. In which direction, and when will this happen “in concert” are the 2 Big Questions we cannot predict.

    But it seems as inevitable the surety that The People WILL Rebel or resolutely go revolution on the defrauders.

    It is interesting that most of The People can and do simply ignore what wafts out of D.C. When brought to the point of being forced to “deal” with the executive paper claims squashing the aforesaid freedom-state-of-mind; that will be when the rubber meets the road. Frankly, I can imagine Millions of people going Ballistic because their cellphones, or IPad, or ability to pay the bills gets totally shut off. Imagine trying to herd/steer just one busy Walmart crowd, when they find out they can’t have the stuff they want and need?! A ZOO!!!

    Loss of basic services like electricity, water, etc. are something else! Being “corralled” on the streets by martial law or the equivalent because of some real Whopper False Flags and Propaganda will terrifically roil a large portion of the herd. “Controlling” THAT is going to be a monumental task, and a failure as well. “Getting the Guns” is also a fail from the concept forward. The attrition rate is just too gigantically steep. And if they bring in blue helmets and/or foreign troops, that too is going to have an unacceptable attrition rate.

  4. Credentialed individuals are speaking out everywhere, and calling it like it is.

    Here are 2 Marines — First guy calls out Hillary for blatantly lying:

    The 2nd guy is a former marine who lays out his reasons for telling the U.S. administrative branch to go fuck themselves. Can anyone argue these guys points?

  5. Twas reading around and came across this by Brandon Smith — by Brandon Smith.

    But that piece is pablum next to this WOW! piece:

    Here’s a couple quotes, but the END is worth the read, and the history and insight and common sense are eye-widening throughout:

    “Sage advice from my Michigan boyhood for the citizen disarmament crowd. . .”
    “Son, let me explain something to you. You don’t poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off.” — Grandpa Vanderboegh’s Rule of Life #32

    “For the government monopoly of force advocates of CSGV, I would like to point out that it is impossible to nuke an idea to extinction, especially on your own soil”.

    “In addition, any federal government of the United States which wishes to make war on its own people must overcome a few statistics unrelated to the Three Percent or 4GW. The United States is made up of 3.79 MILLION square miles with somewhere around 315 million people living there. This makes it the third largest nation in the world by both land area and population. There are, not unimportantly, something on the order of 100 million firearm owners scattered across our vast country and about 200 to 300 million firearms.

    By comparison, Iraq is only 168,754 square miles in area (about the size of the state of California) with only 31 million in population. Afghanistan is a bit bigger with 250,000 square miles in area and a population also of around 30 million. What kind of bloody-minded fool would deliberately ignite an insurgency in a country — especially his own — 9 times larger than both of those combined and containing 5 times the population, many of them armed and skilled at the use of those arms?”

    Make a point to read the entire piece when you can concentrate.

    And Bookmark

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