Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 4, 2016

Google Moves to Blanket 95% of US Land Mass with Microwave Radiation

Very important news and information regarding Full Spectrum Dominance and the coming Bluebeam event. Stay informed and be ready to raise hell.



  1. The Flying Economy is a Patent and TPP scam. This redacted information is incomplete to all but the criminal FCC and leaves us in the dark to what the details of the damage to be done. Climate can never compare t the threat of this type of Government/Corporation conspiracy. The real agenda goes far deeper and you should be warned.

  2. As I predicted or India (BRICS and Drones) Earthquakes and Obama are on target for BRICS countries. Russia, Brazil, India and China. What a year 2015 was and will continue this year.

    6.7 earthquake (HAARP) and as I have stated for 10 years, World War three starts in India and Pakistan.

    India air base attack threatens Pakistan talks, fifth gunman killed

    Global stocks sink after China index dives 7 percent
    Global stock markets start 2016 on grim note as Chinese index dives 7 percent, trading halted–finance.html

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