Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 3, 2016

“NYC was nuked on 911″ in The PAPAMUNDI Files”

“Author and film-maker Peter Valentino says “NYC was nuked on 911″ in The PAPAMUNDI Files”


“It’s been a long while since the Free Planet blog highlighted the efforts of Russian nuke-commander Dimitri A Khalezov to convince everyone in the modern world that a) NYC was nuked on 911 and b) no planes were used. Khalezov’s assertion has always been that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were each brought down by a 150 kiloton 70m deep underground nuke (as part of their original design spec) was big news for a while then NOTHING…

Oh, apart from Judy Wood asking, “Where did the Towers go?”

Now, author and film-maker Peter Valentino has put together a to-camera piece called the Papamundi Files, NYC Final Conclusions in which he discusses the meat & potatoes of his Kissinger Konfessional polemic-omentary Papamundi and the 911 Mechanism or what we know as the Great Magic Show of September 11th 2001″.

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