Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 29, 2015

Damning Chemtrail Photo in SC 12-29-15

The Freakish Weather in the mid-west, which has blown south has been weather-manipulated.  Chemtrails in SC were spread prior to the onset of extraordinary warm temps in the mid-70’s, and subsequently layered on top of the torrential rain the night of 12-28-15 in SC, and started up again the afternoon of 12-29-15.

As an Obvious chemtrail jet had just traversed the sky leaving the plume you see in the photo, I happened to be casting bad thoughts at those who would manipulate the weather causing murderous tornadoes, freakishly warm weather in the south, mass snow events in northern areas, and the makings of merciless flooding already hitting the Mississippi River, when — that full size jet you see in the photo paralleled the recent chemtrail at exactly the same altitude…leaving no contrail whatsoever.

Of course I often witness starting/stopping of chemtrails, ridiculous flight patterns, and blitzkrieg days when they grid out the sky completely, leaving an ugly sick looking gray mess.

The point of this post is to Damn all those who make the BS arguments regarding chemtrails/contrails being water vapor having to do with altitude, temperature, and associated conditions.  All disinfo Hogwash!

No.  Some “air force” is responsible for altering our weather.

The sad news of all the recent deaths and destruction from just this latest round of Freak Weather in the U.S. presents a strong association with ongoing chemtrail operations and ionosphere heating.  In other words, it ain’t normal, and it can be tied to weather manipulation by TPTB.  This means those sanctioning, supporting, and covering up the Obvious ongoing operations bear responsibility.

There is NO PRETENDING that WEATHER MODIFICATION is not HAPPENING anymore.  A number of recent historic storms that impacted the U.S., its population, and infrastructure, have been highlighted by Alt-News weather researchers and laymen alike as “steered” storms, if not actually manufactured and intensified by weather manipulation operations.

You can do your own search for articles published on extreme weather events like Irene (see copied links of ixquick search below), or Katrina, or other events.

Don’t wait for your national or local weather men/women in the MSM news to even hint at the connections.

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2A SC

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2B SC

It is fair to point out to all the grieving families of loved ones lost, and property owners who have lost everything during this Holiday Season of 2015, that the criminals responsible for your loss are Known.  They’re the ones who will tell you there’s no such thing as chemtrails, its a Conspiracy Theory, or whatever else to stymie legitimate inquiry.  You can point up at the chemtrailing jets that plague your skies, and ask your local Sheriff, etc. what they’re going to do to follow the Big White Trails in The Sky to nail those responsible?!

You won’t lack for Witnesses to be interviewed.  Its pretty much the entire population, except for the blind.






  1. Recent articles on this subject:

  2. It is now a solid bet (not Conspiracy Theory) to acknowledge that “governments” internationally lie to their populations as public “policy”.

    With the historical Mega-Lies of 9/11 in America, Fukushima in Japan, and now this nuclear cover-up coming to light in India — — the onus is on We-the-People-Around-the-World to hold their “leaders” and associated agencies liable and accountable for criminality of every color.

    Is there any other choice?

    Those in the areas of the recent weather anomalies in the U.S. would do well to document ongoing weather modification as the devastation and freakish weather continues. Those skilled and tuned into scientific data systems monitoring similar to those used by, and others like can help humanity continue to build the case for gross weather modification by supra-national criminals who profit off of the devastation in innumerable ways.

  3. With the dawn os I$I$, the cabal and committee will drive the DSM-5 to make us lunatics as they openly reject the proof. If they intend on ushering in Agenda 21 and the climate exchange carbon economy, not only will they have to continue to hype it all as conspiracy theory but amp it up as they deliver the HAARPO NINO in the delphi method and disclosure agenda.

    I expect when they decide to go with disclosure as a limited hangout, the culprit will be based upon alien intelligence and some very clever narratives from the sci-copaths and their fiction data. NASA is the largest black hole of disinfo and money. Certainly they will spearhead this along with the usual suspects from the technocrats.

    Meanwhile we will, as usual, be the tin wingnuts. Russia and US can burn any UN ENMOD treaty and just openly admit to the weather manipulation.

    Does it matter that India, Brazil and the BRICS are getting nailed, while Russia is targeting US and UK? The collateral damage are earthquakes in high seismic zones along the plate structures of where they are targeting.

    Irene and Katrina can be attributed to HAARP or Arecibo. At 20 Terawatts isotropic radiation can be a local nightmare and chem-chaff can make a perfect receiver.

  4. The two Bernie-moonbeams I live with and I got into another shouting match over AGW the other day. When I pointed out that Eisenhower started the Dept. of Weather and Climate Modification, and that Ben Livingston advanced the use of weather-weapons, and that the UN passed the 74′ treaty banning the use of weather-weapons, and that they DO EXIST, they finally came around to asking, in another “duh” moment; “Well, why aren’t they using them to fight the droughts?”

    I doubt I will change their minds. They’ll support Sanders and then bite the bullet when he fails, and they’ll vote for Clinton.

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