Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 25, 2015

beware the false compromise

So I was listening to RBN Radio and I happened upon Deanna Spingola’s show. I am not a real fan but was listening to her guest. Then it hit me . Who is this Keith Johnson?

OPED NEWS   Keith Johnson is a critic and debunker of conspiracy theories, particularly those pertaining to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. His work regularly appears in the Newtown Post-Examiner. For many years, Keith was a freelance writer whose articles appeared in the nationally syndicated American Free Press newspaper and on various alternative media websites, including Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Our old friend Rob Kall and one from his stable of disinformation and damage control? So I listened to him and Deanna trash the Sandy Hook conspiracy. This included all contributors to James Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control

We have seen a continuous stream of actors. professed actors, their own admission involved in media and events that all center around the very nature and theme of the events we have seen from Aurora to San  Bernardino but the Sandy Hook event is so far beyond the realm of the official story, that it just blows my mind when I see two people who openly claim to believe in government deception go to these lengths to carry the water for Gladio events like 911 and psy-ops like Sandy Hook.

These are the worst kind of damage control operatives who claim expertise and push a limited hangout type of agenda.  They will claim 911 was likely a conspiracy but refrain from the Israeli connection.  They infiltrate the alternate media, present the same kind of theories as debunking that we use to debunk the official story.  This is to target those who may just be beginning their awakening. They find a comfort spot in the alternative media and pander to powers that be by trying to make it seem we (kooks) believe everything is a false flag or hoax. They spoon feed beginners with this technique while at the same time their funders are also funding operatives and media to throw out completely ludicrous and fabricated material.

An example may include the Sandy Hook child who died twice. These are just too obvious not to require some theory.  So was it Photochopped or staged by media?  I know the Obama admin has real connections to Pakistan as a haven for al-CIAda and ISIS Crisis team ops as in Afghanistan. Most notably with recent terror attacks and the CIA expulsions a few years back. Noah Pozner and Lenny are probably the most prominent point of the Sandy Hook event  for CT’s and yet they used his picture in the Pakistan school shooting?  Please ….I beg you to spare me this kind of blunder. These are always way too easy.

Deception, deflection, interference, ritual technique,  deliberate manipulation, repetition, recycling and deliberate symbology and numerology are all involved in the planning, delivery, narration and synthesis of the process. Jade Helm is all about manipulation of consciousness, information data-mining and controlling the state giving ‘them’ the ability to predict.

In regards to my total theory on Project Bluebeam, my everything answer to the questions remains the same. All we can know is that it is not the official story. Beyond the official story, the real agenda is not a gun grab. So even though I will listen to Alex Jones, Deanna Spingola, Jim Fetzer and others, I try to convey that it is a far deeper agenda. I trust no one and neither should you. I appreciate Jim Fetzer and James Tracy for their efforts and I hope their intentions are good.  But beyond the enormous amount of information and those who present it, they are just men and women who we know nothing about.

In the Big Blue Omnibus, there is what I believe the ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance that is not just about surveillance alone or about buy-sell-trade dominance through the zebranomics of the global zionist ledgers  but the total predictive programming and mind-control that Orwell could never have realized.  We are all serving the server, contributing through the Brain-Gate and assisting in the creation of this monolithic tower for their benefit. Whether we are part of some designed Rubic for our extinction and replacement is possible but I think at this point I have to claim total ignorance. There certainly seems to suggest that all information is suspect and under the big blue omnibus anything can be true or false, or both. The true/false is the “Disclosure” process. a limited hangout that provides some truth but always deflect you from the most important aspect of the revelation.

At some point in time we may find MSM giving us more truth than the alternative media. If it becomes so polluted with operatives, paid dis-informants, fabricated conspiracy by the government intentionally designed to mislead, lead us to some point, making us react to and transition to and then record all the data, then I think they have a winning hand. Can we really have a society where there is no truth? No one to trust? I may succumb to terminal contrarianism before it is all over but maybe the truth is never reported. Maybe the truth doesn’t have to be reported.

Obama says he’s praying for ‘God’s protection for persecuted Christians’

Does this have to be reported? Do you believe him?

I refuse the compromise, the reported. It’s all false. Anything between a lie and the truth is still a lie. That makes it easy for me to see it all a hoax.  There is no middle ground. That is where the alternate media works. I’ll report it, tweet it but never believe it.


By the way, we here at Coalition of the Obvious were banned from OPED NEWS for posting Alex Jones and 911 conspiracy. Looks like OPED NEWS now has now okay’d 911 and Alex Jones but now Sandy Hook, the hoax, is off the table.







  1. Really good post, and conclusions.

    Merry Christmas to All!

  2. Enjoy the weather! Merry Merry quite contrary. It’s out of our hands. I hope you have a good day buddy.

    • I’ve been watching the gust front coming west to east since this morning, which is the front side of heavy rain…about to hit you, then me later.

      Was sick with some virus and spent the day in bed yesterday. and very miserable last night. Better today, Thanks!

      • Everyday it rains I am sick (flu-like) For about two years now. I have hours of recorded EMS radio with people here getting sick and requiring ambulatory evac. It runs the gamut from heart to lung respiratory to weird shit like becoming incoherent and we have had two hostage situations here in two days. Dad has a gun pointed at the family.

  3. Sandy Hook: The Must hear St. Rose of Lima School Photographer Interview

    CAPSTONE and FEMA NLE Exercises “project longetivity”

  4. Somewhere in recent history I put up the link here where the U.S. Gov’t (sic) gave itself the “legal” authority to push propaganda of its own creation through any media outlets it wished. Not that this is some amazing thing, just noting that they “formally” have come out and said they LIE as policy.

    Building on a foundation of lies. Brilliant stroke of psychopathic rationale.

    Should make for a very, very ginormous implosion. Soon probably.

    Yet, even then the “shadow controllers” will escape. Unless…

  5. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  6. Well, that Casey statement is for those happily wearing their sheeple coats, with their heads down and grazing on the chemtrailed Monsanto grass.

    HA, HA, HA — HO, HO, HO! Look at this stuff that popped up on page. The Santa Claws are out on the putrid MSM airwaves sowing their propaganda attempting to burnish their tarnished images. Really funny stuff, when you grok the lies from a Truth perspective — I mean hilarious!:

    The headline on this twisting of reality is “Queen Elizabeth II Confronts Darkness in the World” (sic)(ness)

    And right next to the Evil Queen’s laughable post we of course get the Pope, another false “leader” of flocks (self-declared “Vicar of Jesus Christ”) sowing his disinformation for the world —

    Better add Obama & Michael to the list of Glad Tidings spreaders:

    So folks, have a cup of something tasty, and go back to sleep. The world leaders are thinking of you and wishing you Christmas Cheer.

  7. Looked up the Prof. Doom 1 you put up above. Here’s a very recent one:

  8. Don’t forget to NOT vote in 2016

  9. You have heard that the ISRAELI GOVT has been harvesting organs again as busted by Palestinian family members who waited for returned bodies. Then you get this after it was exposed.

    Exclusive: Islamic State sanctioned organ harvesting in document taken in U.S. raid
    Reuters‎ – 7 hours ago

    At this point you must assume ISLAMIC STATE is code for ISRAEL STATE INTELLIEGENCE SERVICE

  10. Well I knew I could count on escaping any holiday hum-drum by visiting.

    Merry Christmas ya, all.

    Patrick, the truth goes through phases. Ridicule – violent denial – acceptance. But you know this.

    Now we may argue what is the “truth” and why is it so important to us, and that my dear friend are questions that I think we all have to answer within ourselves. I’m not so sure what motivates me to do the things I do. Fear, needs, wants, and all the things that effects humans effects me, as it effects you, and all the COTO-crew. But for some reason, maybe we’re all just damn fools, we react differently.

    As pertaining to Sandy Hook, it was interesting to note that of the stories on Sandy Hook recently in the MSM, a good 80% of the comments were calling it a false-flag. That’s a huge swing from just a year ago.

    We may be reaching a tipping-point. More and more of my conversations with government, military and police all seemed to be geared for sudden and deliberate action. I would like to flatter myself to think that in some small way we moved the needle closer to this point.

    Not doubt we’re going to see some impossible to imagine changes in the coming year. And if we’re not anything COTO is at least mentally prepared.

    Of course I might be flattering myself there too.

    • Merry Christmas Michael.

      Yes you are so right. The Pope the Queen and Obama are jabbering about the light, the darkness, and all the trimmings that come before a great event or false flag.

      I have not gathered my notes for 2016 predictions because anything can happen. One of the best kept secrets is the West Coast Fault lines and that experts are warning of Yellowstone. But with the HAARPO NINO anything is in the mix.

      No doubt the 2016 year is 9 time for the committee and the big awakening can only be quelled by a major diversion. The economy cannot be held by duct tape for another year without war breaking out.

      So the republicans just paid for the 2016 election with another trillion dollar bribe. Ron Paul must have shit his pants. The scummy, corrupt A-holes like Ryan and GOP are all in the game now. It’s about real estate now and what will be left of it after we get the big bang.

      You had a great year waking up the sleeping coonasses and tourists and your soul is good. You deserve the praise.

      As for 2016 all I can say is don’t buy any green bananas.

    As Obama plots new restrictions, judges learn court interpretation violates Constitution


  12. You just saw a clip of this in the video above…

  13. Okay … I have to get this out before anything happens – but I really stepped in it today. This is for the record in case something weird happens too me.

    About 3:pm a middle-aged couple come up to my booth and I engage them in conversation. With some prodding the women tells me she’s a Federal Prosecutor, based in New Orleans, and the man, slight of built, white hair, late-50’s says he’s an FBI-instructor.

    The women would not consent to answering any questions, not even her name, and I can understand that to a degree. But it was the FBI-guy that got my craw.

    I asked if he wouldn’t mind if I asked some rather sensitive questions about “false flags.” To which he responded, “false what?”

    I think this is where the conversation goes South. I schooled him on what false-flags were and gave him several known examples, and then admonished him for not knowing the oldest terrorist tactic in the book. Then I tried to direct him to take a look a WTC7 to get his “professional” opinion.

    That’s when some other guy (perhaps someone with them?) chimes in, right after the FBI-guy calls me crazy, and he calls me crazy too.

    Too which I answer; “Okay if I’m so crazy and you two are so damn smart then it should be easy for you to answer a simply question, and I’ll even give you odds! 10-to-1!”

    FBI-guy kept spewing some shit about “his job is to keep Americans safe” and blah, blah, blah … and how I’m crazy to think that anyone in the FBI would be involved with anything to hurt the American people …”

    So they walk off about 20-steps talking and I barge-in calling them both cowards and frauds. Screaming “bullshit walking” as they walk away.

    About 5-min. later what must have been the Fed. Pros. children are looking at my work when the F-P comes to retrieve them. I told her I’d give the same odds, and to tell her boyfriend that he’s a coward.

    It must be the Uncle Sam outfit.

    Mind you I’m doing this in the middle of a crowd of tourists dressed like fucking Uncle Sam.

    I can’t last much longer. I’m running around with a red-flag looking for bulls, and I don’t even know how to milk a cow.

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