Posted by: Mr. M | December 11, 2015

Uncle Sam: “Hillary, Kiss My Ass!”

If you go to my YouTube channel you’ll see my 3-latest entries. I’ll be surprised if Infowars shows them. I’m surprised YouTube even put them up.



  1. ‘Standing by a serial rapist’…..I think you permanently damaged that poor woman on the street. It’s tough when you have to wake up from a nice dream and have to go to the salt mines while Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are salting their baked prawns and swilling their montrachet.

    Before it’s over Hillary will be the gun runner that Bill was with cocaine. Hillary gets high on death. Bill, the lovable lip biter, just wants pain.

  2. Damage is what I do best.

    • terrorist!

      • In my own gentle way.

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