Posted by: dawnatilla | December 10, 2015

NASA does nothing in space.



AS11-40-5922 SERIAL NUMBER NASA image


hey guys just wanted to say Hi and share my favorite image this month.

speaks volumes. You would think this is a joke but it surely is not.

basically I just wanted to say Hi to everyone before Puddy forgets about me!

I’m an image based researcher and feel like a cheater with all you writers here!

Love you guys!!!!tumblr_ntrcfdhV5w1qj2e2vo1_540



  1. Reblogged this on Occult Media.

    • Billions of tax dollars and they use $30 cameras

  2. Hey girl! (politically incorrectness intended)

  3. The space within our head is where they actually explore.

    • yes sir, and with too many ♯ & ♭ instruments.

  4. Thanks guys. Great stuff. Yeah, one only has to research as far as the Van Allen Belts: actually first discovered by the Russians – so, I call them the Sputnik Belts – to realize that NASA has never put any astronaut higher than Earth’s atmosphere. With that craft and with the “protective clothing” they were wearing, they would have been dead in 7 minutes, from radiation poisoning. Hey, Puddy. Keep up the great work! You may like to check out my post above. Titanic Was No Accident, or read the full blog, here:

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