Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 8, 2015

The “Blob” 2016

The “Blob”

Early prediction for 2016  I believe it is time to release the Kracken which should kill the El Haarpo Nino for the Asian program. The shift in Atlantic weather from Africa should now become very active for 2016. It makes sense that California has been hammered enough and Asia as well has seen their cycle of weather war from the ISIS team for their financial and trade flying economy. An incredible 21 category four or five tropical cyclones have formed in the Northern Hemisphere in 2015, shattering the record of 18 set in 2004


3-9-6 Vortex says the 11 year cycle is over and now it will shift it’s attention to Africa and US via the trade shift TPP-TTIP. This means storm seasons like that of 2004-2006 which saw record strikes on the US and Caribbean. The storms will not pass by quietly in the Gulf Stream as they have over the last 11 years. This is the shift time. Now Florida and Texas can begin planning for a record year of hell from the NASA-NAVY-NOAA-NATO terrorists who must get the carbon economy and WTO seated in power by the time the UN takes over world government. What the deadline is is debatable but will come likely between 2017 -2020.

The Blob has been almost a 24/7 project since it came and La Nina shift to a near record Nino has confirmed to me that the objective will be the entire Gulf Coast and inland regions. This should also increase tornado activity for the I-35 corridor. As the superheaters worldwide are priming M.East earthquake and record flooding, the east coast has been relatively quiet. Other than a directed Pacific event and Cyclonic manipulation which brought the rains to the Southeast, it was nothing like what the 2016 could bring to the bible belt and southern coasts.

This will inject damage and some economic relief (temporary) for Obama has been destroying the jobs by design during his cycle. Fudging the numbers and falsifying the facts is not flying with the corporate investors and a drastic and dire natural disaster season will go a long way in making his departure not a slam dunk for the blue team.  If they decide to keep him in office we could get a season never to be forgotten.

As a fifty year resident of Florida and Texas, I have been in the eye of 11  storms. The twelfth was Andrew in which I missed the eye but not the spawned tornadoes that ravaged Homestead, Miami.  So I am a prepper by nature and it clear now that no place on earth is safe from the Climate team and their best weapon for world order. I advise everyone to give cash this Christmas and return all useless gifts for SW radio, batteries, Storable food, a portable water filtration and first aid. Ted Koppel warns “Lights Out.”,  we need a Faraday energy source plan and that may be well a large factor. Right now, fuel is cheap, so it may be time to jump on that. Propane is real cheap now and last forever if stored properly.











    [Malaysia’s main airport is looking for the “untraceable owner” of three abandoned “international” Boeing 747 airplanes. So, before turning the lights out tonight, make sure you check the garage for any missing jets.
    Operators of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) were forced to place an advertisement in a Malaysian newspaper calling on the owner of three 747-200F aircraft, including two passenger aircraft and one cargo plane, to come forward. If you find that you are, indeed, down three Boeings, contact KLIA immediately.

    The notice, which appeared in Malaysian publication The Star on Monday, said: “If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aircraft”.

    The notice, which appeared in Malaysian publication The Star on Monday, said: “If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aircraft”.

    Airport staff expressed confusion. “I don’t know why they are not responding. There could be many reasons. Sometimes it could be because they have no money to continue operations,” Zainol Mohd Isa, general manager of Malaysia Airports told AFP.

    If you’re thinking this is all just a genius parking ploy from someone with too many planes and not enough runways, you’re wrong. KLIA are seeking payment.

    The mysterious owner owes the airport landing, parking and other charges. If they do not receive financial compensation by December 21, the planes will be sold or auctioned off to cover the outstanding costs.

    Ironically, this is the same airport that lost contact with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March of 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board. Part of the plane’s wing was found on the French island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean at the end of July this year.]

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