Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 7, 2015

Open Thread on President Obama’s December 6, 2015 National Address



  1. WOW!!! I can’t believe I am the very 1st! commenter on this thread at the highly rated COTOCREW website. Nyuck, Nyuck to all you 2nd fiddlers!

    After careful consideration, and while caressing my laminated copy of the REAL U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, I am confident of my FREE SPEECH RIGHTS to express my undiluted and deepest felt urges regarding the KPOTUS’ latest teleprompter romp (silent “K” there for his sTop-secret “K!LLER” designation).

    Hurry with your heartfelt comments, as this gallery should plum fill up pronto!

  2. Sorry Suckers! I’m the 2nd commenter here too. U2SLO!

    Gabe Gordon 8 months ago
    “Guy sure had a lot of shit”

    william phillips 2 months ago

    william phillips 2 months ago
    +HP Ribot “OMG !!!! HILARIOUS!”
    william phillips 2 months ago (edited)
    “Hell, just position a 235 Evinrude down in that hole….take you less that half the time! Might not even need it pumped out afterward ! Would suggest you might wanna wear a Heavy Rain coat and some goggles though. Come to think of it… a Bandana wouldn’t be a bad idea either!”

    obadiah7771 11 months ago
    “See the peanut… dead give away… All I can think about is that scene from Joe Dirt watching this haha”

  3. Did you see al-bama speak? He sounded better than he looked. Wow! He looked like crap. I know the POTUS dog and pony can age you but he looks like your septic tank.

    • Hey, I resent that comment. That’s not “my” septic tank. Who you trying to pin this shit on?!


      kPOTUS did look like shit. I caught about 2 min. at the end. That’s more than I’ve ever given the imposter.

  4. Boom, congratulations on first place! I have been self-diagnosed with compliant sheepish disorder. What do I do? I need some guidance over here. *crying out plaintively*
    Patrick, all the lies wear the guy down. How must it feel to be leading the country into the hell of a reincarnation of Nazi Germany? He has got to be aware of how his stooging for the neocons will look in history, but does he have the balls to tell them to crawl back to hell? No. History will click its collective tongue.
    After the Turkish shoot down, I noticed Putin really looking beat in the way that a person turns inward when he really starts to feel defeated. When he got before the Russian people last week in a speech analogous to Obama’s he seemed to have recovered. I’ll send him off an encouraging note–or has America declared war on him already?

  5. Mr. M appears to have tried twice to post something, and failed at it twice too.

  6. This posted today on

    “Posted By: Watchman
    Date: Tuesday, 8-Dec-2015 18:16:23

    ALERT… It Begins — NY May Be The Trigger For CW2 Soon… Gun Confiscation In The Wind…

    And so it begins. Governor Cuomo feels froggy, SAFE Act enforcement thugs rounding up “assault weapons.” Someone is going to get shot and the civil war will commence.

    Two months ago, the State of New York began to enforce, in little baby steps, the SAFE Act.

    Today, we have this announcement posted on AR15dotCoam:

    “The New York State Police have launched an investigation into alleged SAFE Act violations and appear to have possession or copies of 4473s showing who purchased firearms. Consider speaking with a lawyer if contacted.”

    Just exactly where and how the NYSP got hold of 4473s is an interesting question. They either got them from ATF industry operations inspectors or directly from cooperating quisling gun sellers. In any case, it is obvious that the Supreme Court refusal to hear the Chicago case is viewed as a green light to tyrannical gun raids. Isn’t this where His Majesty’s General Gage started? And how did THAT turn out? We are about to find out if this generation of Americans possesses the same Three Percent that the Founding generation did.

    Get ready folks. Make your final pre-war preparations with the slender hours you have left. A storm is coming, and it is about to break over all our heads”.


  7. Jim Stone has posted some additional info on San Bernardino FF — See Dec. 8th:

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