Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 5, 2015

San Bernardino Media Hoax: CNN, Media, ‘Victims Families’ All Ransack Suspects Family Home, Faux FBI Crime Scene



  1. After watching more of this circus, it becomes incomprehensible as to why they insist on making these media psyops so obviously hokey and transparent. The final analysis and conclusion says there is a deeper purpose to the sophmoric narratives.

    From the ‘OPEN HOUSE’ to the stampede and all the pathetic detail, such as the hole cut in the closet ceiling that still had the debris on the floor. And we are expected to assume this long term planned event was highlighted by a last minute attic trap door.

    Pipe Bombs? No, more like Pipe Bongs
    3000 rounds of Ammo? No, likely 3000 grams of smoking weed

    That would explain why the idiot media crews and neighborhood ransacked the place. Looking to get stoned. Anymore of these pathetic psyops and I may have to start smoking the dope. Even the shady landlord looked like he was buzzin’.

    Too lame!

  2. [Once again, based on the FBI’s continued hiding of her identity, we can almost conclude that their supposed female suspect, Tafsheen Malik, was not involved in the staged shooting event at Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, but rather, could have been the FBI female handler of male suspect Syed Farook – a very similar scenario to a carbon copy modus operandi seen with Boston Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his illusive white American, Muslim convert and CIA -linked wife, Katherine Russell.]

    FBI: “No Goyim were harmed during the making of this film”

    HANDLERS and WRANGLERS are how PT Barnum and HOLYWOOD make FICTION. All you need is an animal PATSY and a dumb-down audience.

  3. San Bernardino Shooting: Just Another Day of Psyops in the Land of the Big Lie.

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