Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 3, 2015

“Lying” by leaders Becoming Embarrassment for Americans

With this story articulated to The World — while Americans possess the factual knowledge from a history of MSM TV, print media and radio newscasts that U.S. leaders and pResidential hopefuls like Hillary Clinton are in fact “Serial Liars” — the continuing lying is becoming an embarrassment for collective Americans.

(Read the comments following the piece)

DENY, DENY, DENY, even when beyond the pale, transparent as hell, and ludicrous to even the dullest.  Spot the Trend.  SEE the TRUTH.




  1. i have one relative in the States who immigrated from Belgium, and as of last year, he was still convinced that the US was all good, and Russia was lying about the Ukraine. A few months ago he sheepishly admitted to certain pond-scum types running things in the Ukraine. Two weeks ago he started saying he hoped America get with it and do what Russia is doing. People are waking up.

    Nice link, Boom!

  2. Cheers, Patricia. It is an epidemic throughout societies strata world-wide. If allowed to progress to its conclusion, we would witness a total eclipse of the Truth, by the False. We can watch the progress of this cancer by noting the inversion of principles, of rational and logical conclusions formerly held as truisms, as facts of life. It is disconcerting if one is not savvy to this process being worked into the dough of life.

    Please take the time to watch the video I am posting in Puddy’s piece above. Rather enlightening, and covers a wide array of unseemly science being used against humanity.

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