Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 3, 2015

Easy as 1-2-3


The third man remains at large

San Bernardino shooting: Suspects had 3,000 bullets and 12 pipes bombs as police investigate ‘terror mission’ – live

Police no longer believe a third gunman is at large after yesterday’s shootings – Chris Christie, the Republican presidential candidate, says the shooting proves “we are in the midst of the next World War” as husband and wife Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik shot dead by police after killing 14 in California

‎The Third Man is the Handler!

*Problem * Reaction * Solution = Left -Right Paradigm, state-sponsored terror + Hegel’s Dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis)

Chris Christie states the obvious, the transparency of the left-right paradigm and their war on Freedom and Constitutional Americans. The cabal we know as our government is everything they say someone else is. They openly tell you it’s a drill, a staged terror event, a domestic radicalized extremist and a threat as grave as world war. What they don’t say is simply that “this is you!”


No better TRIAD have we almost completed in the latest second of three events.  Syriana, Refuge, Radicalized Extremism, Rampage, Climate change and the flying economy all represent the war on terror by ISIS which is the fabrication and construct of the master architects of the “bold” and brave new world. ISIS is the “body of man” themselves.

The specific narrative of San Bernardino come on the heels of Christian Pro-life Robert Dear and quickly transitioned into Middle East Radicalized American Farook. (the false hook) I have posted since the inception of ISIS that it would be the convergence of Foreign CIA al-qaeda with the domestic freedom loving, climate skeptic, 911 truther and Federal Reserve busting American citizen.


Already we see the dialectic of Agenda 21 goals being reactivated just as Sandy Hook three years ago. We are in the Illuminati high time and December has been the false flag shootist’s favorite time of the year. Like the bogus Adam Lanza who did not exist, the Farook hook is perfectly set to catch a large school of grunion, just waiting to become bait.

The narrative spun is highlighted by the fact that this Farook is either gone and on his way to parts unknown or he was killed as a Targeted Individual (Monarch Programmed) and then triggered. People that supposedly knew him say they just cannot believe he was capable of such a rampage. This is the benefits of the Hegelian Dialectic illuminati version. The NWO is Need Warrant Opportunity. Of course they need us disarmed. Of course these drill laden staged events are hoaxes, but the benefits and how the solution is realized needs some analysis.


Setting the Fear and Loathing is part of the G6 agenda 21 to destroy the family. Not just mom and dad, but the family of man. Now we are to believe that our neighbor of ten years and a real sweet guy, is ready at any moment to go postal because he carries some latent ax to grind or some mental disorder, paranoia or radical ideology or conspiracy theory that some entity, group or race is responsible for. I did several posts focusing on the DSM-5 and the backdoor method of Obamacare that would place large powers into the healthcare system to control your rights, space and movement.  Much like the flying economy, the TSA and no-fly list represents such a unconstitutional breach.

The DSM-5 is ready to become the next vector to converge with Obamacare and things like free speech, gun rights and other liberties and freedom of movement. So this too was included in the narrative.


I recommend two movies for viewing. The first is Telefon (1977) with Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasence and Lee Remick, all who have passed away. The other one is Arlington Road (1999) with Jeff Bridges
Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. Both of these films came at 11 years and both came at important times in this American Experiment. Telefon was right after the Church Committee Hearings and Arlington Road was just before the Millennium and real War on Terror (tradecraft)  began. This would incorporate all CIA blue projects and black ops and new technologies.

Curiously just before the San Bernardino event, the Congress had blocked the gun debate. Funny as well is the timing of the Paris Talks on the heels of the staged Paris Bataclan event. These two events came at time for Trade and Climate talks while each country had previous events that targeted other narratives. Charlie Hebdo, South Carolina were targeting free speech and gun rights but Planned Parenthood was about something different. This is the difference between the left-right paradigm who though they appear to be in different camps of Climate Change and Trade issues, they pretend to be  pro-life, pro-choice etc, they are playing high stakes Poker for terms of the NWO. There is no difference between a Zionist Mossad staged event (Arlington Road) and a Jesuit Freemason event (Telefon) as there is no difference in Obama or Putin or Trump and Clinton.  For us old country white men it’s like bloods and crips fighting for turf. So goes the GOP’s and DEM’s.


COTO knows the dialectic inside out. This trading of events Planned Parenthood was a direct assault for the Blood’s staged video interviews being released. The Crip’s countered with Robert Dear. Now the Blood’s have come back with the TRUMP card. This is the focus of FISA, Patriot Act, NDAA TSA , No-Fly No-Buy.  And while they are collecting the dividends of the gun sales, ammo sales and other fear trade, they are also wagering on stakes in the Carbon pot. It’s not just a government wager but the corporate wagering as well. A lot of wealth at stake and global betting has been raised, raised again and now called.

So much you can read in the financial markets and any pundit or insider will give you their best bluff to get you out of the game. Everyone can easily determine whether they are blood or crip. It’s the ultimate Casino Royale.  As for the central Committee,  (base) they are the house and the house always wins. So it is not important whether the terrorists are in the game as they are essential. Just like Casino Royale, everyone knew who the real terrorists were, but the game and rules were clear and it had to run it’s course in what some might call honor among thieves. That is because we have a government, corporations and an entire system based upon terrorism, That is the flying economy. And the only thing they have to avoid is the landing.

Once we understand this and finally realize this simple and obvious fact, then we can finally begin to call anyone who says Islamic Radical, Lone Wolf, Libertarian, constitutionalist, conspiracist, Christian right-wing, fringe extremist as the true terrorists. In the meantime we will see this latest raise in the big game begin to take shape.  It’s not like this narrative won’t have many opportunities. The back and forth will be covered from border security to refugee to VISA K1 to gun laws to small arms treaty to higher and more draconian Obamacare and mental health regulations to include surveillance, but above the ground game is the flying economy which will be meeting over Germany and the ECB and over DC and London and the game will be played to conclusion of Agenda 21 and carbon credits, real terror in trade-craft and the global buy-sell regulations that will control every movement you make.


Should the game get out of hand or should we terrorists break up the game we will see the economy land and then the bets are off. This factor may explain why all the Russian and Israeli spies are being released and traded. I suspect that these assets are too important to fall into the hands of we the terrorists should the climate change or should the political winds shift.  I guess that fantasy I had to waterboard Jonathan Pollard is now something I will just have to fabricate like an ISIS beheading video.

The Paris Talks will end without any success, we all know it and now we can expect the third event before years end. BRICS and Drones says regarding AMERICAN GLADIO;

There’s no secret here to me the situation in Afghanistan. At present there are at least 30,000 troops remaining. The Cash Crop is certainly critical to fund the ISIS / Al-CIAda  operations and that will never end. The vortex speaks loudly in the retails of discussions for “stay behinds” with numbers that include 30,000, 9,000 and 6.000 being bantered about at the Pentagram HQ. But the fact that they have designed this Cold War 2 scenario only confirms they are looking after the shareholders. If anyone expects withdrawal or downsizing regardless of the next election and puppet-master, they be daft. Iraq and ISIS clearly meant to begin moving troops back in for the eventual IRAN plan. Pakistan like Turkey currently supports all US covert operations involving the ISIS gladio group. There are several scenarios available here. Along with Southeastern Asia they have a network in global terms unmatched by anything previously. It is in Malaysia and Indonesia where the support is most critical as they have real growing economies.  The trade deals will only give them what it gave us, in a  country with no real work opportunity, no manufacturing and wage decay.

But regardless of international climate and carbon congruence, Obama will continue to press the homeland into extinction. So after Paris on the 11th we should see Barry offer a return for San Bernardino. We will get something like three white lone wolves blowing up an IRS office in Dallas or San Antonio.  You just have to think like a terrorist, because America, you are one to them. If you are feeling more like a Syriana Refugee you are about halfway to the truth.




  1. Excellent breakdown, thank you.

    • Thanks for your feedback and distribution Cuke. By the way, I have loved your avatar since day one. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Cucumber Lodge.

  3. Obama Spews More Bullshit: “It’s Possible This Was Workplace-Related”

    That’s because this was the blue teams attack. Obama team was planned Parenthood Colorado Springs.

    Location is always a clue. The next one is Team Obama and my guess is Texas.

  4. Senate approves bill repealing much of ObamaCare

    Wow! This ought to prompt another staged event where no one dies.

  5. Thanks for the workup and writeup Puddy. The distortion of Reality is so vast, so comprehensive, that it requires hard work to cut the bull and locate the truth; real reality if you will. Pretty much requires getting out into the country or mountains to sit and ponder, look around at nature, and just appreciate what we have left of natural Creation.

    Peace, be still.

    • Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik
      Israel Faked Shaky Footmen
      A Freely Fantasised MK Hook
      Fake islam Those defy koran
      A Film Freed Keys Satan Hook
      Ask Me Sandy Hook After life
      Its Sandy hook Female Freak
      Key On Faked Shot islam Fear
      Fake Koran Holy Defeatism’s
      Sandy Hook Fake Film Teaser
      Sandy hook If remakes Fetal
      Sharia kooks Fly Defeat Men
      Sky Moon Fake sharia Felted
      Fake sharia Medley Of Knots
      It Fakes Defames Holy Koran
      …just a few

  6. Obama is really very timid about these things. No grandiose, mutli-level orchestrated, Hollywood extravaganza fire-festival like 9-11. Just a handful of ammo and a few pipe bombs, with the patsies dead so cannot be tortured into fasle confessions, implicating new “witches” for everyone to fear. Come on, dude! Ya’ll stole that bomb from Minot a few years back, when are you going to use it?! The sheep are going to go “Bah!” and forget about this tomorrow.

    Still waiting.

    (I hope you’re not downwind from Texas, Patrick.)

    • Interesting theory for the explosives Pat. I tend to agree that weapons (nukes) dirty trafficking is coming in and being based here in strategic locations.

      As I have indicated 911 part deux is a French Saudi (Joo-joo-bee) extravaganza coming before election. 2016 is Islamic by the Joo Zionist base. Jesuit’s on board such as Boomerangs favorite guy/girl Lindsay Graham has taken over the work of the traitor John McCain.

      Lindsay Graham may be the pivotal insider for this major false flag. As a Sharia expert and a criminal lawyer for the Military Industrial Congressional complex, he has provided more clues than any other DC mafia enforcer over the 2012 term.

      The ‘Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik’ event is a major piece of the puzzle moving forward. If people were to spend the time to seek the truth regarding Talmud (base) for the Nusra (Koran) and the target of Christianity as a resistor to the capacitor, they would see the TRIAD. It secures all fronts and forces for transition;

      1. Black Lives Matter (CAIR) Nusra
      2. Feminism (NOW) NWO
      3. Sharia Law (supreme) courts
      4. Sexuality (Islamic version) Pedophilia/LGBT
      5. Political Religion (Talmudic Islam)
      6. Cosmic Pantheism (Satanism)

      This was a Khazarian enterprise from it’s genesis. It brings the worlds religions to the confluence of one world religion (new) Few will fight to defend any of the theologies regardless of the examples of what is driving the death of religion. It’s all there to see. No secrets needed here. It’s just a matter erosion of morality which we have witnessed consistently during our time. religion was political and the babel, morality and spiritualism were the casualties.

      People are too dumbed-down or mentally castrated to connect the dots and it interferes with their meaningless pursuits of instant gratification. But they want a raise in their minimum wages.

  7. This is worth everybody’s time for a quick overview of heinousness against humanity:

    • Barrie Trower is well regarded, but I am still trying to convince my relatives electrosensitivity is not a psychiatric disorder. A long way to go, I’m afraid,. Meanwhile the experiment goes on…

    • Here’s one I posted years ago that I think can dissect a little Khazar political ideology called Islamic Sufism.


    • Well I obviously know his work. I cut my teeth with Tom Bearden in the eighties and have a few hundred gigs of data from the experts. Trower, Bearden and others from Teslas time have exposed it. I read Pucharichs info and supported Serge Monast bluebeam. The microwave auditory effect and patents I have posted should be enough for a thinking person to connect the dots.

      This technology is involved with key events
      challenger shuttle
      Utah Prison Experiments
      Analog to digital conspiracy
      Iraq “slam dunk” ala “Desert Storm”
      autism and alzheimers
      and on and on………………………………all I have covered here.

      You can’t imagine the ridicule, abuse, marginalization and gang-stalking that came when I was preaching this in the 90’s. Now those who dumped me are reaching out. I laugh because they still do not believe me when I say that it will come as Project Bluebeam and the event will encompass the entire EM spectrum.

      I remember OPED SPEWS and the blackballed posts I submitted about the need for power source, Faraday EMP protection, safe room and countermeasures. They laughed at my metal floor and referred me to stick with my tin roof 🙂 Then two editors contacted me privately and said they were interested and appreciated the info. I doubt Rob Kall was one of them.

      I wonder what Rady is doing these days? She dumped COTO REPORT over a year ago.

      • On Zuckerberg, whose mug is staring out at me as I try to remember what it was I was going to reply to, my husband says, beware anyone over 30 that has the face of a child! My husband (who has the face of a samurai) grew up in a Japanese inn, where the clientele were working men who would stay for periods of days to months. With new people coming in and out all the time, he had to learn to read personalities for his own safety. He says the face really shows you what is happening underneath. In particular, he says, beware people who smile too much (psychopathy).

        So let’s see… yes! Good old OEN. Rob said he was interested in my information on bio effects of EMF, but there was somebody anonymous on the editorial staff who would catch it and ridicule me every time. That was after COTO got thrown out. I still pop up there now and then, with a new computer that seems to have overcome the barrier that stopped me for several years, but who can you connect with there? Any truth-teller eventually gets chased out. They still carry Paul Craig Roberts, who refuses to allow comments anymore because he was getting tired of the same old spiel from folks still aggrieved over Reagan. There are a few journalists covering Russia that I appreciate, and a couple of trolls dogging them. There is one gal who cross posts there on EMF issues, but aside from me, she gets no comments at all. If she organized her articles better, somebody’d throw her out I reckon.

        I too want to know what’s going on with Rady.

        • I had no idea you were axed at OEN, Pat. I have never been back there to see who remains.

          I also am suspicious of anyone who laughs to much. I get a kick out of the Big Pharma ads regarding Pseudobulbar affect which I see as another side effect of vaccines and anti-depressants SSRI.

          Those Cheshire Cat smiles creep me right out. Hillary has both.

          I was really disappointed in the last few articles I read from PCR just as I have had my fill of Infowars. They are all sounding like FOX News. Webster Tarplay and left leaners as well. They all seem to be taking sides again. I think they have all sold out and I believe this administration has spent billions on paying off everyone who has an audience. They get a list of no-no’s subjects and a monthly check.

          This is like a spring fever or Malaria that keeps coming around every four years.

          • I was never really axed at OEN, just blackballed. I started wondering if Roberts would be axed when he said the Paris incident was a false flag. Kall was pretty harsh with a commenter who also called it a false flag. But if Roberts knows the magic lines not to cross, I guess that would explain why he’s still around, like Noam Chomsky. I should count my blessings–if too many people took me seriously about EMF bioeffects, I’d be dead or cowering in an insane asylum, take your pick. Try to suicide before becoming the next patsy…

  8. I was going to do a post on this but too much is going down right now. Suffice it to say

    “Zuckerberg NWO payoff is due” As in Ford Carnegie Roth Rockefeller, Turner Gates…etc. etc.

    No charitable trust ala Clinton but the same Foundations (base) of the TRIAD for the NWO soft-kill enterprises. For Profit, Foreign designed, corporation LLC free from scrutiny.

    SEC filing: FORM 8-K (better known as 8-11)

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to clarify a few things about where his Facebook fortune is (and is not) going.

    —–begin quote_________________________

    [The immediate perception from his announcement was that the money would go to charity, but that’s not necessarily the case. The key issue: Zuckerberg announced he would be funneling his money into the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC, an actual corporation under his control that can even turn a profit, versus a more traditional philanthropic setup, like a charitable trust.

    An LLC allows Zuckerberg to spend money however he wants and on areas that he’s personally interested in advancing. The LLC distinction means he’s not obligated to spend it on charity; the money can be used for political donations, too. Right now, his areas of interest include “personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities,” he wrote.

    Here’s a helpful Bloomberg story from Wednesday that explains the benefits of an LLC.

    And here’s how Zuckerberg explained his decision in a follow-up post Thursday afternoon, clarifying that his new venture isn’t giving him tax benefits or intended to make a profit on the side: This enables us to pursue our mission by funding nonprofit organizations, making private investments and participating in policy debates — in each case with the goal of generating a positive impact in areas of great need. Any net profits from investments will also be used to advance this mission.

    By using an LLC instead of a traditional foundation, we receive no tax benefit from transferring our shares to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, but we gain flexibility to execute our mission more effectively. In fact, if we transferred our shares to a traditional foundation, then we would have received an immediate tax benefit, but by using an LLC we do not. And just like everyone else, we will pay capital gains taxes when our shares are sold by the LLC.

    Zuckerberg’s money may all go to charity someday. It could also go toward colonizing Mars. We won’t really know where the money is going until we know where the money is going. But at least we know why he’s starting another company instead of a charitable trust.]

    ——-end quote

    Yes the dreaded PAC’s and NGO’s Not for profit killers who benefit from the classic murderers in FORD CARNEGIE, ROCK and GATES foundations. Yes we know where the money is going. into the hands of the NWO core committee who aided in the Zuckerberg phenom by killing his competition and jacking up his company. Like Gates and Turner, there is always a reckoning and like any other services rendered, deferred paybacks always come due.


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