Posted by: Mr. M | November 30, 2015

You Just Never Know ….

So, there I am, out doing my thing, when this nice looking family comes up and is looking at my work. I engage them and one of the ladies says, “My brother works for Inforwars.”

I ask whom that might be and she says; “Kit Daniels. He’s parking the car. Would you like to meet him?”



  1. You look great in Red White and Blue Michael. I loved the video and provided a better posting. I hope you get some kick in the RevolutionU and interest in the Infowarwagon. Looking forward to some new videos. You are the frontline!!!

    • Thanks Patrick,

      Always thought it would be nice if one day … and then there is was. Caught me at the end of the day, was dragging a bit. But all in all, it was nice.

      Indeed I certainly hope this can jump start things. Probably be a good time to do a fun-raiser. Of course getting 1st-prize in Alex’s contest will help get the cameras I need, if that should happen. Maybe even the screens.

      I need my own site. I need a lot of things. But having my own site would be a better way to get this done. I’ve been waiting to get some help, but I can’t wait any longer. Have to take advantage of this publicity while before the bloom fades.

      • See the post I did. Do you still have the revolutionU and Tee-Shirts?

  2. M, you could do an Indiegogo fundraiser and easily obtain the funds to gitteeup your gogetem cart.

    • You would think. But 3-years ago when I did my first, and even got on Infowars to promote it, and still didn’t raise 4-figurers.

      It takes marketing, and this little interview won’t hurt.

      My failure is in that I keep thinking I’m going to gather a few warriors that want to get in on something that could make a difference, and they do show-up, but never follow through.

      Right now I need help having someone to just hold the damn camera.

      But no matter. At the rate the Syrian/Russian/Turkey situation is shaping up my puny effort will matter no more than a fart in a celestial solar-storm.

      • I think Russia is pretty calm about these things, but the neocons will try to rev it up any way they can.
        It’s good to see you again!

        • Yeah, thanks, it’s good to be seen, too. Been busy dealing with life.

          No doubt all hell is breaking loose. Figure the only thing left is to go down swinging.

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