Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 30, 2015

Robert Dear will be represented by Dan King, one of the public defenders who defended Aurora theater shooter James Holmes

You can’t make this shit up…or can you?dextersinister

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter appears with public defender – Denver Post

COLORADO SPRINGS — The man accused of killing three people, including a police officer, at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs made his first court appearance Monday afternoon.

Robert Lewis Dear’s advisement hearing before 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Gil Martinez lasted just over 10 minutes. The 57-year-old heard the charges he is being held on.

Public defender Dan King, one of Aurora theater shooter James Holmes’ attorneys, entered his appearance as Dear’s attorney.

It’s not a shock to see the same old faces of MK-Ultra make their appearance in these staged events.  Experienced actors always make the best players for these frauds.

As pointed out previously, there is no hope chapel in Colorado Springs listed at the address. But there are plenty of actors on the stage.

Image result for Hope Chapel Colorado Springs


There is no Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs but my best guess for the Hope Chapel is this:

The Prince of the Hope – Prince Hall Freemason





  1. Yeah, seen that. The Public Defender did a fine job for the Aurora patsy, guffaw! Maybe the team for the Boston Bombing Russian kid patsy could step up too? Maybe 9/11 Commission or old Warren Commission foolios can join the team as well?

  2. Delusion and Mass-Delusion – A. M. MEERLOO, M.D.

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