Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 28, 2015

Planned Parenthood “Hope Hoax”


So begins the Great Work of the NWO. Except for the details.

As posted in the Black Friday Comes in Planned Parenthood Crisis Staging we have learned the identity of both patsy and victim.

Allegedly, Garrett Swasey, a UCC cop was killed by a man named  Robert Lewis Dear

Garrett Swasey was also a part-time pastor with the Hope Chapel in Colo Springs

Garrett & Rachel Swasey


Garrett and Rachel began attending Hope Chapel in 2001. Initially drawn by its small size, they have grown to love the fellowship and teaching at Hope Chapel. As they raise their son, Elijah and daughter, Faith, they view the members of the church as their family. Both have been granted a servant’s heart by God, and are a demonstrative evidence of God’s grace to Hope Chapel.  Rachel serves behind the scenes leading and watching the little ones in the nursery. Garrett works full time in Law Enforcement and provides oversight to our Care Groups. Additionally, as an elder, you will find him sharing his teaching gift as part of the teaching team and sharing his guitar skills on the worship team.

Heres some preliminary info on the Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs.

According to their  website and all other address info sites it is listed and located at :

Business Name: Hope Chapel of Colorado Springs
Categorized In: Churches
Address: 5740 N Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone Number: (719) 599-4590
Contact Person: Bill Gross
Website Address:

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Please note the following:

  1. There is no physical address structure located at 5740 N Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  2. It falls betweenMakino Sushi Buffet 5760 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3667  Local: (719) 593-2878 and Boot Barn Berkshire Shopping Center 5720 Academy Blvd N
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  3. I called the Church last night (early AM and got a recorded message, then this AM I called again and got a different one which I have posted in a video.
  4. Please listen to the phone switch ( sound switch) which is forwarding the call elsewhere  and listen to this voice and inflection, speed and scripted agent speaking.




That must be one small congregation. Do they hold services in the sewer?

Take the Street Tour:,+Berkshire+Shopping+Center,+5752+Academy+Blvd+N,+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80918,+United+States/@38.914508,-104.787571,3a,75y,276h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sUXwIfYzk-nWmgONJaxgRlA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x87134efcd12fa82f:0xe03d905f43d408f0

Just something to ponder while watching your civil rights disappear before your eyes. What you can see and what you can’t are are the difference between realities. We never see the truth but always we can view the fictional thanks to the master architects, engineers and illusionists. Regarding the corruption of our banks, corporations, military and government we forget the “base” al-qaeda and the “front” Nusra of ISIS. It is there we find the whole conspiracy. Religion would always be the core of the controllers.

“Fraud is the minister of NWO religion.”




    Hope Chapel phony facebook “facade”

    Am I reading it right as 2012 and a gap to 2015? Looks like a fake.

  2. The dreaded triple cross

    Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear is accused Peeping Tom who lived in cabin without electricity

    Right out of the UNIBOMBER manual. Theodore John Kaczynski and Robert Lewis Dear could almost be bro’s. Kudos to team Obama and Company to link one of the most obvious MK-Ultra patsies to this event.

  3. ‘Planned Parenthood Shooter’ Labeled ‘White Christian Terrorist’ Before A Shred Of Evidence Is Released. Headlines of the war on Christians:

  4. Sandy Hook – NODISINFO.COM
    Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting is a Gun Control Hoax

    Take note of the Hispanic sister-less stooge giving the ONE-EYE ILLUMINATI Hoax message. Very good little grasshopper.

  5. Colorado shooting suspect said ‘no more baby parts’: reports

  6. COLORADO – CENTENNIAL – CITADEL – Three active shooter drills
    number. 33 (all 11) numbers 99, 77, 44, 33

    This connection is the same signature and vortex as the Syrian 33

    It is tied to the lamb. Now Lambda, the constant of false flags and staged events.

    This event is Hope 44 and PP 77 and 99. Planned Parenthood will celebrate it’s Centennial (100) in 2016. Current age is 99.

    There is the 44# and the 38th Parallel. This is saying we get the big gun event to come. At some point a high profile political figure or group will be hoaxed as an assassination. I have predicted before “no election” and Reagan style attempt on Barry Soetoro. This is stating we have another 38th 11 event. Whether it is DC to the Missouri Hoax or similar location , though DC itself seems the best location on the 11 but other coordinates will sum 11.

    Obama will definitely play the JFK 22 – 811 [22] Soetoro 44 – 811 [33]
    I will look for the dreaded 332 in the vortex.

    The googleplex is giving more and easier information to decode these days. I suspect it is the shortness of time we have left until the world transformation.

    The Obama event, will tie to the two other events and my guess is the election, martial law, 9-11 part two which should be marked by #4 and [66].

    Why is year 52 on JFK getting the play like never before? 53 is the vortex code for Paris Climate Summit talks and the 54 will execute the final 11. It can only be 66. They are all part of 8-11.

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