Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 27, 2015

Black Friday Comes in Planned Parenthood Crisis Staging.


Colorado Springs gunman holed up in Planned Parenthood building, firing at police

I am not sure why it took Team Obamacare so long to get this staged crisis to fruition but as stated before, the Planned Parenthood scandal was all a set up for this attack on the G6 agenda for full spectrum dominance. Second Amendment aside, the attack on the Christian nation are sure to be under assault after the “active shooter actor” becomes known.  As the Pressure Cooker meme is set, we will watch the ongoing drama.

Planned Parenthood Filmore

Colorado Springs to the tech center in Denver is a bee-hive of CIA as I discovered while living there.  This active shooter will be;

  1. Christian
  2. Military
  3. Patriot minded – Constitutional
  4. On Meds
  5. Mk-Ultra lone wolf
  6. Dead

Vaccinations, Autism, GcMAF and Dead Doctors. Hey it’s just Obamacare – July 2015

I do not dispute the validity of the flesh peddling. It is clear that Obama wanted stem cell research. It is imperative to eugenics based experimentation and DNA RNA bioterror.

I think it was staged as a divisive means to attack Christians and foment radicals. I suspect a false flag like Eric Rudolph (North Carolina) could be used in the arsenal of what is a clearly defined full spectrum assault on the G^6. This is from the manifesto of zionist state controlled governance.

I post this pic constantly because it’s basis is well documented in several disputed codices and writings from the POTLEZ to Communist Manifesto

destroy family **
destroy patriotism
destroy sovereignty
destroy private property
destroy inheritance
destroy religion ***

Hardy anything happens that does not erode conservatism of the principles of one or more of these. Progressives can debate change but what we are seeing is beyond this. What the technocrats are selling is not progressive but regressive and they are wolves in sheeps clothing. The Fabian model.

Obama PPD #31 – Pressure Cooker Re-evaluating ISIS threat – July 2015


This is a potential major false flag to take place across many states. If like here in North Carolina, one ERIC RUDOLPH would make a reappearance as a right ring PRO-LIFE terrorist bombing and firearm slaughter of many workers in PLANNED PARENTHOOD or abortion clinics this could really trigger a major agenda push for the I$I$ – Libertarian type effort we saw during the MIAC Southern Poverty Law events like WACO/OKC.

I think this is a PRE-STAGE to an event. Big time multi-faceted type crisis.

We will see, but it’s ripe for the next level. I think this planned parenthood expose is a little fishy and we can decide after we see the JADE HELM timeline. The Pluto event is important in this I see the numbers here and they are clear. I will expect something like I predicted before October 1 and this push against Christians is ready for a false flag pro-life bombing.

I give it a 70% chance of being the event.


Closed Clinic – Staging Facility?

Police said the incident began at the Planned Parenthood building and did not start with a bank robbery. Victims did leave Planned Parenthood and go to the bank, according to police.

Are the actor-victims already cashing their government checks?

Reminder for news outlets reporting on mass shootings: the suspect being ID’d as “Sam Hyde” is a meme/tactic trolls use to spread disinfo.

Hyde’s name has also been mentioned after other mass shootings, after the Paris terror attack and as a suspect in racially motivated threats against black students at the University of Missouri.

Dispatchers said the gunman was wearing a long coat and a hunting-type hat, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Police said the gunman is believe to have a long gun. The spokeswoman said they are not yet in their investigative phase and a lot of information is still unconfirmed.

Lt. Catherine Buckley said the gunman brought several items to the scene, which they are concerned could be explosive devices. They said police will need to keep the scene secure until the devices can be examined. The items included propane tanks, which the gunman may have fired at.

Listen to recorded police radio audio, uploaded to YouTube by Grasswire, from the initial police response below:

3. Nearby Buildings, Including a Shopping Center, Have Been Locked Down – “No witnesses”

The National Abortion Federation said in September that threats against abortion clinics and doctors have increased this year.

“In my 20 years at NAF, I have never seen such a volume, intensity and escalation of hate speech, threats and criminal activity, and we would like to prevent a serious violent act from occurring,” Vicki Saporta, president of the organization, told The Huffington Post. “We have enlisted law enforcement’s help.”

The increase in threats comes in the wake of undercover videos that show doctors talking about Planned Parenthood’s use of fetal tissue.

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, the clinic in Colorado Springs is operated by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and did not appear to be closed for the holiday.

The clinic offers abortion services, birth control, general health care, HIV testing, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and STD testing, treatment and vaccines, the Planned Parenthood website says.

There was a peaceful protest by about 300

Smells like a Staged Event and word is the actor is in character and in police custody.

This clinic is on the Centennial. It lies right on the 38th Parallel which is Obamacare central. This means Obama was on the 38th as well.

Coordinates: 38°54′17″N 77°00′59″W – Obama

Coordinates: 38°52’51.0″N+104°50’56.7″W  – Planned Parenthood





  1. Googleplex = 11 injured…..2 dead 9 injured = 11
    3 dead 8 injured – Bullshit!

  2. This has the same MK-Ultra as Noah (crazy Chrstian) and James Holmes (Dark Knight) Aurora

    “The city’s fire department first tweeted Friday that a shooting had occurred at 11:49am at 3480 Centennial Boulevard located on the north side of the city.

    Brigette Wolfe, who works across the street, told CNN she could see law enforcement officers including police SWAT teams deployed in the area.

    Colorado Springs, which is about 70 miles south of Denver, was the scene of a mass shooting on Oct. 31 when a gunman killed three people near downtown before dying during a shootout with police.”

    “A 33-year-old man has been named as the crazed gunman who randomly killed three people in broad daylight on Halloween before being fatally shot by police, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

    Noah Harpham, a Colorado Springs resident, battled addiction and recently authored rambling blogs about his father and religion, the Gazette reports.

    The shootings happened Saturday at about 8:45 a.m., Colorado Springs Police said. The gunman was heavily armed as he walked down the street. He shot a bicyclist first, and then killed two women, KKTV reports. He was then chased by responding officers and gunned down in a shootout. Police have been tight-lipped about the case, refusing to provide details or identities of those involved until autopsies are completed.

    The gunman is also believed to have set fire to the second floor of the apartment where he lived, according to the Gazette. Harpham had previously lived across the street with his girlfriend, the newspaper reports.

    “Knock me over with a feather — that guy was just a nice guy. I liked him,” his landlord told the Gazette, “I couldn’t imagine for a second that he would even have a weapon. But what do I know.”

    Neighbors told the Gazette they thought it was a Halloween prank.

    Naomi Bettis told the newspaper she called police twice, first to report her that her neighbor was walking around with a rifle, and then after he shot the bicyclist. Bettis said the bicyclist cried out “Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me!,” before he was gunned down.

    Here’s what you need to know about Noah Harpham and the shootings:

    Addiction or Possession?

    Harpham also posted a blog to a recently created website on the same day. It appears to be his response to the pastor’s sermon. The blog is titled, “Is my Dad in a Cult? Even Worse, Is It Satanic?!”

    “He writes on the blog:

    I have no practical business to be reasoning in this area when I consider I am theoretically matching wits against Thomas Harpham, a man who has proudly and with his own wife and 2 children, devoted over a decade of his life in service to the institution of Bethel Church. Bethel Church is a global institution that believes in change through political process, and is headed by Pastor Bill Johnson. Thomas Harpham is a man that has obtained a real life “certificate” in super-natural ministry from this global church. (Ignore the clear mind-control that results from accepting the inherent contradiction in the last statement if your name is Thomas Harpham.)””

    The signature of the religious and freemasons from the Joo-joo-bee’s sacrificial rites for Luciferian World Order. No doubt this was a staged or planned execution.

  3. We’ll watch as this staged event unfolds and misfolds……

    Noah Pozner – Noah Harpham

    The Happy Hoaxers of the Colorado Springs Shooting Hoax

  4. Weather Report: Snow in Colorado and snowjob in Paris

  5. This was so very obvious even to a ditzy person like ME. My husband said a while ago “watch, with these tapes of the aborted babies, next you’ll see a shooting on CNN” honest to G-d and here we go again, and immediately CNN talks about how easy you can buy a gun. My G-d this time it’s really in your face stupid!

    • Hi Maguerita

      Robert Lewis Dear – Lee Harvey Oswald – XXX. We, ditzy tin foil folks just have to live with this affliction I guess. 🙂

      The gunman accused of killing a cop and two civilians during a tense standoff at a Colorado Planned Parenthood is a 57-year-old North Carolina native, police said.

      He comes from my neck of the woods. Like Eric Rudolph, the MSM will have a field day with this.

      Q#1 – Was the whole PP scandal a hoax?

      Yes, I think it was all a social engineering project

      Q#2 – COLORADO COP KILLED WAS PART-TIME PASTOR, FATHER OF TWO: Was this by design to divide and conquer the Christian nation?

      Yes, I think so.

      Q#3 – Police have not detailed a motive in the Friday afternoon rampage.
      Is this a living spontaneous staged crisis?

      Yes, I think it is a living improvisational event and being monitored and tweaked based upon Twitter, Google, Facebook. Jade Helm 15 is still active.

      “”We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” Colorado Springs police Lt. Catherine Buckley said.”

      We haven’t received direction from “Tragedy Central” HQ yet.

      Q#4 How does this fit the NWO model?

      Colorado / Marijuana = CIA / Covert Operations. – There have been numerous fact based expose’s revealing the CIA and drug trade to fund the black ops globally. Colorado (Denver ot Colo Springs) is a CIA mecca, like Dallas is to Texas. Between AZ – CO – TX is a triangle of mind control events from the UT 1966 Charlie Whitman to Jared Lee Loughner to James Eagan Holmes.

      MK-Ultra events are real. The deaths are questionable but the patsy like Oswald never fires a shot. In all these events there are secondary players or handlers that are never identified and always dismissed.

      This one is no different. Like John Patrick Bedell 2010, the second man “Handler” was seen, was pictured and never sought or mentioned as the “official story” was created. This is why they are improvisational and “living events” from execution to term in MSM mind-control cycles.

      This guy has the same look that Bidell, Holmes and Oswald had after arrest. Mr. Dear (fiction) is not high on colorado pot but well medicated with a “Jacobs Ladder” courtesy of the DoD and CIA.

      Why Dear travelled to CO from NC to wreak havoc is always the case in the MonarcK program signatures.

  6. Noah Jacob Harpham spent time in Oregon, along with the same MK-Ultra safe house that the Umpqua College shooter was unleashed.

    UCC Event: Christopher Harper Mercer. The Haven of CIA MK-Ultra seems to be centered between San Francisco and Eugene Oregon.

    I think most of these targeted individuals are recruited through the googleplex-facebook.

    They must be:
    Loner types
    Orphaned or estranged by family
    Have Addiction issues / in recovery
    under a “white coat” CIA doctor
    Offspring of Freemasonry

    UCC Uniform Commercial Code – Just like your birth certificate, Drivers License and Contracts (mortgage) you are identified by your FICTIONAL corporate identity. And for the “Stakeholder” (of stock, property or person) they must protect themselves from liability of their property and must prior to the event, from bond.
    (released and forever discharged from suit or action) Therefore the full names are always used in written contract or legal documentation.

    I had really predicted the PP event would have been done in Texas. I think it was a poorer choice for Co Springs after the Noah Jacob Harpham event on Halloween. It seems CO is being targeted to remove the conservative gun rights foundation and replace them with the huge influx of neo-libs from California that have flooded the state over the last twenty years. Much like Austin and Asheville here in NC. Every conservative state has one now. This is a golden rule in the communist manifesto and Zionist Protocols.

  7. The X factor, XTIAN meme: from a NWO rag NYDAILYNEWS

    [The Colorado cop killed in a violent shootout at a Planned Parenthood office was a volunteer pastor and a devoted dad of two.

    A chilly early morning procession carried the body of Officer Garrett Swasey — a six-year veteran of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs force — through 10 miles of slick, snowy roads to the El Paso County Coroner’s Office Saturday.

    Swasey, 44, was killed in the barrage of gunfire during a tense, five-hour standoff between suspected shooter Robert Lewis Dear and police.

    Two civilians were also killed during the afternoon rampage, but they have not yet been identified. Nine people, including five police officers, were injured.

    Friends of Swasey remembered the Boston native as a husband, father, figure skater and devoted Christian who joined the Hope Chapel Church in 2001 and volunteered as a pastor.

    A fellow pastor at Hope Chapel declined to speak of Swasey’s teaching and music role with the evangelical church, but said a 3 p.m. vigil would pay tribute to his memory Saturday.]


    declined? but will pay tribute? There is a financial tribute coming here and he wishes to decline on the event and the liability. A specific tribute gift or contribution (a protection from attack) is the mark of political submission in the Roman Royal Arch freemasonry. This is York Rite coven. I expect the cop, Garrett Swasey was a freemason (FOP) and that this church is another part of the Jesuit-Joo conspiracy that has taken over the police and churches with government aid.
    Tax free and funded by covert money this “HOPE” Chapel has all the Illuminati signs. A sacrifice, he likely was whether a mason or not. The veils of Arch Masonry from Boston where Swasey was from indicate the templar connection is there.

    Check out the website and see the COIN and TRINTY (Triple Cross) which is the cornerstone of Vatican Assassins and Jesuit fraud.

    The “HOPE” includes Obama and the #44 age of Swasey also connects Obama to this event. Both were on the 38th parallel just like previous events.

    This is the “wedge” to divide the Christians from the Xtians – A gun grab, small arms, UN treaty (agreement) is coming before the election. This is divide and conquer in a cycle of events that will occur over the next year. Based on the Vortex gemantria and numerology, it tells me this is one of three Planned Parenthood events (which may involve clinics or human targets)

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