Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 25, 2015

Of Rodents and Refugees


Smoke and Mirrors 101 – Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Stuttgart “Refugee” Center; “Boxes” of Fake Syrian Passports Intercepted

Vortex science in the German Dialectic – When the ‘Flying Economy’ lands, the markets get airborne.

Link Malaysia biochemical whistleblowers and flight MH370. Running interference for ISIS transition to TPP/TTIP and the patent holders of life and death. Obamacare and death panels arriving in arrays and through vectors which the CDC and DHS could never handle. By design, the chaos of Paris and all other staged events is to focus on the fake war on terrorist radical Islam. A complete hoax to cover the obvious and true terror that is the Flying Economy.

The World Trade Terror Organization has the Lemmings watching a pot that will never boil while their house is burning.  The Economist has provided all the clues in their 2015 cover and other issues following the January disclosure.

SARS and MERS are just one of over two hundred active campaigns to spread the viruses of Agenda 21 and the new world transformation. The pale horse is green. Climate-gate and I$I$ are the reality of years of development. From the Agenda, the insiders have built an internal private economy in the death panels of which we could spend years to expose fully.  I suggest we call it the Soft Kill 200 index which was based in the National Security Study Memorandum 200 and operated by the thousand points of light which are the key foundations, corporations and trusts that come out of the Illuminati Mafia crime Syndicate. (IS)

The Red Pill

Our little friend, the Syrian Golden Hamster tells us story after story of the great work done by the men of renown and their benevolent efforts to eradicate the planet of vermin, viruses and plagues, though lemmings cannot see they are the Syrian Hamsters and completely missing the scamsters.

In this construct of the vortex science the TRIAD always reveals the basic principles of the graphs. When death increases, the equity markets follow. Commodities always sink and employment and GDP follow. So when our little furry friend senses the Climates, he proceeds to pack his cheeks to the limits. Preppers extraordinaire, these little coto-ites understand the science and prepare. Zebranomics must then react to the market shift by manipulating the commodities, forcing finance changes, eliminating cash, etc. by way of the fake terror I$I$ threat.

National Security is and has always been the protection of the rackets and the Central Banks and FED. The IRS and Secret Service have always been the true terror recruits, while the Military Industrial Congressional Complex have provided the legitimacy of a complete and utter fiction. Aided by a foreign governance of talented architects, the framework of mice and men existence in this work of fiction was designed.

If you agree to accept it they will take full advantage of your domain,  energy, assets and labor. By your mind willing and your own consent, they will liquidate you in service to the economy of Agenda 21. MERS, the Middle Eastern Refugee Syndrome is just  another of the 200 indexes by which your participation is requested.  It’s not Islamic terrorists refugees we need to fear, but the Illuminati Syndicates true agenda, to dominate your energy, dilute your fertility, deflect the obvious, and destroy your will.

The Economy is always Airborn

There is a healthy competition between indexes to see who can max out the  profit to kill ratio of Obamacare/Obamatrade. There is risk though in revealing the obvious connection of death panels to market performance, just as there is in insider trading. The MSM and Googleplex have worked out with the financiers, the algorithms, softkill software and systems by which all futures are planned.

molon labe

We, on the other hand must refute the markets, dump hope, work on faith and plan. Are refugees an issue or threat?  No, I don’t think so but the passports are lethal. We may not be watching the MERS-CoV death spirals, or the State Department and Fed’s vetting of health and safety for the flying economy, but in the grand scheme of the flying economy, it is merely one of many stocks to watch.  Maybe a few shares of Burroughs-Wellcome or GlaxoSmithKline are in order. I loathe not the Syrian Hamsters but the real Khazarian Rodentia who make them run the wheels.

Golden hamsters originate from Syria and were first described and officially named in 1839 by British zoologist George Robert Waterhouse. Waterhouse’s original specimen was a female hamster—he named it Cricetus auratus or the “golden hamster”. The skin of the specimen is kept at the Natural History Museum in London.[6]
In 1930, Israel Aharoni, a zoologist and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, captured a mother hamster and her litter of pups in Aleppo, Syria. The hamsters were bred in Jerusalem as laboratory animals. Some escaped from the cage through a hole in the floor, and most of the wild golden hamsters in Israel today are believed to be descended from this litter.[6]
Descendants of the captive hamsters were shipped to Britain in 1931, where they came under the care of the Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research. They bred well and two more pairs were given to the Zoological Society of London in 1932. The descendants of these were passed on to private breeders in 1937. A separate stock of hamsters was exported from Syria to the USA in 1971, but apparently none of today’s North American pets is descended from these (at least in the female line), because recent mitochondrial DNA studies have established that all domestic golden hamsters are descended from one female – probably the one captured in 1930 in Syria.[6]





  1. Header uploaded on: Dec 6, 2012 @ 20:41

    So Dec 6th we get some fireworks. As predicted in Mayan post apocalypse 2012 long date tzolkin = 6 Imix; haab = 9 Mac
    27,029 days = 9,11
    74 years =11
    pearl harbor =pnac 911
    NASA clock 11 year cycles – Watch the solar
    13 baktun
    13 X 144,000 days = 1,872,000 days
    0 katun
    0 X 7,200 days = 0 days
    3 tun
    3 X 360 days = 1,080 days
    0 uinal
    0 X 20 days = 0 days
    1 k’in
    1 X 1 day = 1 days
    ISO: Day 7 of week 49 of 1941
    Sunday, 7 December 1941 =6
    ISO: Day 7 of week 49 of 2015
    Sunday, 6 December 2015 = 6


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