Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 18, 2015

Charlie Sheen: The Arrival

Quantum to SPECTRE – The Vortex of NWO tradecraft in concert with the Holyrood stagecraft is announcing a new hoax for the dumbed-down masses.

The arrival of the program from the inception of the fraud came with a host of interesting stagecraft. The Death Panels provided the ABG’s of protein manipulation and we were given the fantastical versions of  a series of new terror. From AIDS to eBola to the Gamma’s of HAARP and Chemtrailing, we have seen the true war on humanity via the World Terror Organization. From the WHO, CDC and AMA courtesy of dead doctors, the Military Industrial Corporate Complex has fully merged with the Hollywood zionist media and Holyrood east mecca with the use of the vortex science of total spectrum dominance.

From the spectre of disease to the hyle of economics, the committee has released the Charlie Hebe-dough ala Sheen. It’s too bad Charlie has been under the MK-Ultra program of Hollywood, considering his past events in speaking out on 911 and Barry Soetoro. It came with a price tag.

This is Holyrood Stagecraft at it’s finest. Considering the total fraud of HIV simply stated.


The multi-billion dollar/pound AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications : that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by the HI virus or the “HIV virus” as some medical/media masterminds call it – perhaps they think the V in HIV stands for volcano. In Japan “AIDS” is virtually unknown : yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be “HIV-positive”.

HIV-positive response means nothing of any relevance to health : it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis … : over sixty different conditions.

We all have it.  It’s just a protein shake up needed to give you the death sequence. From the Labs at Ft Detrick to Paris’ Pastuer and the Malaysian labs comes the wood for the program. The vectors are endless in ways to deliver it. Food, water, PhRMA, vaccines, chemtrails, insect and cosmetic.  Enhancement by HAARP and microwave can improve outcome.

For Charlie, it could have been anytime, anywhere while passed out or using IV drugs, from his friendly dealer to one of his goddesses.  Now he in and under the control of SPECTRE.  With the Quantum of the protein, the death panel’s  false-positive and the Media blitzkrieg, the House OF Numbers takes over.

NWO Vortex2

Quantum: It only takes one

There was the usual impeccable timing of the Charlie Hebe-dough hoax right after the Paris attacks and with all Zebranomics, the vortex of these TRIADS comes with the massive redistribution’s of wealth. Simple arithmetic sets the stage for the craftsmen of the human domain. If Charlie had contact with a thousand Goddesses, I$I$ says that the numbers of protein recipients from him alone could be staggering. Not that we all have not already been vaccinated but they cannot link us all to this cycle and blow the lid off the scam. So, in this TRIAD, Charlie is the hyle for the hoax. Charlie and his “wood” made him a perfect candidate.


The ripple effects are a boon for the cabal. From the legal, patent, trade and TPP science of full spectrum dominance, this TRIAD will set a stage for further control and destruction of liberties and freedom. Soon lawyers will be needed for non-marital relations. The lawsuits and contracts required for the human assets will increase exponentially by these types of frauds.

Charlie you are the target but we are all in the bullseye. Be careful Charlie. They have just assassinated you via the MSM and Obamacare. At any point they can now kill you simply by introducing the trigger to send your unique signature by way of the flying economy and you will be dead. And in sheepledom, you were just a victim of AIDS (or related death) So Charlie you are dead man walking. Forget your money, that is already gone. Forget your freedom, that is gone as well. Charlie you don’t have a disease, you just have what we all have. Obamacare.

Oh, and don’t forget this Charlie;

Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Take a Quantum of Solace, Charlie. You are helping to move us ever closer to a One World Order and a new cashless economy. You will make the history books. Or at least a volume lot of legal journals.

PT2 –

PT3 –

PT4 –




  2. Speaking of despicable…

    “by William Rivers Pitt | November 18, 2015 – 10:47am | permalink

    — from Truthout

    “Just a shade over 24 hours after 129 people were slaughtered in Paris by terrorists, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took the debate stage in Iowa and utterly disgraced herself in a way that would have been shocking were it not so utterly mundane a phenomenon in modern US politics. One of her opponents, Bernie Sanders, tagged her with the millions of dollars in campaign contributions she has received from the very Wall Street financial firms that burned down the US economy some years ago. Sanders essentially said those firms expect a return on their investment, and he was exactly right.

    Secretary Clinton bristled. “Wait a minute,” she replied, “he has basically used his answer to impugn my integrity. Let’s be frank here.” Rather than be frank, however, Clinton went completely sideways and claimed that she takes barrels of corrupt Wall Street cash because 9/11 happened, or something. I’ve been watching political debates of all kinds since God wore short pants, and this ranked right up there with the most vile, disingenuous, sneaky, low-road slippery debate statements I have ever heard”.

  3. The False Positive:

    America Is Charlie Sheen: The CDC Says There Are 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year

  4. Hot November – Heated December

    Congressman now threatens to subpoena commerce secretary over global warming report

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