Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 15, 2015

France attacks Syria in Retaliation for their own false flag.


Spectre of War

France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria in Retaliation for Attacks – NY Times

PARIS — France bombed the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday night, its most aggressive strike against the Islamic State group it blames for killing 129 people in a string of terrorist attacks across Paris only two days before.

Crowd seen running in panic at Paris memorial – CNN

Parisians are forced to fight with their feet as they trample over the memorial,

Certainly innocent people have died in Syria. Holland is a war criminal. The French are cowards running over their own memorial. Like a flock of sheep stampeding to a lone wolf crisis actor staging. Watch as a city crumbles and the people tremble with fear to a fraud.



  1. So, how many football games today showed solidarity for the french fried fraud today? I don’t watch but I bet there were more french flags than american flying with the NFL lame stream announcers singing La Marseillaise. Are you nauseous yet?

    le vomi

  2. Obama and Company making the most of it.

    After Paris: More wiretaps of U.S.-based suspects

  3. Syrian passports found at Paris attacks scene were fakes made in Turkey – See more at:

    “EU commission chief says EU does not need to review migration policy in light of fears that militants posing as refugees launched attacks”

    No kidding 🙂


    French magazine Le Point said early Saturday that the Bataclan, where at least 80 people were massacred by Islamic State gunmen on Friday night, has for years been the target of anti-Zionist groups as the Jewish owners often put on pro-Israel events. The publication quoted a member of the extremist group Army of Islam, who told French security services in 2011 that, “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews.”

    Ha Ha Ha! What a perfect venue for a staging. Right out of the Larry Silverstein playbook without the insurance policy.

    “His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11, and he recently immigrated to Israel. He said he took a call from the theater at the time of the attack “and I could hear the gunfire.””

    Ha Ha Ha!

  5. Episode #109: ‘GLADIO GOES GLOBAL: A Pretext For World War?’ with guests Mike Whitney, Vanessa Beeley, Gearóid Ó Colmáin

  6. Ha Ha Ha! How do you like that pose?

    Black Pope calls Paris terrorist attacks part of ‘piecemeal WWIII’

  7. Paris Attacks: Iranian President Rouhani Cancels Trip to France

    Benyamin Netanyahu: “Aw shit!”

  8. Geraldo Rivera – daughter Simone “Crisis Stooges for FOX Psyops

  9. Just about everybody with their eyes open is calling it a false flag now, but Patrick, I’ll always remember that you were the first I heard it from.

    • Pat, did you get Tsunami warning after that last HAARPING?

      • Patrick, by the time we turned on old Cyclops over here, the warning had been rescinded. Wonder what Abe said or did.

        • It’s time for another one somewhere. I suspect Indian Ocean for December. Indonesian Malaysian, with Sri Lanka. No rescission.

  10. Hi Pat,

    I could say I went out on limb…:) but since setting up nine computers to scour the net and watching the entire episode unfold and with knowing the objective, it was not something that anyone would’ve bought.

    Paul Craig Roberts gave a theory, but I think it was a diiferent goal. Not so much a goal as a need. The evidence of Frances involvement on Benghazi and Syria rebel arming plus the Russian aid in getting the Assad forces into “Western ISIS” centers is risky. Assad and Putin may expose the whole GLADIO project.

    It is likely that France and Gladio were destroying evidence of their own crimes. The cryptic timeline of Paris Climate and G20 are served as well and it ups the suspicion of where the Debt ceiling money (billions) are going. The Pentagon is getting fast track to money for weapons/arm sales to who knows who. The neocons are hoping for a major piece of the debt ceiling going to the zionist war machine.

    In the end the deal is for real estate and oil pipes. Saudi vs Russia but they manage to use it for everything (never wasting the op) for further surveillance, higher defense and fear mongering for freedom revocation

    There is a lot of criminality going on at this moment. And some real risky behavior.

    I also got some intel on climate change-CERN and the Water wars, which also play a part in the current US-CHINA-RUSSO exchanges. This is the hottest November on record in my opinion (in terms of nwo climate)

    Saudis Planning For A War Of Attrition In Europe With Russia’s Oil Industry

    • I get the feeling tht the more desperate the tyrants get, the more they will resort to their favorite tried-and-true tactics. It is such a fair bet any time a big “terrorist” event occurs that they had a hand in it. Recently, Putin exposed for all to see who is running ISIS. Even my flag-waving rellies (amazing how it’s the libruls doing that now; when I was a kid it was the conservatives) are saying they are disgusted by what our government has done in Syria. I’m sure the media will find a way to put them back to sleep again. I’m pretty sure that Paris was about finding a plausible excuse to usurp Russia’s efforts and go bomb ISIS in a way that spares their assets and makes them look heroic.

      • No edit button. Add “in addition to the factors you’ve mentioned.”

      • They just deployed USS Harry Truman and SS Charles De Gaulle. Two traitors and AirCraft Carriers to Syria. This is going to be a war. Bizarre is an understatement with Assad getting hit by the french and US while Putin will be depleting US ISIS Crisis mercenaries.

  11. See for his revelations, as well. Evil people in the background are collaborating on these Gladio ops. Comments around the web suggest many, many folks are not buying it.

    • It is good that there is more awareness. You are probably aware that they intend to legally enforce a vaccination schedule on veterans consisting of 80 vaccines. I see three reasons for it: to enrich Big Pharma, renig on their obligation to provide medical treatment to vets by encouraging them to go nowhere near a hospital, and in the event of unrest, go oops! and unleash a pandemic starting with the most aware, concerned and capable of its citizens.

      • That’s the consummate TRIAD Pat. A perfect analysis. They never waste an opportunity, just our taxes.

    • Everyone should read his info on William “Bill” Cooper. Stone was unaware of him and everyone should know the REAL 911 WHISTLEBLOWER before the false flag.

      Then they should see how Alex Jones, PJ Watson and the rest pound the Saudi’s on this event. Statfor and CIA monitored Cooper and the FBI killed him with local Freemasons cops from Apache County Police.

  12. I hadn’t heard about the 80 vacs for vets. That is a preposterously “overkill” number for any human. Genocidal aimed at a certain sub-group that understands the war-4-profits inhumanity game.

    • What would be the tally with ones they have already have from childhood and boot camp /service? It’s a lab experiment as well. VETS are the lab rats because they have to go to the doctors at the VA who are the Mengele’s of medicine.

  13. M6.5 – GREECE
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.5
    Date-Time 17 Nov 2015 07:10:08 UTC
    17 Nov 2015 09:10:09 near epicenter
    17 Nov 2015 01:10:08 standard time in your timezone

    Location 38.755N 20.552E
    Depth 11 km (shallow HAARP)

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