Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 12, 2015

Halbig Family Harassed By Forces Seeking to Quell Investigation Efforts

Memory Hole

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.52.24 AMFormer State Trooper Pleads With Local Sheriff For Protection

[As Wolfgang Halbig uses FOI requests and court actions to unearth more damning information suggesting that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was fraudulent, he and his loved ones are experiencing increased harassment, including “gangstalking” and death threats. Mr. Halbig’s new website is Sandy Hook Justice Report.-JFT]

Wolfgang Halbig
Sandy Hook Justice Report
(November 9, 2015)

From Wolfgang Halbig’s Facebook Page:

I need to share with all my Sandy Hook Justice supporters that what happened yesterday to my wife being harrassed at her workplace with her work e-mails and all the people who work for her where also harrassed with their work e-mails which is uncalled for.

My wife loves her job and this has now caused us me to make a decison. I cannot do this by myself begging for donations and then be slammed…

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  1. If you do not know the techniques incorporated in a government gangstalking, you should research it in testimonials. As a victim it is unlimited the resources, tools and spectrum of assaults they will deploy. From falsifying evidence to microwave and scalar attacks the techniques are A-Z and as cowards, they will follow orders regardless of the damage they can inflict.!what-is-gang-stalking/cjh7

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