Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 11, 2015

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts



Oh well, we could end up with Carson, the Helmsley to the Trump.

I’ve seen too much of Trump and his Tower in Palm Beach Florida.  Too much slick Carson shtick to bite.  You can drink from the cup and take the White Olympian or the Black Budha but it’s all too hard to swallow. Trump is Apollo alright. Apollo 11. But Ben Carson is the darkside of the moon. Can’t wait for a look at his knife collection.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

I will be the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.



  1. The GOP/CNN/FOX Delphi Oracle in mind-control and Borg collective methodology. Watch and learn the RAND corps techniques. See the Clinton Camp quietly allowing the Delphi’s to play out on the Googleplex Oracle.

    The Luntz Group (RAND) shows you a group of mind control victims and you can easily see their confusion, memory loss, struggle with coherence and speech. I am wondering if they were also subjected to EMR stimuli via microwave or ELF audio subliminals.

  2. Nothing is as it seems. Everybody is suspect. Nobody can be trusted (even at lower levels of the “game”). The “players” are just players. The “system”, the “game” they are playing in has actual designers and administrators who manipulate the/our “reality”. And this gamed system is itself a rotten piece of timber, a gummed up machine, a vestige of a dream gutted in the dark.

    That’s what we’re looking at.

    No one can fix or repair something so farrrr gone. Its a system for the profiteering controllers to play with. To continue their control. Political craftwerk at the highest levels, where we can see them pulling the levers; watching them manipulate their little “leader marionettes” on the national stages; making “legislation and policy” for the peon peoples to obey and say “Thank You!” merciless masters!

    Naaah… Toss the political system onto the dung heap where it belongs. Yank it right off the national stage like it was an insult to vaudeville and us, the audience ticket payers. #defundit. Its a joke now, just watching this charade of ongoing coverage of the “run-for-the-pResidency”! I laugh and shake my head. I hope other people see the joke’s on us, as long as we continue to believe a shred of it is real and applies to us all in our absolutely non-real realities.

    Is there a distance where lies weaken and fall broken to the turf? How far from the horses’ asses’ mouths can lies retain their “flavor” of “reality” before they become of none effect? At the county line?, The state line? Where is “the line”? At the border?

    This is an interesting question, as we witness the absolutely funded and scripted “immigration” crysis, coinciding with a host of war making, saber rattling, earth shaking chaos-in-the-making. Has any of “YOU?” out there got to vote on any of this? ‘course not. Didn’t get to vote on the TPP, or NDA, or Patriot Act, or NOTHING, didn’t ya?! That’s right. WE (the people) were purposely left out. Notice…we really don’t get to vote on Anything. The elections are fraudulent. Have you ever heard that bandied about? Yeah, and the System-of-Governance was “changed” so long ago into something that enriches the elite, and which impoverishes the people.

    How do we know? We look around us.

  3. Is Ben Carson an impostor?

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