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Hotspots for a Hot November

G20 meeting – Turkey November 14-15 2015

The G20 members are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.



It’s a bad time to fly.  With the coming G20 and TPP situation, a call for Carbon Economy has been declared. This should make for quite an interesting month with the G20 in Turkey to split the month in half. I expect two events for the month.  An oil related event, a seismic one, a assualt on the energy grid and possible ISIS foreign staged crisis. Along with the usual deflections and distortions, the Chinese will steal headlines prior to the G20 and there should be some fireworks with the Turkish elections.

1999 – 2008 – 2015 = 911-811-711. The AIRBUS 321-200 was the first of three events for November. The recent decoding of this event indicates threesome of staged crises for the month or for the remaining year.

There is some real concern regarding the Turkish hosting of the event in consideration for the current TRIAD in Syria and recent contention between Syrian Russian and Turkish players as well as the idiom to get scraps from a shrinking pot which has been the motives behind the new world economy to forcibly slow all economies. China’s resistance has provided them with plenty of false flags and warnings, yet they march along without even a stutter. But the damage has been done to the Arab peninsula and the breeding ground for the Springs have always been the goal from 811.


2008 was the start of Barry Soetoro’s fraud after his election. His immediate world tour of bullshit would insulate him from the agenda over his eight year diversion off the main agenda.  ISIS recruitment and black lives matter werre the breeding and recruitment grounds for the GLADIO regime change, democratic demonic springs and preparations for the synthesis to carbon based new world global change. His audacity never wavering even to his recent Military financial commitment over the poor and struggling. More terror, more obamacare, more taxes and less freedom, less transparency, less jobs.

Now that the cat is fully out of the bag regarding Barry, the immediate and early start to the next election and new speaker are thrust upon us by the MSM cracker jacks as a sedative for the idiots who think something will change again.  It’s truly a mystery to the pathology of such diseased minds.

Black Hand

Obama has managed well to target foreign resistors and rejectionists to the global conspiracy, while convincing the fools he is not a warmongering chicken-hawk like the Clinton’s and Bush boys, but his lineage proves otherwise and now his dossier has clearly demonstrated otherwise. It was with handlers, MSM and his cult, he managed to string it out evenly and gradually over his time, but now with the change of CIC in the wings, the climate has to begin to change dramatically.  I suggest it begins a year before the election and ramps up steadily. Beginning with a market correction….or maybe a mark correction. Assassination is such a dirty word.

8-11 = 53

We can glance again at the RothRocks publication for some clues.  Based on a base 9 vortex model, the zones are on the map. Some are geodesic coordinate based and some are historical time-space based on the googleplex.

One is for certain a seismic event. Some can say market seismic or Terra seismic. Both can occur in an assassination. the cryptic nature of 811 is the 11.

Base 20 ISIS- days of November are 1, 6, 11 and 16.

I expect some major work on his legacy.

TPP Bowl Africom

G20 Base 8

decimal to octal (base 8) 11.3 and 11.5 = 161 and 163

base 10 = 33 55

long and latts = 11,33,55,161,163,


Germany Ireland, Russia, Belarus, Alaska

Texas, New Mexico, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Israel

Pacific China

Pacific China

Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Ukraine

Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Antarctica

_________________Happy Thanksgiving from Turkey________________




    Abundant claims of vote rigging on election day


    • Another Patricia Climate Change Hoax? I checked NOAA satcom imagery and others but they look a bit phony to me. Don’t know but we hopefully may get some live twitter on it.

  3. Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies- Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor – See more at:

  4. U.S. Brings Dogfighters to Counter Russians Over Syria via @thedailybeast

    Syria, the DOG, wags the tail for the flying economy. CIAISIS wags the dog for Global Full Spectrum Surveillance. MOSSAD MI6 runs the ground forces in the refugee-rebel global canine homeless shelter.

    She must be a Springer Spaniel. (more zebranomics from the global crime syndicate) Canis Major should make for an interesting 2016.

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