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Airbus A321-231 MetroJet EI-ETJ.JPG

USA-ISIS Shoots down Russian Passenger AIRBUS  [711-811]

The USA-ISIS Crisis team went into full assault mode here. Boeing and team ISIS went for the Hallows Eve assault on Russia and France in this TRIAD as part of the World War III, setting for the eventual NWO.  It was relatively predictable that we would see the false flag in a jet airliner under the psyop of Malaysian TTP.

Figuring the vortex, Egypt was chosen. The vectors would indicate that Libyan missiles in the US covert military rebel arms cache can be used, though these staged events are usually scalar magnetic assaults on the avionics or french style sabotage (ala Jade Helm)

Targets: Russia, France, TPP Targets: MetroJet Kogalymavia


Cairo (AFP) – International investigators have begun probing why a Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashed in a mountainous area of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing everyone on board in one of the deadliest Airbus incidents of the past decade.

Questions swirl over Russian plane crash in Sinai that killed all 224 aboard – CNN

All 224 people aboard Kogalymavia Flight 9268 died in the crash Saturday morning that left debris strewn across a remote area of a region plagued by a violent Islamic insurgency.

Footage from the scene showed mangled wreckage and piles of belongings from the plane spilled over a largely flat, barren landscape.

Many of the passengers on the Airbus A321-200 aircraft, which crashed en route from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, were reported by Russian state media to be returning from vacation. Russian officials said there were 25 children aboard the plane.

My best guess is Israeli MOSSAD or al CIAda ISIS on orders from the Illuminati for a major sacrificial slaughter.  25 children is a pretty good tally in the 217 passengers. No manifesto yet to see if any “special targets” were neutralized. The typical BS Narrative is in high gear. METROJET had an excellent record.

Image for the news result

Relatives and friends of those on the Metrojet flight that crashed in Egypt comfort each other …read more

Metrojet Crash In Egypt Is Third Airbus A321-200 Hull Loss – AviationWeek

According to initial reports from the crash site there were no survivors. An Egyptian official claimed the crew had declared an emergency because of unspecified technical problems and requested diversion to the nearest airport. The Egyptian government was fast in ruling out a terrorist attack. read article

This was a World Trade Terror Attack and an Illuminati holy sacrifice. A TRIAD of Scalar, Trade and Banking war being waged against human beings and spun for their political purposes for their NWO ends. Obama, Bibi and the rest of the MICC administrators must have climaxed and creamed in their costumes last night over this sanction.  Putin and Assad will be licking their chops soon with a BOEING comeback.

3-9-6 (711-811)




    UPDATE: Responding to IS claim, Russian Transport Ministry says it “can’t be considered true;” plane at 31k feet, outside MANPAD range, @BBC

    (SCALAR range for EISCAT Tromsø , SURA, Gaskona-HAARP)
    The aircraft failed to make contact with Cyprus Air Traffic Control 23 minutes later.[21] Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency confirmed the flight had disappeared from radar. (pre-crash) MH-370 signature.

  2. RADAR: 31,000 ft (9,400 m) when it disappeared from radar screens after a steep descent of 5,000 ft (1,500 m). It had disappeared in a mountainous area in central Sinai with poor weather conditions making it difficult for rescue crews to get to the scene. The descent of 5,000 ft (1,500 m) occurred in one minute shortly before it disappeared 50 km (31 mi) north east of Nekhel (31degrees).

    6-9-3 Human Target (6)
    -471 (+582) Military scheme(5) – Time based target (4)
    This says it was Pentagon, NATO event (NASA, NAVY event.) HAARP

    Using 31,000 ft.
    31st October
    31 Miles
    31 degrees Lattitude

    Flight 9268 was carrying 224 passengers, including 17 children, and seven crew members.[13] Most of the passengers aboard were Russian,[33] according to the Russian embassy;[34] while a majority were also women.[35] Most of the passengers were tourists returning to Russia after holidaying at Red Sea resorts.[36]

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