Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 29, 2015

Speaking of Skyfall, is JLENS a Quantum of the NWO?

Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS comes to rest in Pennsylvania


A View to a Kill

Here is a classic planned and staged drill from the Holyrood East NORAD Productions team. We are supposed to believe the incompetence and failure meme that they use with regularity.

In the classic TRIAD formula, incompetence plays the dual role of thesis and antithesis to provide the synthesis desired. Also as in all vertices perpetrated for the MCC Military Corportate Complex, the events are not only drills but active beta testing.

Here in this case the project was to run the test, (layer one) promote the psyop and mind control for future blimp and recon drones trips over the AMERCIA landscape. Skyfall is the flying economy that ties the corpo-military wings to the financial in the economy of the War on Trade (WOT) and World Terror Organization. (WTO) In layer two the incompetence or FAIL issue requires further financing, added regulations and additional components to an already complicated apparatus. In this case as many others, the purpose is to cover the premeditated layer one while adding additional layers or benefits to the complex.

Like 911, the exercises of VIGILANT GUARDIAN were not exercises but cover and protection of the deception, hoax and subsequent fraud from official reports and MSM. Regardless of whether you think four commercial jets actually existed as reported it does not change the use of VG to either fire the missiles that were holographic aircraft, or to run interference for Drone commercial body vessels and keep radar and other eyes out of view, while the B-thing is in progress


We have here in the JLENS event a throwback to the Philadelphia Experiment. When running operations and beta tests, the object is to create situations that appear plausible but in reality are absurd. From Aberdeen MD to Bloomsburg PA in Montour County (Montauk)


This is early reporting and I have to explore more details and information. This TRIAD may be a deflection though I suspect certain factors at play here. Firstly, the Raytheon aerostat may likely be the diversion, though Raytheon was heavily involved with the transmitter work in the experiments of the 1940’s. There are numerous immediate correlations to the hyper magnetic resonance experiments as well as the psychotonics and acoustic research of Montauk. Psychotonics, CERN, Magnetic flux, Artificial Telepathy, Scalar Field Theory and other research could be in play here. What I believe may be at the heart of this is the environmental and psychotonics aspects of the war that in my mind is being waged on the human beings worldwide at this time. Weather weapons and magnetic manipulations in the scalar experiments of both harmonics and HIGGS are possibly at play here as well.

What stands out in this psyop event is both the MSM aspect of Full Spectrum Dominance and what was being done under this cover. I have some real doubts about the areostat 2 devices and the tethered cable make-up.

The tethered cables relay data and provide power. As threats are detected, information is sent to anti-missile and other fire-control systems including Patriot, Standard Missile 6, Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, and the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System. Its relatively low-power usage and over-the-horizon capability makes it less expensive to operate than existing fixed-wing systems and provides significantly greater range than ground-based systems.

This could be a VLF -LF transmitter wire and not just power and data transfer cable. Being the tether was over 6000 feet and more than a mile long. It will be interesting seeing further details regarding what I believe is a major hoax and cover-up of more monkey business for the upcoming Project Bluebeam and Jade Helm domain event. One thing for certain, the SPECTREs of the machine are hard at work and the excited states of AmerCIA are busy controlling the air traffic of the flying economy.




  1. Town Goes on Lock Down After Military Loses $2B Surveillance Blimp and it Crashes – “yeah I bet it did”

    They have done it before

    Montour’s Williams Middle School put under lockdown after threat

    They also need some real fast money.

    Montour County Requesting Emergency Money – 10/13/15

    Adds up to a flying economy in Pennsylvania.

  2. BOEING – AIRBUS WARS: Plane catches fire on takeoff at Florida airport, 15 hurt

  3. After they mess with your mind………..

    Google wants to monitor your mental health. You should welcome it into your mind

    It’s really time to start planning for this. Ask yourself what is really happening as you look to the insanity of people and ask yourself if it has affected you over the last 10 years. There are changes in people you know? Have you changed? When we talk climate, keep in mind it includes us as well as the trend in weather and political/social change.

  4. Climate Change – A known major shift on our concave earth. Signs of the coming event. DAHBOO7

  5. Here’s one of the better “Disclosure Psyops” I have seen lately. I call it the Manta Ray.
    Black helicopters? Where are they? Tom and Chris get a A- on this one. Great hoax.

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