Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 27, 2015

SC Female Student Slammed to the Floor, Backwards in Her Chair for “Sit-In” Non-Compliance.

Any adult, parent, school administrator, public servant, etc. should be able to analyze the following deplorable action, and provide a number of alternative methods to handle the situation, which don’t escalate to raw, brutal violence immediately.

Methodically Pulling/Sliding the stubborn child, chair and all out of the room and to the Principal’s office would suffice for shaming a non-compliant “student” perhaps?  ANYTHING, but applying the head lock, backwards WWE “take down” of a student just doing a “sit-in” in a chair in protest…

I think if a parent did this at home to a child, they would be liable for “assault & battery” upon a minor.  In our school “systems”, it is defended, even from the top levels.  Are you kidding?!


The comments at the Blacklistednews link above reflect a low caliber of citizen input on this subject.  This in itself should be taken into account as an individual analyzes this situation thoughtfully.




  1. There is definitely a power struggle going on from SOROS. He is trying to foment the revolution and BLM and Cop-Gate are daily fodder for the cannons of change.
    The problem is both sides are extreme.

    I remember Kent State, but I remember Detroit burning as well. It’s hard to pick a side but in the end when the SHTF I would rather have LE on our side.

    You are so spot on though that a Parent using this force would be behind bars as we speak. The glaring reality of a police state is desired by both factions in the Paradigm. The crud rises to the top and we know the usual suspects by this phenomenon.

    FREEMASONS and the Fraternal order are embedded in the highest seats of big city law enforcement and they are beginning to move into the libertarian suburbs now. A virus that is not detected until it’s too late. Terminal? That remains to be determined I guess.

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