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Vaccinations, Autism, GcMAF and Dead Doctors. The beat goes on.


October 11th – Dr. Marie Paas

Twelfth holistic doctor found dead, alleged suicide – Health Nut News

I never wanted to write a twelfth article. After writing the eleventh about our colleague: prominent Holistic oncologist, Mitch Gaynor MD in NYC, I was truly hoping that it would be the last. I’d recently read his book as he’d sent us advanced copies. My better half (also an author and holistic doctor) and I were […]- Read more

Sep 16, 2015 – Mitch Gaynor MD

11th Holistic MD & Best Selling Author Mitchell Gaynor Found Dead In Woods – Health Nut News

July 24, 2015

James Jeffrey “Jeff” Bradstreet, was a controversial American doctor, alternative medicine practitioner, and a former Christian preacher who ran the International Child Development Resource Center, He was recently murdered for his efforts. So were these colleagues

Dr. Ronald Schwartz, age 65

Dr. Amanda Crews age 38

Dr, Teresa Sievers age 46

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal,  age 67

Dr. Lisa Riley age 34

Dr. Baron Holt, DC age 33

and several missing

FOCUS: Bradstreet

Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet has now treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. In 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of them 15% have their autism eradicated. In all 3,000 children have been treated with GcMAF with similar results.

And Dr Bradstreet has published a paper: Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections which is ground breaking in its discoveries.

No telling how many introductions we all are receiving and through how many vectors. Dr. Bradstreet was killed down the road from where I live Chimney Rock, NC and others have been silenced. The Powers that be are on high alert to kill this.  Better view and save. The FDA and NWO will kill anybody. Some deaths may be to divert off Bradstreet but they may also have been colleagues and collaborators. Either way the truth is on the video

I expect more deaths disappearances and many frightened  doctors under OBAMACARE and the genocidal government that is killing our children and veterans.

Even Disinfo government run snopes had to quell the conspiracy




  2. Marshall Swing: The Elites 2015 Global Economic Collapse Plan Exposed

    I think Marshall’s pretty good but he missed the clownfish and the connection to the pied piper. Both being part of Project Bluebeam and the transition event I predicted before October 29. Obviously targeted at the youth and the fertility event. I suspect the universal biological event. I am going to post on this in a day or two.
    I have some revelations of this cover that I think have some teeth.


    The Hegelian Dialectic working under committee.
    It’s easy to see the GMO, Vaccines, TV-Gaming toxic EMR and the chemtrails assaulting the kids. They know it and the antithesis is a draconian police state and prison system called re-education, primary indoctrination.

    Big PhRMA is waiting to move into the system with mandatory vaccines but soon the Lithium Orotate mandate. Another vital lame duck agenda to complete Obamacare. My heart goes out to parents of pre-schoolers. Time to home school in a community based opt out before your third grader gets a prison sentence.

  4. Let’s just make a mental note of this prognostication by Jim Stone — “Trump not receiving secret service protection. There is no conceivable way Trump should not be getting the protection of the secret service. But you know, kikedom obviously hates him, America is being run by an offshore enemy, and Chapo is on the loose. Now it has been prominently revealed in the Mexican press that there were no tunnels, 13 Mexican intelligence assets let Chapo walk right out the front door of the prison, right on cue to “murder Trump.” Yep. The shadow government wants Trump dead. Trump obviously is not a member of the club. And I would like to repeat something that confused people in the past, and it is this: CHAPO WILL MURDER TRUMP DURING A SPEECH SOMEWHERE IN THE U.S. ALL THE WHILE CHAPO IS ON A CARNIVAL RIDE IN VENEZUELA. Think about that statement. Chapo is ONLY a convenient excuse, in reality, if they can’t successfully slander and slam Trump into oblivion, Trump will be picked off by an IDF sniper and Chapo will become the new unstoppable “Osama Bin Laden”. Bet on it!”

    Should it happen, it would fit a script we’ve already seen many times.

    Then, we have an upcoming investigation culmination by Trey Gowdy regarding Ms. Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi affair — . Other recent news has Ms. Clinton making light of the issue ( just like her laughing with glee about Ghadaffi’s death) .

    I would say that this woman displays serious psychopathic “tells” with regularity. That she is free to vie for the pResident position, and not incarcerated should scare the shit out of everybody with a working brain. Well, this is the “America” that we are living in, perhaps much wilder than the old “Wild West”, with no justice nor accountability. The rich, the powerful, and those that serve the same are TBTJail evidently. Certainly, a situation which portends bad things happening on a world stage which will be seriously detrimental to good people. “Crime Pays” Spectacularly, as we are witness to this fact.


      Too many clues going back to Clinton -Perot and since the time when the borders were all but gone. El Trumpo in the mix makes perfect sense. Fire up the right with the fraud Donald Trump, Release the Chapo Guzman, who has a vendetta against the US and add the Gladio mercenaries of ISIS and create the perfect storm. How this can play for the NWO transformation is such a false flag that under any circumstance the TPP and Financial con men can write their own ticket.

      So Stone and I agree on the mix is right for a real TRIAD cocktail of real espionage and a Bridge of Spies. Place Putin into the mix as well. A well formulated multi-hit approach could do the job nicely with chaos as the lead for a financial meltdown. I suspect Trump thinks his own security is a better and safer bet over the Federal Reserve Secret Service. (I’d have to agree)

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