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HC=811  HK=811  Hillary Clinton 2016 = 911

Benghazi has become a partisan investigation’ hyper-focused on Hillary Clinton via @YahooPolitics

I don’t think so Major. I think you were fired and now you are working for someone else. Let’s look at the Hillary email servers. (number of server yet to be identified) Let’s look at her foundation and the contributors who some may be transacting with the enemy (yet to be determined) Should the investigation just bypass the connections between these investigations?

To be honest I think the committee has almost handled her with kid gloves by the conspirators from both parties.  What appears to me to be shaping up is a war between the New York Clinton Crime Syndicate and the Soetoro Chicago Crime Syndicate with the Bush Crime Family seeming to take a backseat. The Bush Crime Syndicate wants Iran. Clinton will give them that.

There are things I cannot shake regarding my prediction for no election in 2016. Those are numeric in nature but there are frequencies that are detectable now.  Tonight’s 60 minutes of PHARMA ads and propaganda included Barry Soetoro talking about his ISIS rebel failures and his decision to end rebel forces training.

Why are the moderate opposition so hard to identify? Because they don’t have a name. How about the proxy ISIS anti-Assad regime change GLADIO army? Too long? Okay call em ISIL. The real reason we are not boots on the ground besides military morale is that it would expose eye-witnesses to what we already know here. The sheeple are who they want to keep in the dark. Can’t have their sons, daughters brothers, sisters or parents getting a real view.

This Climate Change and Iran prop piece was  clear.  Obama has screwed Hillary, the GOP and Dem elite corp who want the same thing the zionist joo-joo-bees want. Real Estate and one less rejectionist of the Global transition to climate based carbon economics under TPP and WTO.

He touts we are stronger and safer which is an open invitation for a gotcha moment to come in the very near future. I think it is certain. Hillary would love to see it happen. Can she make it happen? It appears she has some secrets.  Cleverly she has jumped ship on TPP to counter the Chicago teams move to get Biden on the card.  I stated back when the news hit the MSM that his son’s death was a great opportunity for him to get the sympathy vote, yet I think the conspiracy goes much deeper. Was it an assassination like others? John-John comes to mind among others but it seems that Obama and Biden were made for each other. Clinton and Biden are not.

McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary

“I’m not sure if I were Hillary Clinton I would want to be on that team,” the senator added, “I think her ambitions frankly are for 2016 and I’m not sure that would enhance that likelihood.”

Obama says not being on the ballot in essence has made him loose, relieved his fear and concern over the small stuff. (you and me)  He really meant the operations are out of his hands and his lame duck is all show. It is amazingly a talent of Kroft and 60 minutes to sound tough while actually just letting Barry lie through his teeth. From the Gun Rights to the economy to ISIS to Clinton email and Joe Biden. Just a testimonial from the horse’s mouth on the horse. Shameless.

I believe the truth is that Obama is campaigning for Biden. Moving from coast to coast he is orchestrating the financial and political moves to make sure the Clinton Crime Syndicate does not win. I think it has been that way with Benghazi and all the other leaks from Bills trips to  Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Island, the email servers and the Clinton Foundation revelations.

Clinton is a Bush minion. Jeb is a loser, Hillary is not dead by a long shot but there is a war and McCain would see Hillary in before a TTP tea-party prop or Trump.  It is a very strange group of alliances here. Not what the normal left right paradigm prisoner thinks. There are more liaisons and provocateurs in this election cycle than ever before.

I still predict no normal election. It’s not repealing the 22nd Amendment, it’s not a third term for Obama which he says he would win, but more a Diebold Grid failure or false flag which Obama virtually challenged the Blue team to stage with this  60 minutes pile of crap.

You should really watch this theater or read the script here.  I know this is the prelude to a most bizarre alliance of the strangest angles and a real war to rage between the two mafia families which make the joo-joo-bees very excitable. I have never seen a global stage so full of possible events. I have heard the rumor that Bergoglio is being death threatened for Boehner and US domestic interference. I also heard someone say he will be gone before the election.  I think several may be gone before the election.



  1. Air strikes on the airwaves @AJEnglish

    Obama said Russias involvement in Syria is a recipe for disaster. The decoded version is “F-ck with the NWO and ISIS (CIA) false flag will be served. The recipe is on the menu. Unlike McDonalds, Obama’s Genetically Modified Offensive is labeled. Don’t eat it up folks. Know whats coming before the October surprise and prepare to be served.

  2. Laugh, would ya?

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