Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 9, 2015

Celente Discusses the Obvious Regarding Current Events, Covering Many Topics

Gerald Celente speaks TRUTH about the B.S. going on around the world.  Not that you haven’t picked up on the continuous LIES sold to The People by the corrupted media dirty “mouth pieces”.  Concise discussion on Current Events and perspective from the bleacher seats we all are sitting in:



  1. NASA , Project Bluebeam holographics, vapor tracers testing – Gizmodo [images]

  2. PSYOPS: Asteroid 86666 = 2Km An asteroid big enough to kill millions of people is on its way to Earth but is expected to brush past, missing by a mere 25 million kilometers – a narrow distance by space standards, NASA said.

    2km-wide asteroid approaching Earth, NASA warns — RT News


    This brings the total to 11 now.

    Another Holistic Doctor Dies Mysteriously: Reports
    Mitchell Gaynor, M.D Holistic Cancer Oncologist

    Renowned bestselling author and holistic cancer specialist Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., was found dead over the weekend in the woods near his home, according to reports by several Web-based alternative medicine media outlets.

    Who will be Dr. Who #12?

  4. Statistical:

    Probability Analysis of Mysterious Deaths: 125 Scientists, 75 Bankers and 11 Holistic Doctors (12)

  5. What is the probability that professional politicians are liars, and what percentage of the words that come out of their mouths are lies?


    An easier calculation would be to look at it in the opposite direction — what percentage of time speaking are politicians “not lying” or deceiving?

    Excuse me…”doctors” have ready access to pills, gas, and a plethora of items to ease them into the Big Sleep readily. Any “Unnatural” deaths would thus be highly suspect as murders, because that conclusion should be Obvious. Lets just remove the “mysterious” label from this issue, and slap a “probable homicide” sticker on the cases. The forensic investigators should be busy at work examining motive for “someone else” to off the docs, and looking for signs of “homicide”. That’s my vote.

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