Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 7, 2015

Decoding FEMA, EMS, POLICE on a trunking digital network

Three radios running on a drone, monitoring on a WINDOWS VISTA Duo Core desktop running HDSDR x 3 and DSDPlus decoder. This live recording and visual.

The DSDPlus program records files in increments you select. The recording is voice activated so you have no dead air. 24/7 monitoring with 1 hour recordings with no dead air. This is the live recording and visuals.


This is one hour of voice activated recording for October 7, 2015 1:pm – 2:pm



  1. I think I’ll have to get one!

  2. I added the recorded file for one hour from today at 1PM. We had a shooting here.

  3. Interesting that we in Carolina got the HAARPING and as I posted with Ukraine, Turkey and France taking up ISIS US Regime Change that they are getting the Floods as well. Looks like the curse of Russian Weather Modification. Maybe SURA facility is targeting their enemies.

    God delivering NOAH’s revenge?


    Russia outlaws GMO. China and Brazil dumping US debt. Bonds. Monsanto laying off 12% due to earnings report. The BRICS are suing Monsanto for billions. India farmer suicides. The TPP trying to save the sinking ship. EU doesn’t want the chicken or the eggs. US jets getting buzzed by Russians as they track the Drones.

    Looks like a wild Winter in Wunderland.

    Buckle up! October 15 is the next staged event.

    • There’s revolution in the air.

      • We are racing evolution to extinction. Revolution seems to be one phase of this. When it all unravels, all the crazy MSM bizarre psyops might become day to day.

  5. I WANT ONE!

    Of course you know that anyone owning these things will be singled-out for “special” treatment.

    This could get addictive very quickly.

  6. Revealing —

    • After your post of Chemo-trails we have been under the clouds. As thick a layer as I have seen. One day of sun in a month is a death sentence.

  7. Jim Stone’s comment on Russia going to work — “There is what I expect to become the normal bantering about Russia targeting CIA forces rather than ISIS (Russia is not stupid with this, let the games begin) because you can’t attack vapor (which ISIS always was) and Russia knows it. “ISIS” has always been a very thinly veiled front excuse for overt American aggression abroad. And I have quite a salient comment here, with a HUGE LAUGH:

    Congress is now supposedly “probing” American intelligence agencies for not keeping a close enough eye on Russia. And all I can say is this: Dear Jewish community (and other pathetic parasites in the U.S. government:) You had the world’s best spy apparatus, one that could have easily penetrated Russia totally and wiped them out. And what did you do with it? You instead penetrated America and wiped the American people out. You penetrated America and used all intelligence gathered to infiltrate every American company you possibly could, strip it down, and send it overseas. You used it to penetrate the American psyche, and from the intelligence gathered, knew precisely where the line was between irritation and rebellion as you ram rodded the gay agenda and many other atrocities down the throats of the American people, and used it to know exactly how to destroy America’s religious roots and strip the family down to zero. You penetrated American intelligence to keep your drug businesses running smoothly, perfectly evading law enforcement all around the world. In short, you used America’s spy apparatus to help you gain the most filthy of profits, all the while you ignored the giant bear in the closet.
    And now, if you get your butts kicked by Russia, I will sit and savor the moment like a cherry cheese cake, stripping it away one half of a gram at a time just to sit and savor it that much longer. You suck, you are brainless, and your abuse and misappropriation of power PROVES IT”.

  8. Watch Hillary, but don’t forget the Carly Beast. She has confirmed by recent comments about engaging Putin, that she is a certifiable Bibi warmonger spy. After the Hewlett Packard expose with her and the Joo0joo-bee NSA apparatus, she thinks the right is not seeing who and what she is?

    I think on top of her corporate spying and golden parachute, that she hates not only Trump and Putin, but all men in power. The sleeping feminazi. Like Ayn Rand and Predator mixed in a 5’6″ test tube. I bet she’d like to rip the eyes from Donald Trump ever since her firing. When the Donald says “Your Fired” she must light up.

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