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Contrasting the Viewpoints on Gun Control and Unalienable Rights

Not withstanding that the Oregon “shooting” has been flown up the pole by many as a “False Flag” based on lack evidence, and other notable factors, We-the-People are once again forced to take a position on “The Right of Self Defense”.  Unalienable?  Or, determined by bureaucrats?  Pick one, because there is no fence sitting on this one.

Contrast the viewpoints, and decide which position you would take?

  1. Bent over
  2. Fighting for your life and for the others present
  3. Ambivalent.  Read, dead.

What would your family, loved ones say if YOU decided to NOT DEFEND them when they were attacked by a gun-wielding aggressor?  You let them die for…what…reason?

“Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is a leading Republican presidential contender, has intensified his defense of gun rights in response to last week’s Oregon campus massacre, arguing that the Second Amendment is more sacred than spilled blood.

He also suggested that the victims should have had the courage to attack their assailant and accused President Obama of politicizing the tragedy by embracing the families of the dead”.

“I would not just stand there and let him shoot me!”

“I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away,” Mr. Carson wrote.

As you read the piece linked above, you will be presented with anti-gun rights rationales from other people.  To me, I think you must ask yourself the question, “Should I, my family, or other innocents be confronted by an ‘active shooter’ with intent to kill me/us — would I prefer to have a gun specifically to defend?”  And would you have the mindset to use it?

Read why the father of an Oregon “victim” will not attend Obama’s visit — .  

“My daughter said to me, ‘What if somebody would have had a gun?’ Gun-free and gun control takes that option off the table,” Boylan stated. “I don’t think that’s the right course.”

Contrast Carson’s views on the subject with Mr. Obama (you may lump him in with the other “Gun Control” crowd).

Jim Stone says, “Shooting updates / Too much has happened, and I just gotta puke. Ok, onto the goodies – CNN has called for a gun ban, with it being a felony to own a hand gun or any semi automatic rifle. Here is a nice salmonella tamale – They are trying to link Donald Trump to the shooting, by saying the shooter’s mother read Donald Trump’s book to him before he was even born (gag) and yes, ISIS has stepped into the scene, saying they did it but I don’t know how that could be when the FBI wiped ISIS out in America less than a month ago. I guess Pamela filled in . . . . . and I find it interesting that the same lying liberals who claim they can confiscate 300 million guns can’t keep tabs on 11 million illegals.

October 5 2015

An update about my core statement with the Oregon shooting: This time they killed people because they learned they need real blood to convince people, but the event did not happen as stated. I believe this was carried out by a clandestine group. Too many oddities suggest this”.



  1. Whether MK-Ultra, assassination team or complete fraud we know where the fingerprints are. If they were to kill by MK-Ultra, the shooter has no idea that he is being played. He simply is instructed to be there. Other assassins come in to kill and then the patsy is left to be suicided by assassin. I can believe that they may find a psychopath here and there and under stalking bring them to a real kill, but that leaves a lot of possible fouling up. The fact that it is murder suicide is a totally created Psychology Fraud. Murder suicide is a con created just for MK-Ultra. Suicide pacts were common but this scenario is BS. No one committing suicide cares about anyone else. Those who want to murder someone have a motive and desire to escape/survive.

    Remember that the suspect was white at first. They then took the black Mulatto and whitened him up for photos. I never submit to death or no death but sum up the numbers which say whether it is a farce or staged assassination.

    I believe any eye-witnesses are delusional or coerced or complete phonies. The fact that we never know or will ever be privy to the body count and DNA analysis says they can clear of any murder charges if they do get caught. My leaning is toward no kills and holyrood magic, corpses and the same mind control weapons they used in IRAQ to confuse and disorient people in the vicinity.

    Since OJ Simson we know that the coroners and cops are all freemasons or fabians of NewYork or Scottish rite and the fraternal order in the higher degrees mandates that you never sell out a brother, even if death is imminent. I’d agree with Stone on the need for gore which is never presented, and they would want to if they were not faking the scene. But the fact that they did not leak any gore says it was a complete fake and nobody died here.

    I think they are getting a bit nervous that they may be exposed. If Sandy Hook and Halbig have not caused concerned, I’d be surprised. They may have to change tactics. I think it’s easy to get the “actors” to play the game whether they are twisted ideologues, self absorbed egotists, criminal paid individuals and freemasons. We have certainly seen the targeting and harassing of anybody trying to investigate or acquire FOIA information.

    I hate to say it but I have no less disdain for these scum whether killings actually happened or not. I find equal loathing of both. I posted two pictures of the crying chick from SH and Oregon. I have no doubt the same person. And I am not a DallasGoldBug though I have played one at times. This is one of those times.

  2. Seagal states a commonly held belief by multitudes who are able to distinguish between fakes, frauds, theater and such like versus an unbalanced individual going berserk. Not very difficult these days, as we have seen a chorus line of these “acts” under the lights.

    UPDATE to the Seagal video; Blacklisted news now has 26 comments on the video subject matter. Read them and see what people are saying about Seagal’s public statement:

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