Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 6, 2015

Chemtrail Activity in South Carolina. About 1 1/2 hours West of Columbia, SC, Scene of Much Flooding

I happened upon this story regarding a documented lithium chemtrail program in Oregon, experimenting upon specific populaces.  Yeah, don’t be “Shocked!”.  You don’t have to imagine this “might” have been going on for years now — all you have to do is look up, look around, and pay attention.

WE will note Here, that TPTB and those that Wanna-Be, who are running now for pResident surely are aware of these programs.  You gonna vote for more of THIS?!

Please Read the Article Below Regarding What Was Done in Oregon here in 2015:


Today, the first sunny day in SC following the massive moisture funneled in from off-coast, I was impressed to photograph and document some chemtrail-created cloud formations.  These “experimenters” just cannot seem to get enough of spraying shit in the skies and raining it down on the people and environment.

I suggest you CLICK on each photo to better see what I was looking at:


Xing the Sky in SC

Upstate SC Chemtrails 10-06-15

Upstate SC Chemtrail Drip Up

Upstate Chemtrail Drip Down

I took the picture below, as I was driving up I-85, because the clouds presented with an iridescent pink and green sheen like an oil sheen seen on water.  I have enhanced it with “color saturation” so you can more easily see it.  It was pretty wide-spread over the left edge of this scalared out chemtrail cloud formation.

Iridescent Scalared Chemtrail Cloud 10-06-15 SC



  1. We are ALL being sprayed like bugs. It’s awful. Everybody is sick and dying because of it. It’s in the air, water & food now. If the chemtrails don’t get you, the mercury, fluoride, poisons in the food and pesticides will, we all die, it’s inevitable.

    • We remember the lithium rockets sent off in 2013 from Wallops VA. It was lithium and maybe fluorine?

      It’s stunning to listen to climate change psychotics who ignore geo-engineering, NASA testing and all EISCAT experiments as a factor. Too bad the lazy minded sheeple never look up as it takes away from their thumbing i-PAD work getting Miley Cyrus updates.

  2. Therefore, We the People MUST (as in survival mode, and possessing naturally the right of self defense) become knowledgeable about the methods of depopulation, and give Zero power to those who are actively involved in these programs, as well as those who are in policy positions and do/or should know about these programs.

    We are well past the point of parsing on the veracity of whether or not this stuff is occurring. IT IS. What are We going to do about it?! These are War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity! The speeding up of the “dying is inevitable” reality does not cheer me. Requiring accountability and transferring that reality back onto the sick creatures involved in these diabolical programs would be in order.

    Proper “Perspective” on these criminal acts is required. We should not acquiesce to a Dr. Mengele’s “experiments” upon our own bodies (or families or neighbors, extend it on out), meekly allowing the experiments to continue for the “good of science” (sic). The survival instinct has got to Kick In sooner rather than later, and the “fight for your life” response be activated. These are genocidal “programs” sanctioned by a small elite resulting in the ruination of our lives and environment.

    This is about as serious as “Crimes Against Humanity” get — so We should call it what it is, and defiantly, in fact, desperately seek to expose the “programs”.

  3. Yesterdays Sunny sky was laced here with trails. Cody took some pictures and I will post when I get them.

    No doubt now that it was meant for S Carolina and surrounding bible belters. I suspect the McCain-Graham factor here. Charleston Shooting, like Sandy Hook brought the ENMOD of Sandy Storm by the weather gods at Arecibo PR. We must not forget the power in Puerto Rico with this ionospheric heater. I t was instrumental for Katrina and other African weather system manipulations that led to hurricanes since 2005.

    Breathing issues are littering my EMS radio system recordings. Seems the barium lithium and strontium and any designer nano-particle matter is more experimentation. It is merely a question of combinants for the combatants to me.

  4. I expect this as well to be disclosed as a preventative program necessitated by some other intergalactic crisis under national security. You know they work hard on ass-covering creative science fiction.

  5. Well, we don’t struggle with this toxic problem that exists in India (Fascinating Pics) —

    That stuff is knarly! And the fact that it has existed (a continuing toxic discharge for years) for a long time says the “authorities” don’t care about the people one whit.

  6. There are many recent storms battering and flooding other countries simultaneously as hurricane Joaquin impacted South Carolina.

    Now, consider this rare and strange track for a Pacific storm system —

    “On its current path, Oho is taking a peculiar track to the northeast. Although tropical systems do, on occasion, move to the northeast in the central Pacific, since 1949, no late season (October or later) system has formed south of Hawaii and moved to the northeast.

    A graphic showing the northernmost hurricanes in the central and eastern Pacific, dating back to 1949.

    Furthermore, no hurricanes have ventured into the region off Northwest Coast of the U.S., extending west several hundred miles. Although prior to the period of record, a weakening hurricane did strike southern California as a strong tropical storm in 1939.

    • That’s exactly correct. Africa never sent them up north until EISCAT superheaters and EL-NINO(HAARP) were discovered by the NASA, NAVY, NIST , NOAA team.

      A hundred years of weather modification is beyond our comprehension. The physics of CERN and the LHC experiments from as far back as the forties.

      ATLAS- One of two general purpose detectors. ATLAS will be used to look for signs of new physics, including the origins of mass and extra dimensions.
      CMS- The other general purpose detector will, like ATLAS, hunt for the Higgs boson and look for clues to the nature of dark matter.
      ALICE- ALICE is studying a “fluid” form of matter called quark–gluon plasma that existed shortly after the Big Bang.
      LHCb- Equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created in the Big Bang. LHCb will try to investigate what happened to the “missing” antimatter.

      The chemical wedding of electromagnetics and particle science converges into the master architectsuniversal design for transhuminism, plasma robotic humanlike beings and a new world order slave class.

      BUT FIRST they must cull the herd. While this soft-kill is currently active, the committee must keep us all diverted off the conspiracy of fact. The normalcy of things like the cyclones and hurricanes we can note;

      *Hurricanes never traveled in counterclock to the northern EU.
      *Tornadoes never rotated clockwise

      Until EL HAARPO NINO and the Dereche Factor (Coreolis Reversal) of weather Modification, they never happened.

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