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Obama goes down on the Globalists

Deal reached on Pacific Rim trade pact in boost for Obama – WAPO

ATLANTA GA – The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations reached agreement Monday on the largest free-trade accord in a generation, an ambitious effort led by the Obama administration to knit together economies across a vast region….more

Mark your calendars 10/5/15 – The Fifteenth has just attacked us again. Obama has just given the rimming to the elites of committee. Get ready for your new jobs America. Yes you the 94 million out of the work force. On the job training is provided. Can you go down? Can you lick the problem?  Then you have a great future in the new Babylonian whore Terror Trade economy.

Zebranomics and MSM whitewashing cannot begin to hide the horror in the secret negotiations. Only your silence will allow the terrorists, pedophiles and profiteers to enslave us in the transformation to the TPP and coming Buy-Sell-Trade economy. Next comes the digital currency and the Mark.  No election will stop this so get on board the love boat with our leaders.


6 Things You Should Know Before Giving a Rim Job

(please provide your own dental dam, not covered under Obamacare)

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  1. Pope Francis and the Hospitallers

    Online Threat of Mass Shooting at Philadelphia Area Colleges Prompts FBI, ATF to Issue Alert

  2. Martial Law Search and Seizure: Fairfax CIA search and rescue team heads to South Carolina to help flooding victims

  3. Makes one think that the Satanist Cult in Connecticut has a stable of child sex slaves and with this info it certainly shines light into the national pedophile and child slavery that runs through our Federal agencies and who in the white house protects these cult cells from San Fransisco to Hartford.

    Sandy Hook: The girl who doesn’t exist and her parents’ $0 home

  4. UN Takeover coming in under “Strong Cities Initiative” TPP

    Did the UN Really Install a Global Police Force at the Local Level?

  5. Well, there goes the neighborhood.

    I guess we know why all the distractions.

    What amazes me is the stone-cold ignorance and inaction of people. Everyone acting as if they can’t do anything about this. Fucking amazing.

  6. Like a mass hypnosis, as they watch, swoon to the salesmen and bow to the barkers. This thing called normality-bias must come with a prescription of waking ambien. It’s like a sleeping sickness, only your conscious.

    The pace is quickening, and I assume under Illuminati masonic ancient rites they have to follow the timeline and coordinates to the tee. I expect Loretta Lynch and Sotomayor to be very strong allies to Hillary when she is elected. Or Fiorina, but certainly our first woman president will be anything but one.

    Oh well, you cant fight city hall. (as they take another drink from the trough)

    • Look at the piece I just posted above. I believe we are seeing chemically-brain-altered people enmasse. From the Fast Food non-food to the fluoride treated water, to the chemically and radiologically altered air — humans are being assaulted from myriad angles/vectors. But then, COTO KNOWS this.

  7. This is a warning of EL HAARPO and eiscat heating in Climate Wars: Five days of record-breaking temperatures in Australia
    Southern Australia, from Perth to Sydney, is only just seeing the back of a big spring heatwave.

    Super EL NINO or EL HAARPO, which came first? Doesn’t matter as it is gas and fire. After the predicted bitter cold winter the shift is coming and it means a dreadful and killer winter for the US.


    “What can we expect for Jade Helm time? A nifty hurricane season with wet and wild gulf storms just like Texas and Oklahoma got when they received their Bill….I expect the Australians to have a cold Winter. Thanks to el HAARPO NINO. We can expect TPTB to take full advantage of a strong EL NINO and with the aid of three or more [Ionospheric] heaters to make it a record breaker. Solar activity included will aid them in the ongoing campaign of TPP Trade pact which is the Master Plan for “YOU CAN’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING” which is the real name for Climategate. I know it’s a bit long but it’s perfect for ramping up the TPP and new Carbon economy.”

    This is the year for Climate to climax in 2016, which will play a part in the Global Governance of Strong Cities and TPP Secret UN treaty.


    “We do not expect Barry Soetoro to do it so Israel has turned to other associates. France Turkey and Ukraine. Once Iran gets into the game it should be a nightmare for the MK-Idiot McCain who can barely keep the players straight in his mind. They may have to invoke SILENCIO for Johnny Boy.”

    Look at the Russian violation of Turkish airspace. Russia just busted Turkey for bombing or sighting Sovereign Syria Forces. Assad is under attack from French and Turkish forces. US assets for certain as we all know. NATO can issue all the bullshit regarding this but they cannot hide the truth. We are headed for open war in the Levant.

    The civil wars are a cover for the NATO programme and once exposed, the UN Sec, NATO and the global agenda will come to light. What happens in Syrianna happens here at home.

    [NY TIMES: Aside from blunt warnings, however, there appears to be little that Mr. Erdogan can do about Russia’s assertive military actions in Syria, which have upended his priorities to oust the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, and establish a buffer zone on Syria’s border with Turkey….While in many ways close to Russia, Mr. Erdogan is now leaning more heavily on his NATO allies, reflecting the shifting forces buffeting Turkey as it copes with the military, economic and humanitarian fallout of Syria’s war.]

    They are all bedfellows running the script that gets us into a conflict to spur their economy, usher in domestic terror (ME related) and then the agenda for UN governance. What appears to be nations conflicts are illusion. What will culminate is the sectarian slaughter of millions.

  9. That sounds about right. Walking Dead is coming back for another season evidently ( I have no working TV fortunately ). If we look at Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, and the other “democratized” M.E. countries, we can grok the intentions.

  10. On Russia’s taking over the fight against ISIS, we see cruise missiles used for the first time (with deadly accuracy). Note: ZERO civilian casualties reported/claimed. If true, Russia is far more accurate than the U.S. in their military actions.

    “The Russian minister of defense, Sergei K. Shoigu, told President Vladimir V. Putin in a televised meeting that the missiles had struck 11 targets in Syria.

    The targets were about 930 miles, or about 1,500 kilometers, from the Russian flotilla of four warships that launched the missiles, Mr. Shoigu said. No civilians were harmed in the strike, he said”.

    • I had a strange thought on whether Putin was actually really targeting ISIS. We may see the phasing out process for NUSRA as we did alCIAda. It is hard to imagine the US letting GLADIO cia trained shia to be exterminated. More like the french resistance hiding in bunkers while fireworks are being fired off. Hmmm. I wish I was a buzzard looking for food there.

      The reality seems real. I see the TPP agreement in part as the trumpet for slaughter and therefore the killing fields will be ripe in red.

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