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Disbelieving the Farce of “elected” leadership and Their Propaganda


So, they’re just getting around to “investigating” this glaring problem?  WTF We ask?!  But, relax back into your Toyota seat, because — Toyota, he said, has a “strict policy to not sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities.”

Excuse my COTO-like cynicism here, as it is warranted.  Might we suggest any of these tracking devices easily found at the following links, so Toyota can know where their products are at all times — ?

It is amazing how they think a terse “statement” will refute all reality, relieving them of accountability.  READ — “Lewis said most of the Toyotas appearing in the videos are not new models, and the company cannot track down stolen vehicles or ones that have been bought and re-sold by middlemen. An Iraqi military spokesman told ABC News he thinks trucks are being smuggled into Iraq by outside middlemen, and Toyota distributors in the region said they are unsure how the trucks are getting to ISIS“.

EPIC FAIL on all levels by the Toyota company “spokespersons”,


Take the “War on Terror” farce for example.  You’ve seen the photos of long lines of ISIS “terrorists” in tennis shoes and Toyota’s carrying light weaponry.  Yet, they kept expanding, supposedly threatening even Western nations now, with the fallout of their murderous campaigns in the middle east.  WITNESS — Mass Immigration into Europe, U.S., etc.



I have a Toyota pickup, and ISIS has newer, better trucks than I, a hard working American.  In fact, I just had to spend $1000 for 4 new tires and shocks, just to keep rolling and working.  We are told by Western media outlets and Western leaders and administrators that ISIS seem to be invincible (I’m told to get a flu shot to, so there you have it).  At least, ISIS are a scourge in the M.E., and have been remarkably successful at continuing expansion of their “tennis shoes and Toyota” ground “war”.  2 seconds of consideration of the history of war-making, tells me that to “expand” requires continuous re-supply of all the necessities — in these groups case — food, water, weapons, ammo, communications devices, fuel, nice white tennis shoes, and new Toyotas.  Tires I imagine too.  It quickly pops into one’s mind that interrupting the supply lines for these rogue bands of murderous marauders would be Strategy #1.  Yet, we’ve heard the stories of U.S. and allies being absolutely lame at doing anything to make a dent in the expansion.  STOP THE TOYOTAS, STOP THE WHITE TENNIS SHOES might be a place to start.  We’ve heard of the U.S. and allies actually “mis-dropping” supplies supposedly intended for the war-ravaged innocents right into the waiting arms of ISIS.  OH, STOP THE MADNESS!

Yet, of course.  The Western and M.E. forces have been completely ineffectual in doing squat.


Do you believe that?  That the Western forces are that inept?  C’mon!!!



So, now whaddaya got?  We see Russia making fantastic headway within 72 hours (read the line-up of reports at,, and others for alt-news stories on the docket).

Can we deduce about now, that Western forces (mis-leadership) have pointedly avoided striking any meaningful blows against ISIS over the last years or so?  Lets see — We witness “words” & “actions”, and form an informed opinion.

Russia is in the act of embarrassing the U.S. military and “leadership”, by showing the world what Air Power can do to rag tag “terrorists”.  Hiding this Obvious Fact of a policy of U.S. “dis-engagement” in the conflict is gonna take some real propaganda efforts in the West!

We reflect on 9/11 and all of the Really Strange happenings and non-happenings during and after that “event”.  Something is stinky, stinky, stinky.  And the administrations’ and leadership, their agencies, and all of Humpty Dumpty’s cadre of furiously writing script & meme flatulating corps cannot write out of Reality the OBVIOUS — This entire group of parasites on humanity’s ass are useless LIARS by commission and omission.  I see no other conclusion.


We are seeing the knee jerk Constitution-kicking commies committing themselves to the false meme of “Gun Control” for solving domestic problems (after the “latest” False Flage in a continuous string of False Flags).  The resident leader puppet, Mr. Obama goes on record with his 2nd Amendment bashing (eradicating) thoughts on the subject of people owning guns:

People point out the Obvious about this dangerous and stupid line of thinking —, and

Don’t think I believe anything or everything that comes off of Infowars by-the-way.  I’m just using stories from there to highlight the point of this thread.

AND — We get dirty politicians like Ms. Hillary Clinton, a wanna-be pResident, also trying to sell the meme publicly —


Insane McPain in-our-ass also sells the gun control meme whilst his state of Arizona funnels and funds drugs and illegals into the “United States of Illegal Immigrants” faster than you can say, “Are You Kidding, McCain?!

Then, there’s Trump at least speaking truth-to-reality and taking the opposite approach to bolster his run for the Puppetry position —

You might appreciate this piece that is making the rounds on the alt-net news sites —  Of course, you’re not gonna even be steered in the direction of THINKING FOR YOURSELF by the MSM, so I imagine the idea of legitimate “INQUIRY?” into things that make no sense will not rise to the level of conscious thought of the ginormously propagandized citizenry.  When things don’t make any sense, they are erased, omitted, or dis-infoed by the thought-control crowd.

STOP MEMEing ME You Assholes!!!

I’m outta steam on this issue for the moment.  But it bears intense scrutiny and careful consideration by Americans whose taxes fund massively inept institutions of “control & profit”, which are murderous in their design, and treasonous from their foundation.  I disbelieve the BAD CARTOON that is running before me.  No apologies.




  1. We are now nearing the end of seventy years of worldwide deceit (1945-2015).

    In fact, Sir Fred Hoyle “blew the cover” on Stalin’s BIGGEST LIE in his 1994 autobiography:

  2. Just like all the others, the obvious comes out like a peacock tale. The tangled webs of deceit show their colors. I am only baffled as to why they want to be so obvious. It gives me pause every time we have to stomach one of these terror soap operas.


    Those who know the Communist Manifesto, UN Agenda 21, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion can find the core of the material of genesis 6 transition to a one world order. It’s not the fastest crash course but for those who are under the influence of MK-Ultra lite (everyone) it is best to watch Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, 1984 and Wag the dog.

    If you lie, tell a whopper and add a little secret sauce of the propaganda techniques. It’s always celebrity, bandwagon or glittering generalities. Words and phrases such as “common good”, “change”, “democracy”, “freedom”, “hope”, “patriotism” should be an immediate warning. They are code words only for the protocols of NWO which are collectivism, transformation, global government, slavery , status quo and big brother.

  3. Yep.

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